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Why hasn't your brother come out yet?
Xiaorui! Mom!
I missed you, Xiaoyi!
I missed you too. (Hi!)
Did you wait long?
A little. Are you tired?
I'm fine.
Mom, how have you been?
Fine! I'm very well.
How's Dad?
He's busy.
Your dad said he was coming to pick you up today,
but he had to go to the office early this morning.
Your dad is so busy nowadays!
He sure is.
Hey, our cousins are at the house, too. They're waiting for you.
Really? …
Xiaoyi hasn't been home in years, right? (Four years.)
Four! Wow.
When his mom heard he was coming, she couldn't wait to see him.
Ah, she must be so happy.
You two, quit watching TV and come help me! (Coming.)
Xiaoyi's almost here, and you're playing games.
You guys are such kids.
Hey, Xiaotao. (Yeah?)
Our cousin said Xiaoyi isn't going back to work in America this time.
That's a shame. He works for such a famous company.
We're back!
There you are! (Tao!)
Xiaoyi's back!
Wow, you got so muscular.
Xiaoyi! You look awesome. Mom, come here! (Auntie!)
You're home!
I missed you so much! It's been four years!
I missed you as well. (I missed you in my dreams!)
She did. (Son!)
Dad! Good to see you.
Long trip?
It was fine. (Your uncle.)
Uncle, how've you been? (Come on guys,)
let's come on in the kitchen. (Can we eat yet?)
Can I try this? (This looks delicious.)
Wow. Smells great. (That's the free range chicken Auntie bought from the country.)
Oh yeah. (Thank you!)
Come on everyone, eat up. (It's good. You like it.)
It's very good.
Yi's come back, after so long.
We haven't been together like this in years. (Yeah.)
So we really have to celebrate now! (Oh, we really do.)
Let me say something.
Hey, journalist here.
It's such a happy day for our family.
We're all gathered here to wish my brother a successful career.
All right!
Hey, hey, I'm not done yet! (Okay.)
I hope our family stays together and forever!
Sounds good. (I wanna say something!)
Yi. I wish you the most amazing career.
Here! Let's toast to you!
Cheers. Well done.
Now that you're back, sky's the limit.
I can't wait to share your success.
He'll take good care of you. (Don't worry.)
That's right.
Xiaoyi. Is it true you're not going back to work in the United States?
Yup. I already left my job.
Before I came back, I applied at a design institute here.
I'm here for good.
Wow you kids, Yi and Rui,
an architect and a newspaper reporter.
They're so outstanding and ambitious!
You know you'll be happy in the future.
You two should learn from your cousins.
What? Come on, Mom. Don't be like that.
All right all right. Arrange it how I said.
We can talk tomorrow.
Less talking, more eating!
Dad. You look exhausted. Is it work?
Well, it's tiring.
I don't do much as minister at the United Front,
but there's a lot of pressure on us.
The biggest headache for the government now
is this worldwide trend toward democracy.
Communism has less power nowadays,
and countries with one party rule have become more isolated.
I believe the Communist Party is facing a crisis.
People nowadays are less interested in Marxism, Leninism, and communism.
More people believe in God.
The government's biggest pain is the Eastern Lightning.
Central leadership is stressed out over the rise of The Church of Almighty God.
These years,
The government has been doing its best to suppress and ban Eastern Lightning,
The Church of Almighty God.
They didn't expect The Church of Almighty God to prosper.
This is the biggest headache for central leadership.
Come. We can talk over there.
You can't trust the news.
I forgot who said it.
Everything you read in the papers is fake.
Except—(Except for the date!)
That's it. So what were you talking about?
Religion stuff.
While I was abroad these past few years,
I noticed every democratic country has freedom of religion.
Only communist countries don't have that freedom.
They say eighty percent of the population is religious.
Most people recognize the existence of God.
Only a minority don't.
So I wonder.
Why do democratic countries have better social order?
Their governments interact freely with people.
Officials don't need all those bodyguards.
Now I understand.
Crime rates are lower in religious countries.
Why so much chaos in China?
Why is our crime rate so high? (How come?)
It's because of its lack of religious belief.
Mom, I got it. (Great.)
People feel empty, without religion in their hearts.
It's because they lack direction and purpose in their life.
They have no bottom line to aim for.
Their belief is simply,
"Every man for himself." "Man will do anything to get rich."
When Chinese people look for money, live for money,
how can they not be selfish?
So then, the non-religious are more likely to do evil.
Those who are devoid of any conscience are people without true faith.
Just as the Bible says,
Why is Chinese society so dark and chaotic?
Yeah, why is it like that?
This is directly related to the atheist ruling party.
That's right.
After years of indoctrination by the party,
atheism and evolutionism have become ingrained in our society,
causing them to deny and resist God.
Can such a country and people not be cursed by God?
China is plagued by disasters and pain, falling into worse turmoil.
I think the reign of the Communist Party is the reign of Satan.
Their teaching is the teaching of Satan.
Satan's corrupting mankind.
I hope I'm not out of turn.
No, Xiaoyi's making a lot of sense.
Having religious belief makes a big difference.
After studying abroad, he's learned a lot.
He's made his mark.
Weiguo, Xinping, Yi and Rui all believe in the Lord.
It's a good thing.
You don't have to worry about them going astray.
Aunt, why don't you let Tao and Li believe with us? (Oh yeah!)
We can go to church later!
It's so nice when you're together. (Xiaoyi.)
You've learned a lot of things these past few years.
I was right to send you away.
These days, all top officials go overseas and send their kids to study abroad.
Many countries in the world look to learn from western countries.
China is backwards.
Young people should venture out
and see the rest of the world.
You have to gain more experience.
You're absolutely right.
What Yi just said is really insightful.
It's hard for a young person to understand these things.
But don't talk about this outside the family,
or you can get convicted.
Here in China, you need to watch what you say.
Even though, the constitution says freedom of belief,
many have been arrested, convicted, and slaughtered for speaking the truth.
You need to take this seriously, or you'll be in danger. (Yeah.)
Son, Dad is right.
Now that you're back, it's not like it is over there.
You need to watch what you say and do.
Or you could bring trouble to yourself. 'Kay?
Mom, I know.
Eat up.
Can you pass the noodles? (Yeah, quit talking and eat more!)
Have you tried this one? (This is so good.)
Rui, let's head back.
you've learned a lot these past few years abroad.
Especially on the subject of faith.
In my reporting job,
I've noticed that it's really becoming a social crisis.
People feel empty due to their lack of religious belief.
They focus on making money and sinful pleasures.
People are becoming more evil, not on the right path.
I think, it's related to the atheist administration of the country.
I understand these things from believing in the Lord all these years.
Thank God. (Yi,)
what you said last night made me really happy.
You see things more clearly than I do.
The path of faith in the Lord is the right one. (Right.)
Rui, do you want to know the reason for how much I've learned?
When I was abroad, I started believing in Almighty God.
What? In Almighty God?
Almighty God expressed the truth for man's salvation
and unfolded the mysteries of the Bible.
These years, I've read and understood many words of Almighty God.
So I'm able to see things more clearly.
Our perception depends on whether we understand the truth.
If you read the words of Almighty God and fellowship about it,
you gain more insight and discernment.
It lets you see clearly.
Ah. So you started believing in Almighty God.
No wonder you made such progress.
Well, I've only heard of Eastern Lightning.
When I saw the CCP attacking Eastern Lightning,
I left it alone.
If I knew you believed in Almighty God,
I might've looked into it sooner.
Hey Yi, how'd you start believing in Almighty God?
Eastern Lightning, what's it all about?
Uh, it started three years ago.
I saw the CCP suppress and persecute the Eastern Lightning,
using the media to warp the public, framing and convicting them.
They arrested Christians.
I just thought for the CCP to suppress and persecute Eastern Lightning,
it had to be something big, some major event.
Eastern Lightning caused a stir.
So many good sheep from the factions had accepted Eastern Lightning.
The Holy Spirit had to speak within The Church of Almighty God.
It was the appearance and work of the Son of man to wield such power.
there wouldn't be so many good sheep from all the factions accepting Eastern Lightning.
So, I started to study Eastern Lightning online.
In a few days, I read many words expressed by Almighty God.
It truly was an eye-opener for me.
In the word of Almighty God,
I found the truths I hadn't understood ever since I started believing in God.
The word of Almighty God is so rich and practical,
is all the truth.
I watched movies made by The Church of Almighty God.
It was a really profound gain. (Was it?)
Those films told the truth, and were so enlightening
that they solved the difficulties in my life.
Lucky I saw them.
I saw the word of Almighty God is the truth and voice of God.
I kept reading Almighty God's words.
The more I read, the more interested I became.
Every word of Almighty God touched my heart.
I was so convinced.
It's wonderful.
I was certain that the Lord Jesus had returned and worked as Almighty God.
if you learn the work of Almighty God, you should read His word
and watch the films of The Church of Almighty God,
and you'll understand everything. (Okay.)
If you're able to understand,
the words of Almighty God will convince you.
Is that true?
Ah! I regret not studying Eastern Lightning.
I'll go study it right now!
Great! (Hey,)
you said Almighty God's word is God's voice and appearance and His work.
Tell me about it in detail.
Well, at the time, here's how it happened.
Hey, do you think tomorrow we can spread the gospel to Mom and Dad?
That could work.
What's on your mind?
Our son, after studying abroad for four years,
why does he talk differently from us?
He's a new person.
What has he been doing while over there?
Was he worshiping the Lord in church?
He seems to now understand a lot of things.
What if he believes in Eastern Lightning?
Eastern Lightning?
Surely not.
Look what I found.
What is it?
The Word Appears in the Flesh?
Where'd you get this from?
I found it in Yi's room.
Huh? They believe in Almighty God?
Don't you see it? It's obvious.
No wonder they've been so secretive these past few days.
Just don't get mad. That won't solve anything.
We're back!
We got some snacks and drinks.
Make sure we got everything.
Ah! Tomorrow we …
What's up?
You tell me. What's going on?
Dad, don't be mad.
