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This is Bourbon Street, New Orleans
This is chaos!
I'm going to show you the New Orleans
..off Bourbon!
I'm going to show you
..my New Orleans!
My top 10 bars you should hit
While you're in Nola
(Music Playing)
You should have a drink..
every rotation.
That's nobody's rule but mine.
Now it's yours!
Our next stop is..
Pat O'Brian's, where the Hurricane was
Your first time in New Orleans..
you HAVE to get a Hurricane!
It's mandatory.
Drink out of the straw..
Hashtag, macho!
Next up is Napoleon House.
Where I'm going to get myself a
This one tastes like a Christmas tree!
It's a cup you get to-go
Oh, fo' sho!
Antoine's! They're known for their
Cafe Brulot
A drink make with coffee, orange liqueur
and fire!
Oh yeahhhhhh!
This place is fancy.
The French 75 is named after a
WW2 field gun
If you're into dresses and stuff like that
you can come check them out.
I'm not into dresses, but my friends are..
Thank you!
Oh yeah..
Time for a beignet break..
Here at Cafe Du Monde
Known for their beignets..
iced coffee, and uh..
Ok! Let's go back to a drink..
This is your place you come for
Irish coffee
get a go cup!
and now I have to do a shot of well vodka!
get a plastic cup!
I'm doing a penalty shot because I left my
credit card at the last bar.
Old Absinthe House..
We shot here in
Drinking Made Easy.
I had Absinthe then,
I haven't had it since
What are we gonna get
a sazerac!
I'm gonna get a Guinness
because all this drinking is
making me thirsty
Which one's mine?
Is this mine or this mine?
[Speaks in German]
This is one of.. if not the oldest bars in the country
Every time I come to New Orleans
I come here and I been here
many times
I get this every time I'm here.
Purple Haze.. Abita.
That's fine.
Hope you enjoyed our tour of Bourbon Street
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[Expletive] It. Whatever.
I don't know
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Top 10 bars in New Orleans' French Quarter!

16 Folder Collection
Linda Chung published on November 12, 2018
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