B1 Intermediate UK 80 Folder Collection
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-The Origin official trailer starts now.
-I know you're trapped.
There's a way out.
-What if you could go somewhere so far from all of this
you barely remember you're a part of it?
-Thea is the only planet we've discovered thus far
that can sustain human life.
-It's not just another world...
it's a blank slate.
-We at Siren are currently in the process of its colonization.
I can't go to another planet!
-You don't have a choice.
-When you depart Earth for Thea
we'll erase your past completely.
-Don't worry, everyone has secrets.
-This is a new world.
A world without judgment. A world where your history
no longer has any relevance.
-Where the hell are we?
They said we'd open our eyes there.
-The crew, we are the passengers.
They left without us.
-What could have scared them so much
they'd leave all this behind?
Something came on board.
It started killing the passengers.
This ship. The fear. Makes it impossible to trust anyone.
-It's every man for himself now.
[demonic roar]
[demonic roar]
-Thanks for watching the official trailer for the
YouTube Originals series: Origin.
To be on of the first to watch the whole season on
November 14th, subscribe to YouTube Premium
using the button to the left. It's free to try for 30 days.
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Origin Official Trailer featuring Tom Felton and Natalia Tena

80 Folder Collection
Makoto published on November 15, 2018
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