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Hello! Thank you for your interest in joining the Condom Club.
In this video series, we'll teach you everything you need to know to pass the
quiz and become a member.
Here at the Student Wellness Center, we empower students to strive for balance and
wellness through a variety of services
including the Condom Club and HIV and STI testing and counseling
Once you're a member of the Condom Club, you'll be eligible to buy up to
25 condoms for just five dollars, as well as receive
free oral dams, finger cots, latex gloves, and lubricant.
The Condom Club is free to join, and your membership doesn't expire
as long as you have access to the RPAC. Don't forget you can
only pay for condoms money from your Buck ID, and you need to bring your
membership card
when purchasing condoms.
In the next two videos, you'll learn about consent, how to use condoms,
and how to use the other free products you'll be eligible to receive
as a member of the Condom Club. Condoms are up to 98% effective when used
correctly, every time. The pull-out method is only 73% effective in typical practice
and is not protect you or your partner from HIV or
STIs. We don't offer spermicidal products at the Student Wellness Center,
because the irritation some people experience can increase the risk of
transmitting HIV and STIs.
At the end of this video series, you will take the quiz
testing your knowledge of the material covered. If you pass, you'll be issued a Condom Club
membership car, and you will be eligible to buy condoms and pick up
other free products. [music]
Welcome back. In today's video, we'll be teaching you how to use a condom.
Before we get started, we'll need a couple of things.
Consent is first - always. Of course we'll need condoms
and a partner, but today we'll be using Woody. Consent is one of the most
important topics we'll cover
Don't forget consent is needed for each sexual act and can be removed at any time.
The absense of a no does NOT mean yes. If you or your partner is under the
influence of alcohol or other drugs, consent cannot be given.
The best way to get consent is through active verbal communication.
We offer all types and brands of condoms here in the Student Wellness Center.
and you can buy up to 25 for just $5 on your Buck ID.
We have non-latex, flavored, and non-flavored condoms.
Don't forget flavored condoms can only be used for oral sex.
Check the expiration date before using a condom
and squeeze the center of the package to check for an air package
to see if the condom is still sealed and the lube isn't dried out.
Open along the serrated edge. Don't use your teeth
or scissors. Complete a visual inspection before using the condom
When putting on the condom,
make sure it's in the correct position If the wrong side of the condom touches the
throw it away and get a new one. Studies show men can ejaculate up to 35 miles per
so make sure you squeeze the tip when putting on the condom to leave room for semen.
Roll the condom down all the way to the base of the penis as far as it will go
and smooth out the air bubbles. Make sure you withdraw I will still erect
and remove the content away from your partner by rolling it off,
not pulling. Then dispose of the condom in the trash,
not the toilet. Condoms are up to 98% effective when used correctly
but remember the only 100% way to protect yourself against
STIs and pregnancy is abstinence.
Condoms make sex safer, but they only protect the area they cover.
Remember, condoms are for one-time use only,
and a new condom must be used for every sexual act.
Let's review:
First, you'll open the condom package carefully,
then perform a visual inspection of the condom. Pinch the tip of the condom
and roll the condom to the base of the penis.
Smooth out the air bubbles, use, and discard appropriately.
[music] Welcome back. In addition to 25 condoms for
just $5, Condom Club members can pick up lube, oral dams, finger cots, and latex gloves every
time they come in to the Student Wellness Center. In this video, Michelle will show
you how to use each of these freebies, and fill you in with some tips you'll want to
know before using them. Let's get started. The Student Wellness Center offers flavored
and non-flavored lubricant. Be sure to only use the flavored lubricant for oral sex. It
can be an irritant if used for vaginal or anal sex. If you're going to use lubricant
at home, make sure your lubricant is water-based and not oil-based. Oil-based lubricant can
break down the integrity of a latex condom, which really just means that it can cause
them to break more easily. Adding extra lubricant is important, because the average condom only
has enough lubricant for 10-15 minutes of activity. So if you're lucky enough to go
longer than that, you're going to need to add extra lube. You can use food products,
as long as there is no oil in it, so no peanut butter, no whipped cream, and no chocolate
sauce. Seedless jam and jelly are okay, as long as they don't have any oil in them. Finger
cots and latex gloves are also available for digital sex -- that's sex with your hands,
not the computer. These help prevent the transmission of STIs and keep your partner comfortable.
Finger cots also keep your partner comfortable and reduce the transmission of STIs. To use
them, simply roll on, use as necessary, then roll off and discard. Few people realize this,
but STIs can actually be transmitted orally, too. That means you can get things like chlamydia
and gonorrhea in your throat. If you want to be sure that you're being completely safe,
using a dental dam is a pretty smart thing to do. The way to use it is just place against
your partner, perform oral sex, and then remove it. If it falls off, don't try to guess what
side it's on to put it back on. Simply throw it away and get a new one. Oral dams are just
like condoms in that they're one-time use only, so use it and throw it away. If you
don't have an oral dam, you can also use non-microwaveable plastic wrap, a latex glove, even a condom
can be turned into an oral dam. Remember, flavored lube is great, but it can only be
used for oral sex. If an oral dam falls off your partner, throw it away and get a new
one. Just like condoms and oral dams, finger cots and latex gloves are one-time use only.
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Safer Sex Society / Condom Club at The Ohio State University

2579 Folder Collection
sheng-de published on October 8, 2013
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