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  • Far and away is shot the most free throws to the Lakers this year

  • one out of two on that trip

  • Losses time - Ricky did it baby Addyson where he hid behind all stuff

  • One day hiding behind the coach, but then all of a sudden runs back over for

  • But none of gourds teammates are saying a word and he gets to steal what a play by

  • Well throw the ball deflected

  • Picked up the farm

  • The score

  • That could be a turning point that that wall moves will get Washington going. We'll get him going for NBA memorabilia

  • To nobley through the legs of West inside shot clock

  • But a foul most unique special players league has ever seen oh that is just pretty

  • They should have counted that after that move

  • Got 21, please let him stay

  • That's like come on man, it's you know what I'm gonna say

  • Ty Lawson Linux clock Christ embers not picking him up. I mean he can just sit there

  • Jr. I mean that this is I don't think I've ever seen this in all my years I

  • Mean it's unbelievable they just let twenty seconds go and now they filed trial awesome think that Michael Malone's waving the white flag right here

  • Just consecutive game strengthen athletic and get the good app anymore. I'll give you that

  • About that 360 by the way lucky

  • All my you want to swagger he got swagger d-wave is in the house

  • Just deflected away liquid dollars

  • He's one of the best drivers and rim attackers in the NBA

  • Bowman kind of blocked the shot three point game now yam it needs to intentionally miss this down three

  • He does it works beautifully rafer alston for the tie, and it is odd. Look at ya ming

  • Just a beautiful miss comes right back to him. That's an extra rebound for yamuna fantasy owners

  • Butters last field goal was with a 606 bar

  • Back a

  • Little ignition

  • How about that Westbrook off the back of Rodney hood recovers and?

  • scores a fun team his fans certainly remember Karen Davis

  • Curry splits the defense behind the back

  • Stephon curry just a spectacular

  • Somehow holds on fires up the three

  • Lorentz the rebound sophomores out on the move Williams in the middle behind down the lane. He drew the foul the other great

  • Because he picked up

Far and away is shot the most free throws to the Lakers this year

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