The truth is, I started believing in Almighty God.
Once I got back,
I shared Almighty God's word with Rui.
You really believe in Almighty God?
Dad, Mom. We were just about to tell you.
This is really good news.
The Lord Jesus has returned.
It's the appearance of Almighty God.
You too should study the true way. (Yeah.)
Rui and Yi,
you still don't understand the state's stance.
If you know parts of the constitution,
do you understand the Communist Party?
I've worked at the United Front for so long.
I've seen it clearly.
The CCP hates the appearance of God and His work.
The government condemns Christianity as a cult,
and the Bible as a cultist book, burning copies.
The CCP is determined to ban all home churches.
I opposed when you believed in Jesus.
Now to believe in Almighty God? I won't allow it.
Do you know what Almighty God is about?
They witness that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus appearing to work,
the appearance of Christ the Savior in the last days,
and The Word Appears in the Flesh has more than a million of His words.
Imagine the consequence if it gets out.
The CCP and Christ the Savior are mortal enemies.
The CCP would stop at nothing.
Didn't you know?
They designate those who believe in Eastern Lightning as most wanted criminals.
Punished without mercy.
You can't even bribe to help them.
This is serious.
Do you understand?
To be honest,
to get rid of The Church of Almighty God these past years,
the government's released secret documents,
and repeatedly suppressed and cracked down on Eastern Lightning.
We hold meetings all the time on how to suppress the Eastern Lightning.
As for that church, central leadership has made themselves clear.
"Troops won't be withdrawn till the ban is done."
So then, no way you can believe in Almighty God.
Do you hear me?
You know that Eastern Lightning witnesses Lord Jesus' return
and God's appearance and work in the last days
to preach the truth expressed by the Savior for the salvation of mankind,
then you must know
how awful it is for them to suppress, arrest, and convict Eastern Lightning like that.
It's a sin to resist God and act perversely against Heaven.
With study I learned that Eastern Lightning fulfilled the prophecy of Lord Jesus.
Eastern Lightning witnesses the appearance and work of the Son of man.
That's true though.
Dad. Mom.
You haven't read the words of Almighty God,
so you don't know what Eastern Lightning's about.
To understand Eastern Lightning, you must read the words of Almighty God
to see if it's the truth,
and the utterance of God's Spirit speaking to mankind,
God's appearance and work in the last days.
It's so important to study this.
The CCP has launched an overwhelming war against Eastern Lightning.
Eastern Lightning is Christ's Church in the last days.
It's not a country, and it's not a race.
Is this war against Eastern Lightning really necessary for the CCP?
They even said they won't back down till the ban is done.
Their hostility to God is going to be cursed and punished by God.
Dad, I think he's right.
Recalling God's work in history,
every person, race, or nation who resisted God was cursed and destroyed by God.
In ancient times,
the Pharaoh of Egypt was killed for resisting God.
After the Lord Jesus worked,
the Roman Empire was destroyed by God's great plague
for persecuting Him and His people.
The CCP will be destroyed for resisting Christ in the last days.
Dad. You've studied religion.
You must know these things.
How do you feel about their resistance of Almighty God?
We've seen from early on:
Eastern Lightning is no ordinary religion.
They witnessed the Lord Jesus' return,
Christ the Savior in the last days arrived to the world in person to save mankind.
If the government lets The Church of Almighty God continue to preach the gospel,
countless people will accept Almighty God over years.
The CCP is an atheist party
and despises theism.
The war between the CCP and believers in God
is a war of ideologies.
It's more of a mortal struggle.
How can they allow God's appearance and work?
How can they allow the church to exist?
So then, the CCP began to suppress and ban all religious beliefs,
eliminating and banning all religions within China to make an atheist place.
That's the only way the CCP can keep its rule in China.
Therefore, since it took power, the CCP has always banned religion.
Also, during this time, Christians have been imprisoned.
Christian families have been shattered.
Some Christians have even died in prison.
We know this is true.
So why do more people believe in God?
The main reason is the book, The Word Appears in the Flesh,
is spreading so fast.
Many people accept Almighty God
after they have read The Word Appears in the Flesh.
This book contains so much power!
It's expanding, spreading all over the world.
It's a real headache for central leadership.
The leaders won't sleep well until The Church of Almighty God is banned.
Listen well. You have to understand this.
If they have the audacity to call Christianity and Catholicism cults,
why would they be lenient to Eastern Lightning?
Recently, they designated Eastern Lightning as a cult,
and it became a target for attacks and banning.
To believe in Eastern Lightning, you're being contradictory.
Are you being smart or stupid?
Yi and Rui. Your dad said this so long ago.
And now, the CCP is doing its best to ban The Church of Almighty God,
mobilizing the media to warp public opinion and condemn The Church of Almighty God.
Even some Three-Self churches have been banned and some completely demolished.
It seems, the CCP is determined to eradicate religion entirely.
He's also said that many believers of The Church of Almighty God have been arrested.
The CCP intends to send them, these believers, to their deaths.
If you believe in Almighty God, you will be arrested.
It would ruin your future.
You might even put your very lives in danger.
Listen to me. In this matter, you must listen to your dad.
Don't believe in Almighty God. Yes?
Mom, don't worry.
We'll be careful believing in China.
Mom. Dad. We know that since the CCP took power,
they persecuted religious beliefs
by suppressing Christianity, Catholicism, arresting and killing Christians.
For so many years,
the suppression of religious beliefs has gotten worse.
It has incurred God's curses.
Look at all the natural disasters that befall China.
These disasters happen to Chinese people
because of the CCP's resistance to God.
Since the CCP took power, China has so many more disasters.
So why doesn't the CCP reflect?
Ancient emperors expressed remorse when disasters happened.
The CCP is behind the ancient emperors.
They don't consider the will of Heaven and people.
They even brazenly condemn Christianity and Catholicism,
calling them cults.
Even worse is they say the Holy Bible is a cultist book.
Why does the CCP treat God, the word of God,
and the work of God as evil?
This just proves that the CCP is evil.
She's right.
Dad, Mom,
I have heard that
the founder of the Communist Party was the satanist Karl Marx.
Satanism is the worst cult.
Why is the CCP so evil?
This is directly related to the communists' worship of Marx.
The CCP is made of atheist demons who are hostile to God.
What's their basis for convicting religions?
Why would they say the Bible is a cultist book?
What's their basis for condemning Eastern Lightning as a cult?
Was it based on Marxist-Leninist atheism and the Communist Manifesto?
Why does the CCP frantically condemn God's work in the last days?
Why would they do this
search and arrest operation against Christ in the last days and His followers?
Why do they mobilize the media to defame Almighty God's appearance and work?
It's dangerous.
They're digging their own grave, resisting God.
The Bible has a similar story.
When King Herod learned of the birth of the King of Israel,
he ordered the slaughter of all baby boys in the town.
He tried to prevent Christ's rule on earth.
The CCP suppresses and bans The Church of Almighty God,
hunts down the Christ, exterminates His followers,
because they are afraid of Christ taking power on earth,
afraid of mankind accepting the truth of Almighty God.
Dad. Doesn't the Communist Party know that Christ's appearance is the work of God's Spirit,
the advent of the Creator to save humanity?
That's right.
Does the CCP know what it's up against here?
Are the disasters not enough?
They're endangering the people by resisting God this way.
Why does the CCP say Christianity's a cult?
Why do they say the Bible is a cultist book?
You should know the answer.
The Bible preaches about God's appearance and work.
For centuries,
the influences of the Bible have caused more people to believe in God.
As long as there is Christianity and the Bible,
Marxist-Leninist atheism and evolution cannot stand.
That's why they see Christianity as a hostile force.
They naturally designate the Bible as a cultist book.
The testimony of Eastern Lightning that the Lord Jesus has returned
terrifies the CCP.
The CCP and Christ the Savior are enemies.
They do their best to suppress religious beliefs and ban churches.
The Central Committee's meetings and secret documents
prove the rapid development of religious beliefs has brought a crisis to the Communist Party.
The Central Committee has said
CCP members and state officials are forbidden to believe in God.
Don't forget the education of the CCP.
CCP members' kids must believe in Mao Zedong's Thought.
They can't believe in God.
Believing in God is betraying the CCP.
CCP members' children must obey the Party, follow them, and belong to the CCP!
Don't you know this?
Since the witnessing of The Word Appears in the Flesh
expressed by Almighty God,
the CCP's on full alert,
fearing The Word Appears in the Flesh will spread all over the world.
So with Eastern Lightning,
the government tries to suppress them,
trying to completely ban The Church of Almighty God.
No matter how you put it, the CCP is now in power.
As long as the Communist Party exists, you can't believe in God.
Actually, I don't agree with their persecution of religion,
but what can I do?
I'm a member of the party.
My job is with the CCP. I have to obey them.
If I didn't work for the CCP, how would I support our family?
All these things we enjoy come from the CCP, don't they?
You can't just forget that.
But from what you've told me,
it seems, you understand every choice the CCP makes.
Do you believe in retribution?
If you harm believers of God like the CCP,
it's a sin that will beget retributions.
Dad, the CCP is atheist,
they're a satanic regime against God.
They've never acknowledged God.
What qualifications do they have to decide which church is the true way or not?
Yeah, Dad.
All things in heaven and earth were created by God.
God is the Creator.
Only the Creator of the universe has supreme authority.
Only God is the truth.
His appearance and work is the true way.
Almighty God is the incarnation of God,
the appearance of Christ the Savior in the last days
who utters truth for the judgment and salvation of mankind.
Yeah, Mom.
Not only does the CCP refuse to accept the work of Almighty God,
they resist and condemn Almighty God.
Isn't this perverse and reactionary?
The CCP committed countless sins.
It's a satanic regime that hates truth and resists God.
What's a cult anyway?
A cult should be any group or party that resists against God.
A cult is an organization of evil spirits and demons that delude and corrupt mankind.
Any party or organization that advocates materialism, evolutionism,
or goes against the truth expressed by God is a cult.
Dad, you should understand what a cult really is.
