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  • Hi, I'm Valerie Waters with the A-List Look. And today, I have for you a One Dumbbell Total-Body

  • Tone Workout. This workout is perfect if you're in crowded gym, or like me, you're in a hotel

  • gym, and somebody's taken one of the pairs of the 8-pound dumbbells, which is what I

  • needed to train my clients. So I came up with this routine using just one dumbbell. You

  • are going to love it. So if you are ready, let's get started. So I am going to use an

  • 8-pound dumbbell. You can use a 5, you can use a 10, but it will sneak up on you -- so,

  • you know, start conservatively. So we're gonna start with a Dumbbell Swing. And so I'm just

  • basically gonna squat down, I'm gonna take the weight between my legs, and then I'm just

  • gonna swing it straight up. Everything I do today is gonna be 10 reps. That's 2. This

  • is a full-body exercise, so you're getting nice and warmed up. We're gonna be doing 10

  • reps on everything, so you kinda wanna pace yourself here. That's excellent, good. Two

  • more. One more. That is perfect. Okay, now I'm going right into a Row. So this first

  • row, palms are gonna face each other, and we're gonna bring it out to the side a little

  • bit, working my mid-back. So my abs need to be tight so that this doesn't pull me off

  • center. This is one of the great things about this workout is it forces you to balance.

  • Good, that's 8. Let's get two more. And 10. Switch sides, and you go -- 1. Now make sure

  • that you keep your back nice and flat. We don't want you rounding your back here because

  • it's gonna get tired too soon. Good. And breath. That's perfect. That's 7. That's 8. Last two.

  • And 10. That was perfect. Okay, I'm going to Shoulder Press. Palms forward, abs tight,

  • press straight up. This is another one that requires balance and core. So even though

  • this started because one of the dumbbells was missing in the gym, it actually ended

  • up being a great workout. Last one. Okay, up you go. That's 10. Switch sides. And abs

  • tight again. And you go -- 1, exhale on the way up. Notice I'm keeping my knees soft.

  • You don't wanna lock out. That's 8, good. And 10. That's perfect. Okay, now I'm going

  • to Squat to an Upright Row. I'm just gonna do a little half squat, and then I'm gonna

  • row it up. And I'm actually gonna come up with my toes, okay, like that -- 3, 4, 5,

  • 6, 7 and 10. Oop -- one more. And 10, good. Switching sides, here I go: Squat and row

  • it up -- 2, 3, 4 -- good -- 5, 6, 7 and 10. Good. Okay, so now I'm doing another Bend

  • Over Row. This time, my palms are gonna face my legs, which works your back a little bit

  • differently. I'm really into working mid-back right now. It's great to beat that computer

  • syndrome. You know, that rounded back. That's 5, halfway -- 6, 7. Try not to scrunch your

  • shoulders on this. You really wanna keep that down. Good. Switch sides. So do you notice

  • how I haven't stopped yet? Like, we're not resting between exercises -- we'll rest at

  • the end of the circuit, when we get there. That is 8, good. And 10, that's so good. Okay,

  • now I'm going Squat to Shoulder Press. So this time, the palm will face my ear. So it's

  • another shoulder press, but this version is a little bit easier. So you're gonna squat

  • and press -- 2. So notice how I snuck in all those little squats for you. That is so good.

  • That's 6, 7, 8. Straight up -- 9 and 10. And other side. Do you see why I'm not going that

  • heavy with the weight -- 2 -- because it kinda all like catches up with you. If I wasn't

  • doing so many reps, I could've gone a little heavier. That's good -- 8, 9 -- one more -- and

  • 10. Okay. Now this should be fun: You're going Bicep Curls. So you almost feel like you get

  • a little bit of a break here -- 5, 6 -- two more. One more. Oh, good. Okay, other side.

  • Here we go for 10 -- 1, 3, 4, 5. This exercise makes me feel strong. I love when I can just

  • focus on my biceps. One more. Okay, now we're gonna go into Kickbacks. Work the other part

  • of the arm, a little triceps here. So I'm gonna turn a little bit sideways so you can

  • see. Extend for 10 -- 2. Lock it out. Keep that elbow nice and high, don't let it drop

  • -- 7, 8, 9. Oh, so good. Doesn't that feel good? Feel a little burn -- 2. Elbow up -- 3.

  • That's it, keep going -- 8, 9. One more. And 10. And I'm gonna finish here with a crunch.

  • So I'm just gonna come down. I'm gonna hold this, and I'm gonna take it down, and I'm

  • gonna take it up, okay -- 2, 3, 4. So I'm still getting a little bit of arms -- 6, 9

  • and 10. Oh, that was so good. Okay, I want you to have a quick sip of water, and you

  • are going to do this circuit one to two more times. So this is a tough circuit, so maybe,

  • you know, the first time just do it one time through, and see how you feel. But you did

  • great. I feel good. I hope you feel good. And I want you to meet me back here next week

  • for another fun workout. Remember what I always say: You are just one workout away from a

  • good mood.

Hi, I'm Valerie Waters with the A-List Look. And today, I have for you a One Dumbbell Total-Body

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One Dumbbell Total Body Tone Workout | A-List Look With Valerie Waters

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