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Hey, how's it going if you didn't already know, I'm Gabi and in this video
We're gonna talk about business English so this is for you
If you're learning English if you have to deal with clients in English if you ever go to
Conferences or networking events or if you have co-workers or a boss who speaks English or maybe you're in a university program
and you have professors who speak English these are all situations in which you
need business English
So I'm gonna share 25 of the top business English vocabulary words expressions phrases idioms
Let's get down to business number one is actually four different
Expressions we have on topic or on track and off topic or off track so we want to stay on
Topic in this video, so it doesn't get to be too long we have
25 words and expressions to share so let's not get off-topic
Let's stay on topic for the sake of
Time we want to address the issue at hand which is business English
number two is through the roof through the roof means a
large amount of change for example sales are through the roof or
Customer complaints and refund requests are through the roof
Number three my train of thought my train of thought is that to avoid customer refund?
requests, we should actually have better customer service so train of thought is a logical progression of
to bank on banks are typically reliable institutions so to bank on means to
Guess or to think that something is probable. I'm banking on good weather this weekend, so I think I'll go camping
I'm banking on a good return on
investment in this
marketing initiative
To brush up on means to review so before you go to a meeting you may want to
Brush up on the agenda to bring to the table is usually use with experience this guy has 10 years
Working in our field. He brings so much experience to the table
2 table is a verb that means to pause
You know we're getting off topic so let's table this right now and talk about it another time maybe next week
Number 8 off the top of my head means without preparation or research off the top of my head
I would say that 9 out of 10 people love go natural English, but I didn't do a study
I don't have conclusive data about that 9 left field or out of left field
means something
Unexpected so when our boss fired John
It was totally out of left field nobody expected it to think outside the box is to think
Creatively because the box is the standard to think outside the box is to be more creative
Next bring me up to speed means give me an executive summary or a quick
Review of a topic before our meeting could you bring me up to speed on how our?
associates are doing number 12 to touch base means to connect with someone or
Reconnect with that person hey, I really enjoyed having coffee with you today
Let's touch base again next week, or I need more
Information could we touch base on that topic next week number 13 similarly to reach out
Means to connect with someone, but it could be someone who you don't know yet
It could also be someone who you do know
But it's a bit more of an effort whereas to touch base is something a bit more
Casual they're quite similar though
So I'd like to reach out and ask for your advice on my new job offer. It's
really important to me, so
They're similar, but a little bit different to touch base is always with someone you already know
Where is to reach out could be someone you don't know yet?
Number 14 me in the loop to be in the loop means that you're well-informed, so please keep me informed
Please keep me in the loop number 15 at the end of the day
What really matters is that our business is making a profit so at the end of the day means?
Finally or in conclusion. What is most important number 16 to make ends?
Meet means to break even
I'm making enough money from my paycheck that I'm making ends meet
I'm paying my bills my rents paying for food and basic necessities
I'm making ends meet number 17 to be on the same page means that you are
understanding of one another
We're on the same page here. We understand each other and to be on the same page also means that you agree
With that person yes
We're on the same page. We can close the deal next week number 18 to zero in on to zero in on means to
focus on a very specific
Topic let's zero in on our performance this month number 19 to run something by someone
means to ask
Perhaps to ask for permission to do something hey before we change this presentation
Let's just run it by our boss number 20
Similarly to sign off on means to get permission so before we change this this presentation
Let's have our boss sign off on it to sign off on could literally be to sign a contract
but it can also be
Figuratively to get permission to do something number 21 to put on the back burner
Think of a stove or range when you put a pot on the back burner
It's to let it simmer or perhaps. Just let it cool down, so it's not your main focus so
Let's put this topic on the back burner until next month
It's not so important number 22 calling the shots well
John's the boss but Mary really calls all the shots
She's actually in charge to call the shots means to actually decide and to give direction
23 in a nutshell means in summary
24 off the cuff, this is a cuff but off the cuff means something that is
Spontaneous it's similar to off the top of my head
so I'm off the cuff kind of statement is something that's not very planned and
Finally maybe something that you do when you need to
answer something that you weren't really prepared to answer is to wing it if you have a
presentation and someone asks you questions at the end of it you may need to wing it which is to just do your best to
Improvise to wing it so I'm not so prepared for this presentation, but I'll just wing it it'll be fine
So there you have it 25 vocabulary words phrases idioms expressions
That will help you in a business english setting if you enjoyed this lesson
Make sure that you come to gonaturalenglish.com
And you join my email list so you can get our best free lessons right in your email inbox
It's free to sign up you can click right over there alright
Thanks so much for watching, and I will see you in your inbox bye for now
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Emily published on November 5, 2018
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