The CCP's ideologies are cult fallacies.
Everything the CCP does is resistant and reactionary against God.
The CCP is the real evil party and cult.
Dad. Mom.
Almighty God has come to the world in the last days
to express the truth for the salvation of mankind.
It's like a light in the sky that illuminates a dark world
to let man see that righteousness has descended on earth.
Why has the CCP been resisting the appearance and work of Almighty God, Christ in the last days?
Why have they tried to ban Christ and The Church of Almighty God?
It's a perversity against Heaven and a reactionary act.
Why is it that the more positive something is,
the more truth it possesses, the more the CCP will condemn it,
not stopping until it's banned?
The CCP is terrifying.
Aren't they genuinely an evil party, a cult?
Dad. Mom.
The Church of Almighty God follows Christ and witnesses His appearance and work,
preaching truths expressed by Almighty God.
Their actions are justified.
The CCP resists God like crazy,
brutally arresting those who witness for Christ.
Of course they'd be cursed by God.
How can it not bring peril to the Chinese people?
All these disasters in China are because the CCP resisted God.
Dad. Mom. Can't you accept what we're trying to say?
I admit, since the party's been in power, it's done lots of bad things.
People no longer think of the Communist Party as a savior.
Nor as the sun, or as one's parents.
That's very clear to me.
Regardless, they still hold the power in China.
It's a revolutionary party, capable of doing anything it wants.
To believe in Almighty God is to be arrested at any time
or risk losing your life.
So I won't allow belief in Almighty God.
It is for your own sake.
"A wise man submits to circumstance."
You can't push these boundaries.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Today I've made it clear to you two.
Communist education only teaches Marxism and Maoism.
Belief in God is forbidden!
Party members' children must listen to the party and go along with them.
They can never accept, or follow, or witness for Christ.
Children of party members must believe in the Communist Party for generations.
Okay, okay.
Weiguo, we're having a picnic tomorrow.
Come, let's load the car.
Come on, now. There's a lot to pack up.
Go, okay? Go go go.
Yi and Rui,
your dad says this to protect you both.
You should listen to him.
The Communist Party is capable of terrible things.
If you're arrested for joining Eastern Lightning,
your dad can't help you.
Xiaoyi! Want to play some chess?
Dad, I haven't played chess forever.
It's so nice out today.
I've been wanting to do this for the longest time.
Mom, you should've said so sooner. (Yeah.)
You're so busy all the time.
I barely even see you on weekends, either.
You're busier than me.
You're out all the time.
What are you doing every weekend?
Ah. Are you going to church?
It's for your own good that I don't let you believe in Almighty God.
I often say
the only beliefs allowed under communism are from Marx, Lenin, and Mao Zedong.
God is out of the question.
The CCP suppresses The Church of Almighty God,
but you think these are all trumped-up charges.
Let me ask you,
explain the May 28 Zhaoyuan case in Shandong.
That case was in open court after all.
After the Zhaoyuan case,
the government cracked down more on house churches,
and used armed police to crack down on The Church of Almighty God,
conducting an overwhelming search-and-arrest of The Church of Almighty God members.
Even though people have raised doubts about the case in Shandong,
believing it was false,
fabricated to make the public support its crackdown on The Church of Almighty God,
the Chinese media reported the case whether the facts were true or not.
It impacted other countries around the world.
No matter how you deny the Zhaoyuan case,
many still trust the Communist Party.
So then, regarding the case of what happened in Shandong,
what do you think?
Dad. How long can the CCP fool the world with this case it concocted itself?
Can it save them from their impending demise?
The Zhaoyuan case had a considerable impact all over the world.
It deceived ignorant people.
But do clouds block the sun forever?
Can a crow darken the sky forever?
Deceptions are not forever.
Lies are always lies.
They will never become the truth.
The CCP has grown increasingly evil, notorious, and corrupt for their deceit and fraud.
They're infamous. Not just here, but everywhere.
Can fraud and deceit save the CCP?
More and more people see the real essence of the CCP.
No one believes them anymore.
The CCP is a notorious atheist party and satanic evil group,
most resistant to God in the world.
The CCP's courts are Satan's courts.
Can there be any fairness adjudicated by these courts?
The CCP is a dictatorship and tyranny.
There's no independent judiciary.
Judges have no autonomy.
They all take orders from the government,
handling cases how they're told. That's a fact.
Cases tried by their courts
are bound to be a distortion of the facts and all absurd.
During these political struggles for so many years,
the CCP has relied on framing.
They're adept at this.
When the Zhaoyuan case of Shandong was tried in court,
the defendants clearly said in the middle of CCP court,
"I never had contact with The Church of Almighty God."
"The state cracks down on the Almighty God that Zhao Weishan believes in,
not our Almighty God."
They never said they belonged to The Church of Almighty God,
and the Church did not know who they were.
Why didn't the CCP judge go by the facts?
In the absence of any real evidence,
why did he insist they were members of The Church of Almighty God?
Isn't this plot a frame-up?
Isn't this all deception?
No one believes the reports of the CCP or their media's lies anymore.
Dad. You've worked in the Communist system for many years.
You should see better than I do.
Do you really think the Zhaoyuan case will help the CCP stay in power?
Dad. Having been a reporter for a few years now, I understand.
Every time before they suppress religion,
democratic rights movements, protests or things like that,
the CCP makes a false case and tries to sway public opinions wrongly,
followed by a crackdown.
Look at the June Fourth student movement.
At first they wanted integrity, democracy, and freedom.
However, the CCP had people infiltrate disguised as students,
who ruined the movement, smashing, burning, flipping vehicles, making chaos.
They branded the student movement as counter revolutionary, intent on starting riots,
as an excuse to suppress the students.
A bloody crackdown on the students happened after that.
A few thousand students were shot and killed, run over by tanks.
That's how the CCP staged the Tian'anmen Incident
that chilled the Chinese people and shocked the whole world.
That's also how they suppressed the mass protests in Tibet.
The government inserted people into the protesting crowd,
purposely committing crimes like killing and looting.
The army massacred the protesters under the guise of quelling insurrection.
These facts prove that the CCP uses suppression,
making up facts and lies, followed by violence
to eradicate anybody who disagrees with them.
The Zhaoyuan case in Shandong
swayed the public to allow the CCP to suppress The Church of Almighty God.
It's a major crime of religious persecution.
Dad, you're an official with the CCP.
You should know better than us about how they really work.
I've lived with the communist for so long,
I have no misconceptions about what the CCP is.
Despite the way, officials try to look grandiose,
behind those curtains,
there's nothing but bad deeds and business deals.
Zhaoyuan case aside,
none of these cases tried by those courts have any fairness.
Every case is fueled by bribery.
There's political motivation behind every case involving religion or ethnic minorities.
Now that all the bad deeds of the CCP have been exposed by more and more people,
I think the truth behind the Zhaoyuan case won't be hidden long.
I didn't expect you all to know so much about the CCP's true intentions.
You guys have really grown up.
But you're still young.
What happened after the incident at Tian'anmen caused by students?
Weren't they all quelled?
Some of them were killed, wounded, or thrown in prison.
Others fled overseas.
Who fought the CCP?
Even if the Zhaoyuan case was a falsehood,
what does it matter?
The CCP has created too many false narratives,
many of which are known by the people.
But who can fix the problem?
Who can do anything about the CCP?
Do you even know what the CCP believes in?
What is it?
They are revolutionary.
What they believe in is violence and lies,
and seizing power with violence.
They think a lie will become truth if repeated ten thousand times.
No matter how many people disbelieve its words,
deny them, and disbelieve them,
the CCP doesn't care, they'll keep lying all the time.
As long as the immediate effects can be achieved,
they don't care.
When people rebel against them and march in protest,
they'll use tanks and machine guns to solve it all.
If they need, they'll use atomic bombs and missiles to get what they need.
The CCP will resort to anything to maintain power.
Soon as that case was announced,
they deployed so many armed police units
to arrest and suppress Christians at any cost.
Who could stop them? Who dared to resist them?
When foreigners could see through the CCP's fraud,
what could they do?
The CCP has ways to counter Western democratic forces.
It uses money to fix everything.
He who receives a gift sells his liberty.
Fewer countries condemn the CCP nowadays.
Forces are even afraid to be hostile to them now.
No matter what,
the CCP is still able to uphold its power.
As long as they hold on to power,
you believers in God will never be free.
God's appearance and work in China will be detested and banned by the CCP.
Even if they don't achieve their goal of creating an atheistic domain,
it will never stop arresting or suppressing you.
I know. I saw it long ago.
That's why I oppose you believing in Almighty God.
This is all for your protection, don't you understand?
Xiaorui! Come here. ('Kay!)
Dad, have you really seen through the CCP?
The CCP is so evil,
yet it thrives, no one dares block it.
So does that mean it could permanently maintain its rule?
When the Lord Jesus appeared to work,
the Roman regime tried to resist and condemn Him.
Such a powerful government,
but weren't they destroyed by God's plague?
No matter what kind of forces are out there,
if they resist God and act against God,
they will be destroyed by God.
We can't advocate status and power,
let alone evil power,
as God rules everything.
Whoever resists God will perish.
Even though we know the CCP is bad,
we can't necessarily see its devilish nature.
Why does the CCP resist and condemn God and harm God's chosen people?
The Lord Jesus said in the Bible,
The Bible also says,
Why does the CCP resist and condemn The Church of Almighty God?
It's because the CCP fears the Chinese people's acceptance and return to Almighty God.
They're most afraid of people accepting the work of Almighty God in the last days.
They're afraid of all the truths expressed by Almighty God
being proclaimed throughout the world
and the will of God fulfilled on earth.
This proves that the CCP is afraid of the truth and the appearance and work of God,
afraid of the true light illuminating mankind in darkness,
for the CCP knows that once the word of Almighty God is proclaimed,
many will accept the work of Almighty God in the last days.
That's why the CCP suppresses all those who follow Almighty God.
They act perversely against Heaven.
They're the enemy of God, enemy of truth, enemy of justice.
