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Free Tours by Foot offers a different take on food tours - these name your own price
tours let you decide what and how much you want to try.
Our French Quarter tour is heavy on history to leave you with a true understanding of
Louisiana and New Orleans culture through the lens of cooking ... and eating.
When the tour is finished you'll be able to explain the difference between Creole and
Cajun cooking, know first hand how beignets are made, where po'boys got their name, and
the correct way to pronounce pralines ... or is it pray-lean?
The tour starts at the famous French Quarter market where you can arrive early to explore
and sample everything from alligator jerky to New Orleans sweet treat, snowballs.
Follow the guide through New Orleans culinary history and sites, with a chance to try some
sugar and spice, and stop in Landry's for some dirty cajun rice.
The tour ends with a chance to go inside New Orleans oldest restaurant, Antoine's where
the guide will explain tasting options if you decide to stay.
It's amazing to see how much of New Orleans cooking can be traced through its French (and
did you know, German?) beginnings.
The French Quarter Food Tour is a unique way to visit New Orleans and make sure you have
all the best restaurant and cafe recommendations for the rest of your stay.
Be sure to make your reservations for this popular tour on our website at,
where you can learn more about our different tour options around the city, as well as throughout
the US and Europe.
Subscribe here to live vicariously through our other food tours around the world and
make a bucket list for what you want to sample next time you visit us.
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New Orleans French Quarter Food Tour | Free Tours by Foot

79 Folder Collection
Linda Chung published on November 12, 2018
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