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[Jared] I started making these maps to have a beautiful representation of the places I've traveled:
Yosemite, Zion, Yellowstone,
Rocky Mountain National Park and many more.
(water splashes)
(upbeat music)
What makes Frank Church Wilderness unique is just how large it is.
You could fit all of those national parks within the boundaries of the Frank Church.
My name is Jared Prince.
I'm the founder of Muir Way
and a designer of artistic maps.
I started making these maps to have a beautiful representation of the places I've traveled.
My maps aren't navigational maps.
They're meant to be hung on your wall,
so that they can inspire on a daily basis.
The Frank Church is part of the larger
Rocky Mountain range and has no entry point for humanity.
It has no roads. The only way to get in is by
airplane or by foot, by horseback or you have to boat in.
Usually, when I make a map,
it's of a place that I've already been.
Coors Light has brought me to the Frank Church,
I'm getting to fly above the wilderness and just
see all the beautiful mountains and vistas.
It puts everything in perspective when you see it from a distance.
Looking at the map, now this is so cool to see it stripped down
and just seeing the raw contour lines, the topography like that.
This is one of the few wild places left in America
and it needed to be preserved.
Ah, God, I love this place.
(Country Music)
(plane engine buzzes)
We are now officially at the wilderness.
[Jared] You can see how special this place is to Mike.
This view looking down the middle fork is one of--
[Jared] You know it's just as special to countless other people.
I mean, on the map you see the contour lines,
so close together, you know that it's a steep incline.
But then when you see it in real life, it's just otherworldly.
[Mike] No matter what direction I look,
it's all completely road-less wilderness.
[Jared] The geographic features are the highways.
Instead of a highway, you've got a river.
Instead of street names you have mountain peaks,
you have valleys, you have creeks.
This is how you get around.
(river babbles)
[Man] Everything's OK?
[Jared] Yeah.
(water splashes)
[Jared] I want to see how accurate and detailed this map that I'm creating is.
I want to get the colors of the place, rivers,
the bends, mountains, the ruggedness of the wilderness.
That's the essence of a map, is that
it inspires exploration and wonder.
(bee buzzes)
[Jared] For this map we're going to donate a portion of the sales of every map to the Leave No Trace organization,
which promotes the education and values of being a responsible camper in nature.
We can all make a difference to keep places like this
beautiful, serene and clean for future generations.
When I look at this Frank Church map, I'll remember
the river I rafted down and the piece that I saw in
the airplane, which was a magical experience.
My hope is that you get a map for an adventure that you had
and that you get a map for an adventure that you want to have.
I'm very proud of what I create.
These maps should last a lifetime,
just like memories that were formed there.
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Mapping the Wilderness

1190 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on November 7, 2018    B.Y.l translated    Evangeline reviewed
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