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(saxophone music)
- Right now were just walking down Bourbon Street,
the famous Bourbon Street.
It's so cool, everything is neon.
You can totally feel the vibe.
- You go to New Orleans, and you miss out on
going to see some jazz, and you're missing New Orleans.
- Right now, we're going to duck in the musical legends park
for a little bit of live jazz.
- And ah, we play seven nights a week.
We start at six o'clock, every night.
And we play until midnight.
(jazz music)
The music, the food, the people,
are the essence of New Orleans.
- I'm headed to the VIP section.
The best part is that we get to try
some hot beignets, these are basically donuts
with copious amounts of powdered sugar.
- It really makes you enjoy and appreciate New Orleans.
Not just the experience itself, but to hear the music.
It's beautiful.
- One of the things that influence jazz
and influence Bourbon Street is Storyville.
Story was the only area of
legalized prostitution in America.
- I've actually been very pleasantly surprised
to learn about the hidden sanctuaries here.
You'll find live jazz.
It's been such a treat.
(piano jazz music)
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Bourbon Street in New Orleans, USA

57 Folder Collection
Linda Chung published on November 12, 2018
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