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  • There are no bad buttons, there are only bad people.

  • How does that sound? OK?

  • [Small thing.]

  • [Big idea.]

  • [Isaac Mizrahi on the Button]

  • No one knows who invented the button.

  • It might have shown up as early as 2000 B.C.E.

  • It was decorative when it first started, just something pretty sewn onto your clothes.

  • Then about 3000 years later, someone finally invented the buttonhole, and buttons were suddenly useful.

  • The button and the buttonhole is such a great invention.

  • Not only does it slip through the buttonhole, but then it kind of falls into place, and so you're completely secure like it's never going to open.

  • The design of a button hasn't changed much since the Middle Ages.

  • It's one of the most enduring designs in history.

  • For me, the best buttons are usually round.

  • There's either a dome button with a little shank, or there's just this sort of round thing with either a rim or not a rim, either two holes or four holes.

  • Almost more important than the button is the buttonhole.

  • And the way you figure that out is:

  • the diameter of the button plus the width of the button, plus a little bit of ease.

  • Before buttons, clothes were bigger.

  • They were more kind of amorphous, and people, like, wriggled into them or just kind of wrapped themselves in things.

  • But then fashion moved closer to the body as we discovered uses for the button.

  • At one time, it was the one way to make clothes fit against the body.

  • I think the reason buttons have endured for so long, historically, is because they actually work to keep our clothes shut.

  • Zippers break.

  • Velcro makes a lot of noise, and it wears out after a while.

  • If a button falls off, you just literally sew that thing on.

  • A button is kind of there for the long run.

  • It's not just the most elemental design ever, it's also such a crazy fashion statement.

  • When I was a kid, my mom knit me this beautiful sweater.

  • I didn't like it.

  • And then I found these buttons, and the minute the buttons were on the sweater, I loved it.

  • If you don't have good taste and you can't pick out a button, then let someone else do it, you know?

  • I mean that.

There are no bad buttons, there are only bad people.

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How the button changed fashion | Small Thing Big Idea, a TED series

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