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- Good morning.
It is so great to be in New York.
And, I'm incredibly excited today
to introduce an all new MacBook Air,
with a Retina display, and a whole lot more.
(upbeat music)
- Now, as Tim said, the number one feature
customers have wanted in a MacBook Air
has been a Retina display.
But, we've made the display better in every way.
The familiar aluminum bezel
of the current MacBook Air is gone.
The new Air's sleek design takes the display glass
right to the edge of the enclosure,
forming borders that are 50% narrower.
It features a 13.3 inch display.
And, when it comes to resolution,
we've taken the pixels and quadrupled them.
Providing four times the resolution,
for over four million pixels.
And, even with this narrower border design,
we were still able to keep the FaceTime camera
at the top of the display.
The MacBook Air has another new feature
that customers have been asking for, and that's Touch ID.
And, to enable Touch ID, the new Air
comes with Apple's T2 security chip.
T2 also features an SSD controller,
which has automatic on the fly data encryption,
offering the most secure storage of any notebook.
The new MacBook Air has our latest generation keyboard
with keys that offer four times the stability
over the previous generation.
A modern keyboard deserves to be paired
with a modern trackpad, so we replaced
the old diving board version
with a new Force Touch trackpad.
Now, whether it's in dorm rooms,
or lounging on the sofa at home,
we know customers spend a lot of time
watching videos on their MacBook Air.
So, we wanted to make a better sound experience.
It is 25% louder, it has two times more bass,
and wide stereo sound.
So, the new MacBook Air has two Thunderbolt 3 ports.
There's an eighth generation, dual-core CPU,
along with the latest Intel integrative graphics.
And, it also supports up to 16 gigabytes of faster memory,
which is double the capacity of the previous Air.
It has the same great 12 hours of wireless web browsing,
but now has up to 13 hours of iTunes movie playback.
The new Air has an unbelievable
17% less volume than its predecessor.
It's just 15.6 millimeters,
which is 10% thinner than the previous Air.
So, the new MacBook Air is configured
with eight gigabytes of memory,
a 1.6 Core i5 processor with turbo up to 3.6,
and 128 gigs of storage.
And, we'll start at $1199, making it
the most affordable Retina Mac we've ever offered.
You can order it starting today.
And, it will be available next week.
- Now, there's another small but mighty Mac
our users have been waiting for.
- I can't wait to tell you about
the biggest update ever to the new Mac mini.
Now, I'm sure you've noticed that we've
given it an awesome space gray finish.
The number one thing our customers wanted us to do
is give it more powerful processors,
so now every Mac mini starts with four cores.
But, we didn't think that was far enough.
So, we're also giving Mac mini six cores processors as well.
And, these aren't mobile parts, no.
These are higher power, eighth generation CPU's,
with faster graphics too.
Ripping through traditional desktop apps
like Logic and Photoshop,
and workflow apps like MainStage and Compressor.
Making this by far the most powerful
Mac mini we've ever made.
So, the new Mac mini can now go up to 64 gigs of memory.
And, not only is this memory faster,
it's also an SO-DIMMs, something we know
our Mac mini customers will really appreciate.
And, every new Mac mini also has
the Apple T2 security chip, with its many new features,
including HEVC video and code
that's, get this, 30 times faster.
The new Mac mini has an entirely new thermal system,
with double the air flow while still being super quiet.
With Gigabit Ethernet, four, count 'em,
four Thunderbolt 3 ports, an HDMI port,
two USB-A ports, it can connect to almost anything.
The entry config has eight gigs of memory,
a 3.6 gigahertz quad-core processor,
and 128 gigabyte SSD.
And, it starts at just $799.
You can order it starting today.
And, it'll be available next week.
- Today we're announcing an all new iPad Pro.
It's gonna push what you can do on iPad,
or on any computer, even further.
And, here it is.
(upbeat music)
- We've always felt that the iPad
should be all about the display.
And, in this new iPad Pro, we have an LCD
that stretches from edge to edge, and top to bottom.
Now, we achieved this design
by rounding the corners of the display,
using the same Pixel Masking and anti-aliasing technology
that we introduced in the iPhone XR.
And, just like in the XR,
we call it a Liquid Retina display.
It is packed with our most advanced technologies,
like Wide Color, True Tone, ProMotion,
and, of course, support for Apple Pencil.
This is the same take anywhere size
you loved in the 10.5 inch design,
but now with an 11 inch display.
And, it has a quarter million more pixels.
And, this is the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro.
It's now almost exactly the same size
as an 8.5x11 piece of paper.
These new iPad Pros are just 5.9 millimeters thin.
In the case of the 12.9 inch,
that's nearly 15% thinner than before.
And, it now has Face ID.
But, bringing it to the iPad Pro
meant we had to optimize the cameras,
and we even had to retrain the underlying neural networks
to work specifically in all the ways that you use your iPad.
Portrait, landscape, attached to a keyboard,
and no matter how you use these new iPad Pros,
they are always right side up.
Now, with support for Face ID,
you might've noticed there's no longer a home button.
Well, no home button means that all those familiar gestures
from the iPhone X, now come to the iPad.
So, for instance, you can swipe down
from the upper right hand corner, to get to control center.
You access the dock by swiping up from the bottom.
If you continue swiping up and pause,
you get to the app switcher.
And, you can even swipe along the bottom edge
to quickly switch between your most recently used apps.
'Cause these new iPad Pros are powered
by the all new A12X Bionic.
The A12X features an 8-Core CPU,
with four performance cores, and four high efficiency cores.
And, with our latest generation performance controller,
multi-threaded workloads can now leverage
all eight of those cores simultaneously.
Single core performance is up by 35%,
compared to last year's already really fast iPad Pros.
Multi-core workloads are now up to 90% faster.
The A12X Bionic has an all new,
Apple designed, 7-Core GPU, that delivers
two times the performance of the previous generation.
On board the A12X, and coming for the first time to an iPad,
we've our latest generation of the Neural Engine.
And, just like in the A12, the Neural Engine
is capable of delivering an unbelievable
five trillion operations per second.
And, this year, we have a new fast storage controller
on the A12X, which enables up to
one terabyte in storage capacity.
And so, in these new iPad Pros, we're moving to USB-C.
This brings a whole new set
of capabilities to the iPad Pros.
Like connecting to accessories that change
how you use your iPad, cameras,
musical instruments, or even docks.
Or, connecting to high resolution,
external displays, up to 5K.
And, with USB-C you can connect to these data accessories
and displays at the same time.
We think our Pro customers are really gonna love this.
And also, for the first time on these iPad Pros,
we now support charging out over USB-C,
so you can even charge your iPhone when you're on the go.
And, with these new iPad Pros, the second generation Pencil
has been completely redesigned.
The new Apple Pencil attaches magnetically to the iPad Pro.
It automatically pairs and starts charging wirelessly.
And, this year there's a whole new way
of interacting with the Apple Pencil.
Just tap twice on it to switch modes.
In Notes you can switch between
your current tool and eraser.
And, in other apps this behavior will be customizable,
which puts even more control into our users hands.
It's amazing how much performance
we've packed into these iPads.
The 11 inch iPad Pro is offered
in these four storage options.
And, it starts at $799.
The 12.9 inch iPad Pro is offered
in these same storage options.
And, it starts at $999.
Customers can start placing orders today.
And, they're gonna be showing up next week, on the 7th.
- These are the most exciting iPads we have ever created.
This doesn't just change the way we think about iPad,
it changes the way we think about computers.
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Apple iPad Pro and MacBook Air event in 9 minutes

176 Folder Collection
Samuel published on October 31, 2018
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