Dad, you've been defending them,
choosing to resist God and persecute God's chosen people.
That's a sin that offends God's disposition.
It's destined to be punished!
Those who resist and act against God will be destroyed and go to hell.
Dad, surely you see this.
Oh, Xiaoyi.
You clearly see the causes of the CCP's suppression
and persecution of The Church of Almighty God.
I already knew that their persecution of The Church of Almighty God
is because of Christ's appearance in the last days to save mankind.
The book, The Word Appears in the Flesh
is too influential!
If the CCP did not make the decision to ban them,
who knows how many Chinese people would have accepted Almighty God.
Think of the consequences.
Anyone can see how that would be.
Although what you said about going to hell for resisting God,
I don't believe it.
Who has seen where hell is?
What does hell look like?
I don't know if God exists at all.
I'm not sure God exists.
Where is God? Who has seen God?
If Almighty God is the true God,
when the CCP condemns and attacks Almighty God,
why didn't God stop it?
If God comes down and destroys the Communist Party,
then He's the true God.
Then mankind must acknowledge that Almighty God is the true God,
and even the CCP will have to worship the true God.
No one would resist.
But what really happened?
Police from the CCP arrested believers of God.
God's believers were thrown in jail, tortured, and maimed.
And many of them were even killed.
But did your God save them?
How does this convince people that yours is the true God?
I don't understand this.
Is the God you believe in true or false? I think you don't even know.
Aren't you being dumb?
What is your basis in saying your God is the true God?
Can you explain it?
Dad, you have experience.
Do you know nothing about God's existence and dominance?
Since the creation,
God's done three stages of work for the salvation of mankind.
In the Age of Law and the Age of Grace God began His work in Israel and Judah.
In those two stages of God's work, His words were expressed through prophets
and written in the Holy Bible.
The truths expressed by God in the last days for the salvation of mankind
are in The Word Appears in the Flesh.
In these three stages,
God twice became flesh to do salvation work.
The first time God became flesh as the Lord Jesus
who was crucified for His redemption work.
It shocked the world.
The gospel of the Lord Jesus spread everywhere, to every household, every home.
Christianity has established churches in all countries.
So many people believe in Christianity!
In the last days, God has become flesh who is Almighty God,
and done judgment work.
The Word Appears in the Flesh from Almighty God is attested to humanity.
All who love the truth and seek God's appearance and work
hear the voice of God by reading the Bible and The Word Appears in the Flesh.
Seeing the appearance and work of God, they determined the existence of God.
Dad, since you don't know if God exists,
why don't you seek and study God's work?
Many non-believers agree with things like "Man's destiny is determined by Heaven,"
"When man acts, Heaven observes,"
"Man proposes, God disposes."
Anyone with a conscience acknowledges retribution.
Though man couldn't see God, he summed up these words of wisdom.
He completely affirmed God's existence and domination.
Those who only look for money do not seek to study the appearance and work of God.
They only see money, fame and profits in their eyes.
They view status and power above all else.
The Bible says that only fools would say there is no God.
Dad, here's an example,
all nations, races and cities that had resisted God were eventually annihilated by God—
Hey, is there any basis in that?
Why haven't I seen the facts?
Can you tell me the facts?
Can you tell me when the CCP will fall?
When God destroys the CCP, I'll believe!
I get what your dad is saying.
If God can destroy the CCP for the Chinese to have a good life,
I'll believe.
Well, let's go. Food's ready.
We can talk while we eat.
Dad, let's go.
Dad, although you're a CCP member, an atheist,
don't you believe in the will of Heaven?
Don't you acknowledge a person's fate determines his life?
Don't you acknowledge the fact that "What goes around comes around"?
It's enough to prove that God rules the world and mankind.
For all time, nations that resisted God invariably ended up in ruin.
It's too easy for God to annihilate a nation.
When the Lord Jesus was at work,
Judaism's leaders joined with the Roman government and crucified the Lord.
Seventy years after that, Israel was punished by God.
Israel was subjugated, many Jews were killed.
And the Roman Empire had resisted God and punished Christians.
But they got their retribution. God destroyed it.
From these historical facts, we can see that
those who resisted God faced destruction.
They were bound to be punished and destroyed by God.
Since it took power,
the CCP has arrested and slaughtered Christians.
The appearance of Christ of the last days, Almighty God,
at work in China has encountered more resistance.
The CCP went all-out suppressing The Church of Almighty God,
hunting for Christ and persecuting God's people.
It even fabricated rumors to malign The Church of Almighty God
in an attempt to make people deny and alienate God,
ruining the chance for mankind to receive salvation and dragging people to hell.
The CCP's countless evil deeds and resistance to God
have infuriated God.
After God's judgment work in the last days,
God will send disasters to destroy the evil forces of Satan,
and destroy the CCP so resistant to God,
to demonstrate God's righteous disposition.
Each of God's words will be fulfilled.
The CCP has harmed so many believers and committed evil,
and brings great disaster to China.
How can it not be annihilated by God?
Look at how many great disasters are happening.
These are retributions for resisting God.
Dad. Don't follow the CCP in resisting God.
The culmination of injustice is perdition.
When disaster happens and the CCP's destroyed,
it will be too late already.
Dad, Mom, the word of Almighty God is very clear.
Only by believing in God and worshiping God
can mankind receive God's protection and care,
and survive the great catastrophe!
Enough! You're preaching the gospel to me.
As an atheist CCP member, I can't believe in God.
I believe the CCP's theory is practical.
If you follow them,
you can become an official, get wealthy,
attain power and status, and have prosperity.
That's happiness.
However, when you believe in God, you're on the run, like a thief.
You can be caught and sent to prison, who knows what.
You can't be happy.
I live for the now, not for after death.
It doesn't matter.
China is the CCP's realm.
If you believe in God, the CCP will revoke your life!
I believe in the Party. It's due to circumstance.
So then, I oppose your belief in Almighty God.
Hey, everything's fine. Let's just eat our lunch.
It's so nice that we're all together. Have you tried some of this yet?
Here, eat some of this.
These two kids have believed in Almighty God.
It's not easy to change their minds.
I debated with them for a while today. And what happened?
They spoke so justifiably and factually.
I'll admit I was rendered speechless.
I really didn't expect Xiaoyi to have gained so much experience and knowledge
while he was overseas.
That kid is really something.
Hey. Don't you see what this all means?
Believing in God can only be good.
Without belief in God,
the kids might be prone to negative influences.
When you were arguing, I understood everything.
Our son made a lot of sense.
Right. He's only been away a few years,
and now he's a different person.
It seems, believing in God is not simple.
Because, how could Yi learn so much?
Well I think, believing in God isn't bad.
It's good for their growth as people!
Tell me why the CCP arrests believers in God.
It's scary.
You still don't see what the CCP's about?
It's an atheist party.
The Central leaders detest God. They insist on arresting Christians.
What can we do?
Everyone knows believers are good people.
The CCP's policy is evil. No one can change that.
What can we do when we were born in this country?
I think
Yi has read The Word Appears in the Flesh many times.
The Word Appears in the Flesh is really powerful.
Its impact is huge.
Once a person starts to read it,
the change has been made and he can't go back.
Those who believe in Almighty God read The Word Appears in the Flesh every day.
And they become more vigorous.
No matter how much the CCP cracks down,
they still persist.
The 610 Office had a brainwashing class,
inviting professors and pastors of the Three-Self Church
to brainwash those who believe in God.
I saw the entire process. It didn't work at all.
Most of those who believe in Almighty God become even more devout.
They didn't even waver with labor.
They just couldn't be brainwashed.
They appear to be ordinary people,
but they have so much wisdom and insight.
Professors tried to brainwash them with atheism and Marxism-Leninism
to no avail at all.
In particular, they were repulsed by the atheism they heard.
The scholars and pastors who specialized in Bible study
couldn't convince them with any interpretation.
From what we heard from our son, he may be godized.
There's no turning back.
If he gets arrested, it would be disastrous.
Even we couldn't save him.
What should we do?
Weiguo. I know how you feel about this.
I don't object to Xiaoyi believing in God.
His path is right.
But if he gets arrested, it could be terrible for everyone.
We have to tell him to be careful, not to get into any trouble.
What I think is that belief in God can't be wrong.
Maybe it will pay off in the long run.
At least it's better than believing in the CCP!
The Communist Party is running out of luck.
The Party might collapse one day and then what will you do?
It could be a big problem.
Our son is smart. He won't do any wrong. Make his own way.
Listen. How about you ignore it? Don't mind them.
Don't cause fights in the family.
As for us, we should be alert.
Let them believe at home, but not outside. Better, right?
You think it's so simple.
Keep it hidden? Why would they do that?
You think they'll listen to you?
You want them to believe in God but not fight at home.
Is that possible?
Do you know the answer?
Here, I'll show you what our government's propaganda says.
What's this?
Believers in God don't care about their families?
How is that possible?
If that's true, we raised them for nothing.
That's right.
If you care about our family, you have to be on my side
and do your best to stop them from believing in Almighty God.
What can we do now?
Look at this document. If they continue …
If you take a look at this chart,
our growth is expected to follow an upward trend for the first quarter of next year.
Hey, Mom wants us to come home early after work.
Don't forget.
Oh, okay.
I'm on my way now.
Great. See you then.
Xiaoyi, come on now.
Don't pressure him.
You also need to settle down. (Hey, yeah!)
Your mom and I are waiting. (We want some grandkids.)
Aw man, I shouldn't have asked!
Fine, Yi can find someone whenever he wants.
You can't avoid it forever. (Here.)
Have some more, Dad, there's so much.
Try some more. (Try it. It's not spicy.)
It's delicious. (Well there's plenty here.)
Let's all try.
Xiaoyi, Xiaorui, I would like to talk to you about something.
Sure, what is it, Mom? (Yeah, what's up?)
I agree that belief in God's good.
It helps you take the right path.
And so, knowing you both believe in God, I have felt relieved;
I needn't worry that you may go astray.
But I've read government documents that warn
that some people who believe in Almighty God
will abandon their families in order to preach the gospel.
