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  • Mayday, mayday, mayday! I'm going down! I need assistance!

  • Hold on! I'm going to help you!

  • -Thanks for rescuing me! What's your name? -My name is Flip!

  • Hi! My name is Flip and I am a rescue boat. My job is to help anyone who is in danger in the water. By the way, meet my friend, Ava the submarine. We call her Seahorse.

  • Hello! I'm Ava, but you can call me Seahorse. I am a rescue submarine. If you're underwater and need help, I'll be there to assist you.

  • Flip, we've just received an SOS signal from a car that's been missing for five months. His name is Wellington. The coordinates of the distressed car are thirty-seven degrees, fifty-eight minutes

  • Let's go help the stranded car!

  • Wellington, my name is Flip. I'm a rescue boat. I'm here to help you.

  • Thank you for finding me! I am so happy to see you!

  • How did you end up on this island?

  • It happened five months ago.

  • I was on my raft doing weather research when, suddenly, a strong storm began.

  • My raft was pushed far away from the shore

  • After that, I don't remember what happened.

  • When I woke up, I was washed up here, on this island.

  • I spent several months trying to be rescued

  • and then decided to build this wind generator.

  • I used broken weather equipment parts to power the radio transmitter, which helped me send the SOS signal.

  • And then you cameThank you.

  • No need to worry anymore. You're in good hands now. Let's get you back to shore.

  • Thanks again. You're such a brave boat!

  • Seahorse, where are you going?

  • One of our new trainees is stuck underwater.

  • Be safe, Seahorse!

  • Hi, I'm Ava. I'm here to help you. What's your name?

  • My name is Dash. I was training when suddenly, a strong current separated me from the group. I ended up being stuck here.

  • Hold on, Dash! I'll try to break these rocks!

  • -Thank you, Ava! -No problem. You can call me Seahorse. By the way, what are you learning right now?

  • We're learning deep underwater rescue.

  • Awesome! One day, you can join our rescue fleet!

  • -Oh, Dash! I'm so happy you're safe. Thank you, Seahorse. -You're welcome!

  • Come on, Seahorse! No time to wait! A fishing boat's having engine problems and he's stuck in the middle of the storm!

  • I see him over there!

  • Help! My engine is broken and I can't move forward.

  • -This water drone will push you to the shore. -We must hurry! The weather's getting really bad.

  • Oh, no! This whirlpool is too powerful!

  • Seahorse! Help!

  • Oh, no!

  • We have to go down into this deep cave.

  • We must hurry and find Flip! It looks like the beginning of an underwater volcanic eruption!

  • -Flip! -Ava! I need your help! My engines are stalled.

  • Hold on!

  • Seahorse, what's happening? We're going down!

  • -My propellers have been damaged. I'm not sure what to do now. -Oh, no!

  • -Seahorse. -Flip.

  • -You're my best friend! -You too

  • -What's happening, Seahorse? -I don't know! We're being pulled back up!

  • -Dash! Thank you! -Great job, Dash! You're a real hero!

  • No problem, guys! After all, we're a rescue team and that's what we do!

  • I'm Flip. I'm Ava. I'm Dash. And we are Real City Heroes!

Mayday, mayday, mayday! I'm going down! I need assistance!

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Flip the Rescue Boat & Ava the Submarine - Real City Heroes (RCH) | Videos For Children

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