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Benedict Cumberbatch scene one take one.
When did I know I wanted to be an actor?
When did Shakespeare know that he wanted to write?
When did Starbucks make his first Frappuccino?
That one got me Dr. Strange.
A true actor only wants to act.
And the reality is I don't know how to do anything else.
You okay over there?
Yep, it's very important to stay hydrated.
It's... the other side...
Where are the instructions?
Great acting requires training.
You have to train hard to act great.
Are we going to do anything besides watch episodes of Sherlock?
Now you made me miss my favorite part so I have to rewind it to the beginning.
You need to learn from the master.
It won't be easy.
Try the line.
Where's my mother?
Where is my mother?
Where is your mother?
Where is my mother?!
Where... is my mother?
That's it.
What the hell is wrong with you?
(You) have to feel... it.
If you want to succeed, you have to really want it.
And for that to work, your art must be your passion.
The doctor said it's for sure.
The test came in positive.
I mean how are you going to make that go viral?
Hmm? Do a funny dance.
This could go viral, hmm.
I just told him I have three months to live.
3 months to live, 3 months to live, UMPH.
Just got the internet pregnant.
Again! With entertainment.
This course will cover everything.
You're a snake, you're a giraffe reaching up through the canopy of the jungle.
Voice, physicality––you're a bird.
The wings make you hover over, close your eyes.
You don't oppose your trip.
Everything is beautiful.
Hands, hats, all the important shit
Very good.
That's the indie.
I'm a big fat guy who has children on my knee, Ho Ho Ho!
Usually you see from the top down.
It's an external to internal transformation.
Acting is for me about facing your fears.
and confronting harsh truths.
I don't like your face.
That's really rude.
Your voice makes me want to vomit.
You're an asshole.
Be too much truth.
Never ever too much.
It's about pushing yourself.
No... no!
Okay, try like this.
That will get you a Golden Globe.
Do it for the right reasons.
The only reason to become an actor is to become famous and rich.
And if you succeed you will touch people metaphorically.
You don't have to touch people.
They might want you to touch it.
It can get complicated, just it's a metaphor.
My name is Benedict Cumberbatch.
Welcome to an actor acts.
Vocal warmups, Benedict Cumberbatch.
Benedict Cumberbatch.
Benedict Cumberbatch.
Good... good on so many levels.
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Benedict Cumberbatch's Unconventional Acting Class - After Hours with Josh Horowitz

7183 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 23, 2019    Liang Chen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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