Some even go their whole lives without getting married.
The documents also say
that the government seeks to detain one group of believers in Almighty God
and to kill another!
And something like, "Troops won't be withdrawn,"
not "until the ban is done."
Many believers of Almighty God were arrested,
imprisoned, wounded, and even crippled.
Some believers lost their jobs and even their families were ruined.
It's said in response to all this
that believers don't care for their families.
Xiaoyi, Xiaorui, do you think any of this is true?
Mom—(I have to say this,)
you mustn't give up marriage or abandon your family.
If this is what your faith is like,
I implore you don't believe in Almighty God.
Just promise me.
Mom, you know that belief leads to the right path, and that's great!
If you also grasped that God's appearance and work is for the salvation of man,
you'd believe in and follow God too.
He also said:
Yeah, Mom.
If you read these words of the Lord Jesus,
you'll know what kind of people true believers of the Lord Jesus are.
It's followers like this that the CCP hates most.
Hey, Mom, do you know the reason they follow the Lord like this?
I don't.
They follow the Lord this way
to pursue the truth, for the life, and for the Lord.
They can give up all worldly glory and wealth,
they don't covet carnal pleasure,
they're willing to endure hardships
to preach the gospel and bear witness for the Lord.
They are such noble people!
The Lord praises all such people.
That's true, Mom.
What we need to know is why the CCP hates, defames and condemns them.
Why are they being detained and put to death?
The CCP says "Troops won't be withdrawn till the ban's done."
Is this not a perverse act against Heaven?
And resistant to God?
In my opinion,
what the CCP has done to these people
who believe in God is criminal and sinful.
It's reactionary.
Mom, you must discern the difference.
Mom, believers in God preach the gospel
and bear witness for God so that others can be saved by God.
You see that the world grows more dark and evil.
People grow more corrupt.
They support evil and abhor the truth.
They follow the world's evil trends,
pursue wining, dining and gaming, enjoy sinful pleasure,
and even openly deny, resist and act against God.
Mom, this world is so evil and its people are just so corrupted,
shouldn't they have been destroyed long ago?
The Bible prophesies a catastrophe during the last days.
We must return to Almighty God, accept His cleansing and salvation,
or we'll be destroyed by catastrophe.
Now the catastrophe is imminent;
mankind is facing total destruction.
By expressing the truth in the last days,
the incarnate Almighty God has begun His work
to judge and cleanse man, so man may be saved from sin and brought to God's kingdom.
Wouldn't you say this is great news?
God's come to save man. Isn't that the love of God?
If mankind wants to be saved, there is but one way now.
And that's to accept Almighty God's judgment
and be cleansed of its corruption,
and thus survive the catastrophe with God's protection.
Believers in Almighty God understand God's eagerness to save man.
They're willing to sacrifice comfort, and brave persecution by the CCP,
to preach and witness the kingdom gospel of Almighty God.
It's true, Mom. (Believers endure all this,)
so more people will survive through God's salvation.
This is carrying out the will of God, Mom!
As the Lord Jesus said,
Dad, Mom,
do you think believers in Almighty God
don't perceive the danger in spreading the gospel?
If you think so, then you are wrong.
Spreading the gospel conforms to Heaven's will and people's.
It is moral and virtuous!
You're correct in saying that!
But the CCP betrayed Heaven's and the people's will
by condemning the benevolence of Christians and by brutal persecution.
Great numbers of Christians were all displaced and rendered homeless.
So many were arrested and imprisoned and some were persecuted to death!
The CCP government caused the downfall of countless Christian families.
Yet, the government claimed
it was their belief in God that brought about their families' ruination.
Is this not a blatant distortion of the fact?
Had it not been for the CCP's arrest of Christians,
things would have been different.
Isn't it the CCP that has sinned through its persecution of Christians?
Nothing's wrong with belief in God.
Many people around the world believe, and their families remain intact.
Isn't that so?
It's true, Mom.
Some ignorant people still are deluded by the CCP's absurd rumors.
They don't blame the CCP for persecuting Christians,
they blame Christians for believing in God.
Isn't it mindless as well as preposterous?
Mom, Dad,
you have to discern what is true.
Don't accept the CCP's absurd rumors.
Now that I've heard you speak, I understand.
The CCP imprisons countless believers in God,
and even kills them, and ruins so many families,
but it shifts blame to the victims
and claims they're at fault for believing in God.
It's clearly a distortion of fact!
China's government is vile and vicious.
Those who believe in God would rather endure the government's persecution
and preach the gospel to rescue others.
It is just so admirable.
These are indeed people of virtue!
Hey, Weiguo, don't you agree?
In many ways, they are indeed great people.
They are not foolish.
What they do, they do for the Lord's praises and blessings.
Although, do you think this is practical?
I'm serious.
Being jailed for preaching the gospel, what kind of future's that?
Like it or not, we all need wellness.
If you're sent to jail for your whole life,
what will the Lord's blessings do for you then?
I don't understand at all.
Now, if the Lord saved them from prison
by bringing them into the kingdom of heaven immediately,
then that would be a real blessing.
Has this ever happened? I've never heard of it.
I'm sorry, but there's no way I can allow you to believe in God and preach the gospel.
As your father, I can't condone you suffering such hardship and pain.
And I can't bear to see you arrested and jailed.
You must respect my wishes about this.
All that I do is for your own good and your sister's own good
and for your futures.
Don't you understand this?
I am full, you carry on!
Xiaoyi, Xiaorui, your father is right!
At this time belief in God and preaching the gospel is too dangerous in China.
Don't go and spread the gospel.
At home, you can practice your beliefs.
Once the CCP collapses, and there's religious freedom,
then preach the gospel and witness for God.
It won't be late.
You know the CCP's intent on arresting and persecuting Christians.
I become utterly terrified
when you go out to preach the gospel and witness for God.
That's right. You're grown up now.
Think for once of your mom and dad.
Mom, let's talk over there.
No thanks.
You …
Dad, Mom, we know you fear that we will be persecuted.
We understand your feelings about it.
We also know we risk arrest if we preach the gospel in China.
But if we wait until the CCP collapses,
it will be too late.
It's true, Dad.
By then God's work will be done;
catastrophe will have descended.
The catastrophe will destroy those who haven't received God's salvation in the last days,
and then their souls will be cast down to hell as their punishment!
Dad, Mom,
God's eagerness is to save mankind from the throes of disaster.
If we refrain from preaching the gospel for fear of the CCP,
and we hide at home where we'll be safe, but filled with shame,
our hearts will not be at peace!
Dad, Mom, it's not easy,
but you know what we're doing is right.
I do hope you'll come to respect our choice
and stop interfering with our faith in God.
We know the risks of practicing our faith,
and we will use our wisdom.
No matter what you say,
I won't allow you to believe in God and preach the gospel.
So long as the CCP stands, you can't believe in God or preach.
In this matter, you have to do what I say.
Or else, you're no longer my children.
Dad …
They're wrong to stop us from believing in God,
but they're just afraid we'll be arrested and persecuted.
If we keep having these arguments with them,
aren't we just hurting their feelings?
Won't it affect the harmony of our family?
Our relationship with Mom and Dad will be horrible.
Listen, I can understand your concerns.
But you have to know,
the reason we argue with them is to enlighten them,
to help them grasp that it's crucial to believe,
for salvation and eternal life.
They're deluded by the CCP and can't see clearly.
Dad can't let go of power and status.
If we don't communicate with them about the truth,
and they believe fallacies,
how will any good come to them?
We must enlighten them and help them to see the CCP's
persecution of Christians and resistance to God.
If we do, they'll support our beliefs and cease to be used
by the CCP to be its accomplice.
It's urgent we help them to understand,
because their opinions aren't based on truth and belong to Satan.
If we do not help them understand,
how can they be disabused?
Don't you agree?
I see what you mean now.
They want to block us from believing, and to alienate and betray God.
They are standing with the CCP to resist God!
Our argument with Mom and Dad is a contest between the truth and lies.
It's really a spiritual war in the family!
I really was weak before we spoke, because I didn't understand.
I really was obtuse.
It's great that now you understand!
I wish
that I could say the same about Dad.
He knows the believers in God are on the right path,
but for his livelihood, he follows the CCP and persecutes believers.
He's on the path of resistance to God.
It's dangerous in the long run.
If he doesn't repent,
then he'll be punished, and he'll suffer!
I'm worried about the same thing.
He doesn't believe and so doesn't want us to.
We have to witness God's work in the last days for Dad
and try hard to save him,
so he can change course and not go the wrong way.
I sure hope Dad can change course
and no longer block our faith in God.
That way our family won't be broken. (That's true.)
If Dad could read the word of Almighty God in detail
and accept God's work in the last days,
that would be even better.
But even if he didn't,
at least he'd break up with the CCP in persecuting believers and resisting God.
Then his punishment would be reduced.
You're back? (Yup.)
Weren't you going to a meeting? Why are you back so early?
Where are they?
They're upstairs, what's going on?
Xiaoyi, Xiaorui!
Come down here! ('Kay.)
What's wrong? You seem so angry.
It has to do with them.
Mom, I'll do that.
You come here!
Dad, what's wrong?
Have you heard?
The Central Committee's still bent on suppressing The Church of Almighty God.
It authorized armed police to work with the regular police
to launch a nationwide attack on The Church of Almighty God
and completely ban house churches.
In an all-out effort to arrest and severely punish
key elements of The Church of Almighty God,
it will detain and kill such groups.
The Communist Party has built many prisons throughout the country
in preparation for those who believe in God.
You believers of God are facing a catastrophe.
Do you understand?
The CCP will never relax its policy on religion.
It will only get worse,
until all the house churches are completely banned,
in particular it won't stop until your Church of Almighty God is banned.
I am warning you, stop believing in Almighty God!
Weiguo, why can't you speak nicely to our children?
Why do you have to be so angry?
So please come. Sit down here, both of you.
You have meetings with the government every day,
and you keep at it at home.
You're giving them political lessons again.
