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We're setting off on our perfect road trip, only this time it's going to be
better because certain things that went wrong last year aren't going to this time.
Well we're not going to France. Yeah that's the biggest improvement so they
can take their speeding fines and shove them up their ***
This Max Venturi test driver for Lamborghini. Is it good am I gonna enjoy it?
Yeah, you would say that, go away!
Hello Top Gear! This is the very first
few seconds of my first drive in the Lamborghini Huracan, the replacement for
the Gallardo. I've been desperate to drive this car
I loved the Gallardo, I had one. This takes over. These two report thus far all
is good
What a noise!
Jesus Christ that's quick!
Took that supercars and then hypercars. This is 'hypercar speed' it really is
All that driving built up an appetite, I'll have spaghetti bolognaise please
[speaks italian]
I'll have the spaghetti bolognaise please. No
You sure?
Spaghetti Bolognaise as in bologn.. NO SPAGHETTI
Spa-ghe-tti Bol-og-n..... NOOOOO....
This is ridiculous part on the live event I have
What have you had anyway? I have a ragu. Sounds disgusting
We're at the Mugello Circuit
Jeremy and I are chasing down The Stig. Jeremy in BMW M4, me in the F-type Jag
There he is! I make a right bolognaise obtaining the Jaguar F-type
There is in his little Fiat
He's weaving around. He's being Maldonado!
Damn! Damn! Damn!
Oh dear! I've done a bad thing. Why is it always me? Is this driveable? I think
there's problems with the wheels pointing in pointing there yeah and ones
oh yeah yeah I ruined it. I've got to go catch him. Yeah get him
get him. For the team Jeremy! For the team. what? for the team. I'll take him for the
team. Take him for the team he's still in it, we are still in it
he's just representing us now got to explain in Italian to the doctors that
I'm okay. The office it is the perfect road trip remember so I leave that there
I wasn't the only one causing damage that day.
Why are you eating biscuits? They haven't got spaghetti bolognese have they? Well have a ragu you'll like it
I don't like it. Richard Hammond here more
importantly there isn't Mclaren P1 and the big ape has given me permission to
drive well he's not here and the keys in it and i'm not gonna waste any more time
speaking to you are gonna drive it for the first time. Hope it goes well if he
doesn't, you'll almost certainly read about it in the papers as it turned out
the main headline was my crushing disappointment. Must feel amazing at the
why aren't i driving? Well I've never driven it's my go! At a wine tasting I
hatched a plan. Jeremy makes a right bolognaise of wine tasting. Beer! red no
it's white. Oh damnit! Sorry mate. hey! what? You swallowed the wine
yeah? You can't drive
And I get my first drive of the McLaren P1 on 'The Perfect Road Trip 2'
Ahhh :)
Excellent! What's this? It's spaghetti bolognese. No, it's not
Spaghetti with sausage. Why don't they call it spaghetti with sausage? How can..
I don't want to give too much away but we are in the middle of working hard on the DVD with
my Ferrari Testarossa. Yeah no, it might not look like one on camera but in
reality it's exactly the same. Apart from in every single way. I'm not gonna tell
you what I'm doing with it and why you'll see it but believe me it's
absolutely as bad as it looks.
Ok this is it!
We make a right bolognaise of kit car Ferrari on 'The Perfect Road Trip 2'
There has been an extraordinary accident!
I speak fluent bolognaise. Is that a spaghetti bolognaise? Yes, it is!
it's called "I am a bellend-a" Yayum a bilenda.
Oh you total plumsack!
And a race through Siena. I am in Siena in a Mini Cooper S about to have a race I've got to win
this one there's a heavy forfeit. I'll look ridiculous but not as ridiculous as
the crew looks in their little truck. Look! [LAUGHTER] Yeah not pleased.
Usually back at the Range Rover back of a Discovery. And look at that! play people
I propose we have a race into the middle of Siena. 3...2..1..GO
Right Hammond has gone wrong. So I'm looking for a cobbled horse track
in the square that isn't square. My life is B
Sorry it got me slightly distracted.
As we had to run on 'The Perfect Road Trip 2'
Hammond here! and we're just outside Rome. We are racing. This is Jeremy's chariot the beautiful
little Alfa Romeo 4c over here by something of an enormous contrast is my
baby a new Corvette Stingray. Oh yeah! We're gonna be racing the bomber track
if there's anything on them left we're then going to find out which of these
two is the fastest round this circuit we're going to use science and The Stig
and I can't wait to find out.
so this is Rome? Yeah, I thought it was all full of
old stuff. This is the actual city centre here. This is Alfa-town
I try not to make a bolognese at another circuit
Come on little alfa! And look who's coming through
I risk making a bolognese of a boat race I'm scared and we go retro on the
Amalfi Coast
All of this makes sense! This! This! and that out there is the
island of Capri on the island Capri are two breeds that we will be driving
piece it together as you will
Listen to that!
I don't think we could have done
any better the right car in the right place at the right moment can add up to
perfection. We wanted something special and boy have we got one
How I could be happier in a car than I am now
Unleash the power!
Oh we got some speed up flap. Here we go sprint to the finish line
what could possibly go wrong? Find out on Top Gear 'The Perfect Road Trip 2'
Welcome to the Top Gear Perfect Road Trip 2
It isn't really. Been working hard to put right all the things that went wrong
last year in what turned out to be a 'not very perfect road trip' We're here to
tell you about our new D.V.D of 'The Perfect Road Trip 2' and here are just
some of the things wit - That's too much... Hello blink box I have literally no idea who you are
but hello the mirror coming up hello nyle coming up now. It's Amazon. Hello Sum Motors and
coming up hello BBC Shops coming up now so what's just one shop
hello iTunes coming up now some exclusive action from our brand new Top
Gear DVD the perfect road trip 2. It's explosive! that is the worst ever
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Top Gear The Perfect Road Trip 2 Behind the Scenes and Outtakes

60 Folder Collection
林宗暐_106061210 published on November 14, 2018
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