If you must believe in God, at least go to the Three-Self Church.
There you won't be arrested and jailed.
This is why I'm against your belief in Almighty God.
Can you understand that now?
Dad, to believe in China is to know we're doomed to be persecuted by the CCP.
We all understand this fact.
We believe in God to pursue truth and shed our satanic disposition,
to obtain truth and humanity and be saved by God.
If we cower and obey the satanic CCP regime
and practice our faith in God with the Three-Self Church, then
how can we receive truth to eliminate our satanic disposition
and receive God's salvation to enter the kingdom of heaven?
Dad, as you well know, the Three-Self Church is controlled by the CCP government.
All church pastors are government appointees.
As such, they're forbidden to speak about the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.
They can't speak of spiritual life, let alone loving and obeying God.
So what do they talk about? Patriotic love, to honor God.
They discuss social gospel, legal morality.
They preach obeying those with power to rule.
Dad, can you honestly say such a church truly believes in God?
Will they earn the Holy Spirit's work?
Such belief in God cannot earn the praises of God! (It's true.)
Believing with the Three Self-Church won't lead to truth and God's salvation.
It would be futile.
Dad, you know he's right.
Those with the Three-Self Church,
so fear persecution, they'd rather obey Satan's regime than obey God.
Are they not prisoners and puppets who obey the regime of Satan?
Prisoners and puppets? You're too young to know anything.
"A wise man submits to circumstances."
What wise man?
The truth is they're all timid and cowardly unbelievers who live in shame!
There's no way God will praise them.
They will be eliminated and destroyed by God.
She's right.
In any case, we'll never practice our belief in God with the Three-Self Church!
If that's what you say, I won't force it on you.
But only believe in Jesus, never in Almighty God.
Believing in Almighty God it is too dangerous.
I've worked for the United Front for years and studied many religions.
Christians, Catholics, Orthodox, all these religions,
they all believe in Jesus.
But your belief in Almighty God's different.
CCP documents state The Church of Almighty God is not Christianity.
You're preaching the gospel under the banner of Christianity to various sects
that don't recognize you as a Christian denomination.
I'll never allow you to believe in Almighty God, only in Christianity.
The government's persecution will be lighter.
If you're jailed for believing in Almighty God,
your life will be in grave danger.
The CCP realizes believers in Almighty God follow Christ in the last days
and are Christ's disciples and apostles.
What the CCP most fears
is the book The Word Appears in the Flesh expressed by Christ in the last days,
also the die-hard group that follows Christ in the last days.
We have studied the history of Christianity.
And what Judaism and the Roman Empire feared most were the disciples and apostles of Jesus.
So when these people were captured, they were all promptly executed.
if measures are not taken to completely ban
this group that follows Christ of the last days,
in just a few years, they'll subsume the entire religious community.
Several Christian factions in China already
have been subsumed by The Church of Almighty God.
The CCP is clear about this.
Had the CCP not contrived the "Zhaoyuan Case,"
perhaps the day would've come when all the world's religious communities
were subsumed by The Church of Almighty God.
If The Church of Almighty God subsumes the religious community,
it will be unfavorable to CCP rule.
So the Central Committee resolved
to deploy all forces available to quickly ban The Church of Almighty God.
You need to know,
the rise of Eastern Lightning took not just China by storm,
but also the whole world.
With such a big move,
how can the CCP not launch a massive suppression campaign against you?
If you must believe in God, it must be Christianity.
No more belief in Almighty God.
The Church of Almighty God does not belong to Christianity.
you just said the reason
why the CCP suppresses The Church of Almighty God.
But do you know
why the major Christian factions were subsumed by The Church of Almighty God?
It was because people of all sects and factions heard the voice of God.
When they saw Almighty God's appearance and work,
they determined the Lord Jesus has returned.
So they turned to Almighty God.
This is the great news that believers throughout the religious community have hoped for.
That's right, Dad.
Xiaorui, please give me a hand.
Dad, Christ of the last days has appeared to work.
And in time, all factions and sects of Christianity will turn to Almighty God.
It's also the trend of the times.
This clearly shows us the work of God created Christianity
as well as The Church of Almighty God.
Christianity is the Church of the Age of Grace.
The Church of Almighty God is the Church of the Age of Kingdom.
Both belong to Christianity.
Why does the CCP deny that The Church of Almighty God is part of Christianity?
The CCP is an atheist political party,
a satanic regime that hates the truth and resists God.
What does it know about Christianity?
What qualifications does it have to dictate
which church is Christianity and which is not?
The CCP knows nothing of Christianity.
How dare it then condemn the church of God.
Isn't it utterly shameless of the CCP to act like it understands something it doesn't?
Exactly right!
The CCP openly declared Christianity a cult, the Holy Bible a cultist book,
and then destroyed countless copies.
It even dumped Bibles shipped from overseas in the ocean.
It's a very well known fact.
And now the CCP claims The Church of Almighty God isn't part of Christianity.
Any discerning person should be able to see what that's about.
The CCP did all it could to condemn The Church of Almighty God
to sway public opinion to support banning The Church of Almighty God,
and achieve its goal of banning the work of God
and creating an atheist region in China.
That's the true intention of the CCP!
Dad, isn't what I said true?
Dad, the CCP is an atheist party.
How could it understand Christianity?
Christianity began with the appearance and work of the incarnate Lord Jesus.
The Lord Jesus is Christ,
so churches that believe in Him belong to Christianity.
The Lord Jesus promised He'd return,
and the Lord Jesus has returned,
He is now the incarnate Almighty God.
Almighty God is Christ in the last days.
Those who believe in Almighty God, believe in Christ.
All who believe in Christ belong to Christianity.
The Lord Jesus and Almighty God are both the incarnate God just at different times.
Faith in both the Lord Jesus and Almighty God is Christianity.
At present,
The Church of Almighty God is Christianity.
To be precise,
in the last days, only faith in Almighty God is true Christianity,
as the appearance of Almighty God, Christ of the last days,
has ended the Age of Grace
and begun the Age of Kingdom.
Only those who follow Almighty God, Christ of the last days, follow the Lamb.
Therefore, The Church of Almighty God of Christ in the last days
is the more practical Christianity.
You clearly explained what Christianity is.
I now understand.
you claim both Jesus and Almighty God are Christ,
one is the first and the other the last Christ.
Our CCP does not agree.
The Internationale says, "There's never been any savior of the world."
You witness the advent of Christ the Savior.
How can the CCP not condemn you?
In our opinion, the Jesus Christians believe in was an ordinary man.
He was even nailed on the cross,
and Judaism didn't accept Him as Christ.
Isn't this a fact?
The incarnate Almighty God in the last days that you witness
is also an ordinary person.
CCP documents clearly state He has a first and last name.
This is also a fact.
Why do you witness that this ordinary person is in fact Christ and the appearance of God?
It's just incredible!
No matter how you witness the truth that has been expressed
and the judgment work in the last days that's been done by Almighty God,
our CCP will not recognize that this person is God.
You are just like the Christians, Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox who believe in Jesus,
believing in a man as being God.
Isn't that pure ignorance?
What exactly is God and the appearance and work of God?
Does it mean that the mere expression of the truth and doing the work of God
are the appearance of the true God?
We'll never accept that.
If God could truly perform miracles,
like destroying the CCP government and all those who resist Him,
then we'd recognize Him as the true God.
If God appears in the sky,
and makes a roar like thunder that frightens the entire human race,
then that would be the appearance of God.
The CCP would recognize Him then.
Otherwise, the CCP will never acknowledge there is God.
Dad, I don't understand,
why is the CCP always hostile to God?
And always deny God?
Why does it hate the incarnate Christ in particular?
Why does the CCP define the Lord Jesus and Almighty God as an ordinary person,
and deny Christ's divine essence?
You communists are all atheists. You don't believe in God.
How could you know the mystery behind the incarnation of God?
Wasn't the appearance of the Lord Jesus a man when He became flesh?
With just a word, He could resurrect the dead and calm the wind and waves.
He fed five thousand with five loaves and two fish.
Wasn't that the power and authority of God?
Without the Spirit of God inside, could man perform such miracles?
That's right, Dad.
When Lord Jesus was crucified,
it was God's desire to redeem man through crucifixion.
When the Lord Jesus rose from death and ascended to heaven,
that was God's omnipotence.
you don't recognize the man who could express truth and do God's work as Christ and God Himself.
So then tell me,
who else other than the incarnate Christ
do you see can be able to express the truth and perform God's work?
Whether people believe it or not,
God has become flesh and expressed the truth for the salvation of all of mankind.
Only those who abhor and detest the truth
would deny Christ and resist Him.
All those who love the truth can accept and obey God's work.
Recalling Lord Jesus at work,
the leaders of Judaism frantically resisted the incarnate Lord Jesus.
Judaism also rejected the Lord Jesus.
But the fact of the Lord Jesus' redemption of man still spread.
People across the globe believe in the Lord Jesus.
Christian churches are everywhere.
And today, more than two billion people believe in the Lord Jesus.
This is enough to prove that the Lord Jesus is Christ and the Savior.
It is useless to deny it.
In the last days,
Almighty God expressed all the truths for the purification and salvation of mankind,
and did judgment work beginning at the house of God.
During His work, He was subject
to the resistance and the condemnation of the CCP
and the antichrist forces of the religious community.
But in merely twenty years,
the kingdom gospel of Almighty God has swept across China.
Almighty God has indeed made a group of overcomers,
the firstfruits right here in mainland China.
Now the word expressed by Almighty God
and a variety of movies and videos produced by The Church of Almighty God are online.
More and more people study the work of Almighty God in the last days.
Dad, do you think it possible man could do that?
This only could have happened by the guidance of the work of the Holy Spirit.
Dad, who in this world can you name that can express the truth
and perform work that can conquer and save mankind?
Whose work can be extended to the entire human race?
Other than the incarnate Christ,
there is no one that can perform such work.
This allows us all to see the power and authority of God's word,
the almightiness, wisdom, and wonderful acts of God.
Almighty God is the appearance of God incarnate, Christ in the last days.
This is completely true.
Dad, do you not believe all of these facts?
Dad, God has become flesh to express the truth and perform His own work.
It can't be altered by the will of man.
Whether you recognize God's incarnation or deny it,
God's work can't be stopped.
Dad, the judgment work of Almighty God in the last days ends soon.
Therefore the catastrophe is imminent.
All of those who deny and resist God will surely be destroyed.
At that point, it'll be futile to finally recognize Almighty God,
it will be too late.
That's true.
Only those who've been cleansed and made perfect
by receiving Almighty God's judgment in the last days
can survive the catastrophe and enter God's kingdom.
Dad, you're intelligent.
After hearing these words,
I'm hopeful you now understand this fact!
Listening to all this,
it does seem as if God's word and work is in fact real.
To be honest, I know belief in God is good.
Most believers in God are good people.
I don't wanna persecute believers.
My livelihood comes from the CCP, so I must listen to it.
The Communist Party opposes belief in God and I must stand with them.
I will not change my position on this.
Be it going to hell or being punished, I accept it.
No matter what you say, I will never allow you to believe in Almighty God!
Dad, you've shared your views, now I need to share mine.
We can't obey you, and turn our backs on God.
Belief in God is truly a human right.
No one has the right to prevent it.
The CCP is autocratic; it meddles in people's freedom of belief.
This shows the CCP is a demon that resists God.
Dad, if you forcibly impose the CCP's dictatorship in our family's home,
will this family of ours still be a family?
Why wouldn't it be?
You always try to teach us Marxism-Leninism and atheism.
You want to turn us into communists, into demons that resist God.
Are you teaching us how to go the right way or forcing us onto an evil path?
Think about where you want to guide us.
Is this the CCP's method for family education?
I think this is red re-education!
I don't understand.
Why is it wherever communists are in power,
there's no freedom of belief?
The CCP always upholds red rule and red re-education.
The CCP is utterly evil!
It is simply unbearable!
It seems that I must go abroad to find religious freedom.
That is what most people long for. (Choose your words more wisely!)
I sent you abroad to further your studies,
so you could receive an advanced Western education.
I didn't expect that when you kids grew up,
our family home would no longer satisfy you!
And now you're ready to leave home!
Dad, don't be angry.
Xiaoyi is speaking from the heart.
These are all facts.
Take a look at the communists.
They want power and status and control of others no matter who they are.
They force even those who think differently to obey the Communist Party.
They cause so many people a great deal of pain!
We do not object to your political governance,
but can't you allow us some freedom of belief?
We don't want other freedoms.
Religious freedom is more than enough.
Can't we be given this little bit of freedom?
We believe in God to be good and to take the right path of life.
Just what is your reason for blocking us?
Dad, in following the CCP you've abandoned any path to survive.
Can't you allow us a path to survive? (Xiaorui.)
How do I block your survival? Say it!
Just allow us to believe in God and to read God's words at home.
That would be so nice.
That would make us feel like you were giving us some freedom.
All my life, I've lived in the family of a CCP official.
Why have I felt such pain?
What are you saying? Painful?
Think about it. We don't lack food or clothing,
but why don't we have any freedom?
The CCP's red education and red rule is evil!
Is this still my family?
Enough! I've talked a lot,
but you haven't heard a single word of mine,
you just throw "red re-education" in my face.
Does it mean that I'm the devil?
Religious freedom? Red re-education?
Where did you learn these words?
It's the influence of Western culture!
Just a few years of study abroad and you're completely westernized.
I educated you in vain then!
Like it or not, you are still my children,
and I won't allow you to believe in Almighty God!
It is too dangerous to continue believing.
Don't you know that?
From all that you've said, the CCP would regard you as godized elements.
If you're ever caught, you will be sentenced to prison,
and your lives will be in danger.
The CCP is capable of doing anything.
I've been a CCP official for many years,
I know the CCP well.
If you don't listen to me,
don't say I never warned you when you end up being tortured in jail.
You think about it!
Wait! Why must father and children always argue so much?
Do we still resemble a family?
What will we do?
Weiguo, why are you smoking so much?
Our children's faith in God has helped them to follow the correct path.
As for CCP officials,
they not only smoke and drink,
they play mahjong, gamble, womanize and stay out all night.
They secretly plot harm to believers in God
and build prisons to incarcerate them.
It's disturbing to think about all these believers
who are good people being jailed.
I don't think you people are taking the right path!
You should be happy our children follow the right path by believing in God.
What are you angry about?
It's disturbing as well.
How can I not be angry?
I didn't send them to school so they could believe in God.
I was paving the way for them to be successful officials.
I'd prefer they smoke, drink, play mahjong and gamble than believe in God.
CCP member's children must follow the CCP!
Communist families are absolutely not allowed to believe in God!
if they're following the right path,
I think we should allow them to believe.
Yet, CCP officials would prefer people commit crime and live in sin
than believe in God and do good in the world.
What has the world come to?
Hey, tell me the truth is this all just a father's machismo?
Is this the great sentiments of the communists?
You CCP officials are too much.
You dumped Marxism–Leninism beliefs,
and now you embrace Confucian-Mencian theory in its place.
"Harmony above all else," or "the value of forbearance."
Try those ideas instead!
And let the issue be.
Hey, so where did you learn all these terms?
And when did you start seeing through the CCP?
You're right, they smoke, drink, play mahjong, gamble,
and yes they womanize all day.
But that also takes skills.
Not funny.
They have the power. What could we possibly do?
Why do I oppose our children's belief in God?
I'm afraid they'll be arrested by the government.
If they go to prison, what are we going to do?
Where are we going to hide our faces?
How will people look at us? How?
You know the CCP is atheistic.
The children of a communist believe in and follow God;
isn't it a disgrace to the CCP?
How long can I remain an official?
Our children resolutely believe in God.
If I don't hinder them,
they will preach the gospel everywhere.
It's very likely they'll be arrested.
Why can you not see that?
Your "harmony and forbearance" ideals are both case dependent.
Those two sayings don't apply to our children's belief in God.
The CCP calls for the suppression and arrest of believers.
We can't be lenient, and we can't let them believe.
This is our only choice. Don't you see?
The way you explained it sheds new light.
I get where you're coming from.
If we were to lay blame, it would rest with the CCP.
Why can't it do the right thing?
The one thing it can't do is help anyone.
Instead, it just focuses on arresting believers,
and retaining its power of rule over people.
How selfish can they be?
It doesn't care at all about ordinary people!
Whether or not it can retain power is based on the will of Heaven.
Those who believe don't have anything to do with it.
Since the government claims there's freedom,
it shouldn't arrest believers,
shattering their families and leaving them homeless.
And what's more,
it shifts the blame of ruining their families to belief in God.
What a pure distortion of facts!
Is it now a crime to believe in God in China?
Just what has the world come to? I don't understand it.
Hey, if you could support your children's beliefs,
wouldn't the war in our family simply disappear?
When there is harmony, the family is happy.
Don't you agree?
That's easy for you to say. The CCP's power is absolute.
All government officials have to obey the leadership.
The central leadership hates God most and is committed to opposing God.
Who could ever change that?
Had the Central Committee not issued the order,
no government official would bother to arrest believers in God.
Of course, I see that China lacks the blessings of Heaven.
Since the CCP came to power, there has been no prosperity,
disaster follows disaster.
I recognize that there is no happy ending in following the CCP.
It's all too easy to end up as the arch villain and face retribution.
Many government officials worry about this too.
No one knows how it'll be a few years from now.
They'll just live one day at a time.
What do you think we should do?
The present situation is really dangerous.
Not only does the CCP refuse to repent, it's increasingly autocratic.
It uses violent suppression to maintain political power.
How much longer can it last?
It's time we start thinking about the long-term.
We need to consider the children's future.
They want to believe in God and we should allow them.
Isn't it selfish for you to only consider your own prestige and good standing?
Any way you put it,
the CCP won't last when it neurotically suppresses and persecutes believers.
Perhaps one of these days, there will be freedom of belief in China.
Though, that might also be when the catastrophe arrives.
There will be freedom of belief then.
Do you think the catastrophe is all that far off from now?
If the children take the right path and believe,
then they will go to heaven.
We don't believe in God, and we also do evil.
We'll definitely go to hell when we die.
We chose this path,
so we have no one to blame for it but ourselves.
We'll go to hell when we die?
What heaven and hell, I don't believe it!
Regardless we cannot let them go to preach the gospel and witness for God.
It is too dangerous!
If they're put in prison, they might be crippled by torture.
Then their entire life would be ruined!
You see how stubborn they are.
They do not give … even give an inch to me!
Do you think they will give in when they are interrogated?
Just try and imagine what the consequences would be!
I will be implicated and dismissed in my position.
And then who will be left to help us?
Will we be able to keep our costly home or car?
Will you be able to wear diamonds and gold and live like an aristocrat?
All will be gone! We'll be completely destitute!
Can you not see the consequences?
You don't realize what's in front of you, let alone the future.
You're back from work?
Yes. Have a nice day.
Mom, want to listen to some of Almighty God's words with me? (Sure.)
That's great! I'll read a passage.
Yes, go ahead and read it.
Mr. Zheng, you're not looking so well.
You can't work so relentlessly. You have to pay attention to your health too!
What can I do?
I had a meeting in the province.
The Central Committee wants to further increase the crackdown on house churches,
especially on Eastern Lightning.
We must do our utmost to eliminate it.
The government for years has spared no effort in suppressing The Church of Almighty God.
The Eastern Lightning grows despite this.
Now it has expanded overseas.
It is a real headache!
Mom, you just heard Almighty God's words,
how do you feel?
It was truly mind-blowing.
I've never heard it before.
An ordinary person could never say that.
I'd like to take some time to read it closely.
Mom, we also have lots of hymns in the—
Dad is back. Put the book away.
Welcome home, Dad. (Thanks.)
Welcome home.
It's good you're both here. We must talk.
What's up, Dad? Tell us.
We must discuss your belief in God again.
Are you sure that you know who really created The Church of Almighty God?
I've worked for the United Front a long time,
and studied religions for decades.
Beyond doubt, I grasp various religions rather well.
For over twenty-five years, we've focused on studying The Church of Almighty God.
According to the government propaganda materials,
The Church of Almighty God was founded by someone named Zhao in northeastern China.
He leads The Church of Almighty God.
This man is the high priest of the Church.
Those in The Church of Almighty God claim he's used by the Holy Spirit.
They listen to the preaching of this man used by the Holy Spirit,
and they listen to him in the church's administrative work.
Though you believers of Almighty God read the word of Almighty God,
pray in His name,
regard The Word Appears in the Flesh expressed by Almighty God as canonical doctrine,
and communicate the word of Almighty God,
it's this person who has final say in The Church of Almighty God.
We're certain it was this person who in fact created The Church of Almighty God.
The religious community and the CCP say it's an outfit of man.
I think this is correct.
Do you understand this?
Dad, the CCP has long studied The Church of Almighty God.
Is what you said the result of such a study?
So then tell me who founded Christianity,
who founded Catholicism?
Could it be Paul or Peter, who then was the founder?
Who founded Judaism?
Could it be that it was Moses?
Isn't this all absurd?
Dad, you atheists don't acknowledge God's existence,
not to mention the fact of God's incarnation.
No matter how much truth the incarnate Christ expressed,
how much work He accomplished,
how much salvation He brought to mankind,
don't all of you endeavor to deny, cover up and condemn Him?
Dad, do you think Christianity or perhaps Catholicism was founded by man?
Are these outfits of man?
This is your greatest absurdity to date.
Had the Lord Jesus not appeared to work,
no one would have believed in or followed the Lord;
there'd be no Christianity.
Isn't this the truth?
How could the apostles ever have created a church on their own?
Dad, based on people's acceptance
of the shepherding of Peter, John, and the other apostles,
can you say apostles founded Christianity,
hence it's an outfit of man?
Dad, the appearance and work of Almighty God
is what gave rise to The Church of Almighty God.
People heard the voice of God in the many truths expressed by Almighty God,
and returned before God and formed the church.
After His appearance, Almighty God witnessed the man used by the Holy Spirit,
The Church of Almighty God's leader.
As Moses was in the Age of Law and the apostles were in the Age of Grace,
he is the man used by God
in order to do his duty to water, shepherd, and lead the chosen people of God.
your Communist Party denies God's work and all the truths expressed by God,
it even denies that the One followed by the chosen people of God is the incarnate God.
Isn't there an ulterior motive?
Had it not been the appearance of Almighty God,
The Church of Almighty God wouldn't be,
it wouldn't exist.
This is an undeniable fact.
The CCP knows Christians of The Church of Almighty God pray to Almighty God.
In congregation they communicate Almighty God's words.
Why does the CCP still tell all these lies?
Those in The Church of Almighty God believe in Almighty God.
God's chosen people obey the man
who is used by the Holy Spirit according to Almighty God's word.
This is a fact.
Dad, you'll understand if you hear the words of Almighty God.
in The Ten Administrative Decrees That Must Be Obeyed by God's Chosen People in the Age of Kingdom,
the seventh administrative decree says:
Dad, believers' acceptance of the leadership of the man used by the Holy Spirit
is practicing God's word and is obeying God.
When it was studying The Church of Almighty God,
why didn't the CCP read Almighty God's word?
Why hasn't it seen Almighty God's ten administrative decrees?
Why didn't you seek from God's chosen people of The Church of Almighty God
and allow them to communicate the truth to you?
You studied The Church of Almighty God from the outside
without understanding God's work,
as you didn't read Almighty God's word,
so then how could you understand The Church of Almighty God?
Dad, why is it that the CCP maintains our church is an outfit of man?
Why hasn't it said a word about the incarnate God?
Why hasn't it said a thing about the book The Word Appears in the Flesh?
Why is that?
What the CCP fears most is the truth expressed by Almighty God,
because the CCP knows all Almighty God followers accepted Almighty God
after they carefully read the book, The Word Appears in the Flesh.
So the CCP distracts people's attention
by saying that The Church of Almighty God was really created by man.
It intentionally hides the appearance of Almighty God, Christ of the last days,
so that people will pay attention to this person.
The government does this to stop people from believing in and following God.
This is in fact its real purpose.
The CCP distorts the facts
and claims the church where God appears to work is an outfit of man.
This is the CCP's excuse for persecuting and suppressing God's church.
The CCP is so cunning and so vicious!
Dad, isn't what I said the truth?
You have to distinguish between them.
You must not listen to the CCP's rumors.
That's enough, don't say anymore!
Do you realize
if the CCP hears you talking like this, there is going to be trouble?
I know too well what the CCP is capable of.
Do you have the slightest idea?
of course you know what the CCP is capable of better than we do.
So then why do you still believe in the CCP's nonsense?
Please think about this carefully,
why is it that the CCP defames The Church of Almighty God,
creating misguided public opinions
that misleads the people of China and the world
to condemn The Church of Almighty God?
Isn't it all for the evil purpose of banning the work of Almighty God in the last days
and completely banning The Church of Almighty God?
Aren't all its actions aimed at
maintaining and perpetuating its stability and autocracy?
God created mankind.
Why does the CCP compete with God for power and try to control mankind?
Dad, God expresses the truth, leads, and saves mankind.
The CCP spreads all kinds of fallacies
such as evolutionism and atheism to corrupt mankind.
All that the CCP does is to resist and to act against God.
The nature of this problem is so serious.
God will direct His wrath at the CCP in divine retribution!
At the time,
wasn't the Roman regime destroyed by God
for resisting and persecuting the Lord Jesus?
You should have seen this historical fact quite clearly!
Dad, you can no longer resist God.
The consequence for resisting God is perdition!
That's right, Dad.
Dad, if you don't accept God exists,
look at the retributions that befell those who resisted God,
and you'll know there really is a God.
It is God who dominates everything.
Dad, understand that you are attacking and resisting God
when you follow the CCP government
to malign and profane The Church of Almighty God!
I beg you to hurry and repent.
Don't follow the CCP in resisting God!
Otherwise, you'll surely be punished by God!
Shut up! How dare you lecture me!
You claim all who resist Almighty God will be punished.
I don't believe a word that you say!
Where's God in this world?
Where's Christ? Where is any Savior?
Let me tell you,
I am a faithful disciple of Satanist Karl Marx,
and I am a resolute atheist.
I don't believe a single word that you say!
I don't care how God will destroy the CCP
and what our outcome will be.
I'm a lifelong CCP follower.
I work for the CCP that's how I earn my livelihood.
Even if it means ending up in hell with Karl Marx, I stand by the CCP!
Dad, we have explained it so clearly to you.
Why is it you still follow the CCP?
Dad, you used to be understanding.
You weren't like this before. What is happening to you?
You don't believe, and you won't allow us too.
Are you sure you're thinking straight?
You want to be in hell with Karl Marx.
Do you want to drag us to hell with you too then?
You don't think at all of what's best for us.
Are you even still our father?
Say it again!
Enough. Xiaorui!
I can see it clearly now.
Like the Communist Party, you both deny and resist God.
Many people in the world acknowledge God.
Only the devil does not acknowledge God, only the devil resists God!
You brat, how dare you say I'm the devil!
Zheng Weiguo, what are you doing? Are you insane?
Xiaoyi, are you all right?
Xiaoyi, are you okay?
Let me be perfectly clear.
So long as I'm alive, I'll block your faith in Almighty God.
Now make a choice.
Do you want this to be your home,
or do you want to believe in Almighty God?
Dad, it is totally justifiable for a creature to worship God.
Though you are my father,
you've no right to block my faith.
You …
I've made my choice. I follow Almighty God.
And this will never change!
God created mankind.
It's the right path of life for man to believe in and obey God!
I've chosen to believe in God,
I'll forge ahead without hesitation.
Do not try to stop me.
Fine! Fine!
Nothing I say matters to you!
Since you must believe in God,
then we'll terminate our relationship.
From now on, you're not my children.
This is no longer your home! Both of you get out!
What was that? Are you mad?
Or is it that the CCP has at last thoroughly deluded you?
How could any man with a heart have said what you just did?
do you really want us to leave?
Haven't I made this clear?
If you believe in Almighty God, then get out of here!
What's wrong with you? How can you be so heartless?
No please, don't go.
Let's talk. Come now!
My son, my daughter!
Don't do this. Please don't go! (Mom.)
Weiguo, please say something.
Say something! We can't loose our children like this!
Stay with us!
Weiguo, say something now!
We can't loose our children!
Dad, Mom, take care of yourselves.
Xiaoyi, Xiaorui!
Xiaoyi, Xiaorui!
Please come back! Come back home!
How dare you make them leave!
Your heart must be made of stone!
Are you some kind of monster?
You follow the CCP to persecute those who believe in God.
You don't even spare your own children.
Why are you so obedient to the CCP?
You care about the CCP more than your children!
Is the CCP your parents? How can you be so loyal to it?
You are correct!
The CCP is my parents. I've sold myself to it!
No matter if I'm dead or alive, I belong to the CCP,
and you better accept that!
You try to stop me, I will evict you too!
Just look at you. Do you hear yourself?
Is there room for anything in your heart other than the CCP?
You even stopped wanting your wife and children.
Look what's happened to our family,
and it's all because of the evil CCP!
Just what is it, what is the CCP?
It's the devil's party, an evil party!
You're still holding onto the CCP.
I see now that you are the devil!
You even wanted to evict me, don't you?
Fine, alright!
I can no longer bear the sight of you anyway!
I've had enough of your red rule.
I'm going to be with my children now,
I'll believe in God with them!
You can go to hell with your wretched party!
Get out of my sight!
It's over, this home is over!
That wretched government!
What red education, what red rule!
Go to hell …
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What Is True Faith in God? | Christian Family Movie "Red Re-Education at Home" | God Is My Lord

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Tim published on November 4, 2018
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