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- So, today we are making pizza, but there is one rule:
we cannot make any waste.
- I'm Auri.
I make environmental content here at Buzzfeed,
and I try my best to live zero waste.
I'm a pretty basic chef.
I make a lot of plant-based meals.
I have never made a pizza,
and I'm gonna be asking you lots of questions
if that's okay. - Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
Pizza is very simple.
It's flour, water, yeast, and salt and sugar.
I think we can make little waste as possible.
- Food waste is not necessarily bad,
but for the sake of this challenge,
we're gonna try to make no waste.
If you wanna learn more
about sustainability and healthy living,
check out Goodful's YouTube channel.
I just wanna shop for myself here.
Not bad, not bad.
So, I'm thinking about making a simple veggie pizza
topped with vegan parmesan and some ginger crispies.
I think because I'm making a pizza without cheese
I really gotta hit you with some other flavors.
- I think flour is there.
I'm going to make Margherita pizza
because it's such a simple ingredient.
Simple ingredients means
I don't think I will create a lot of trash.
We need oregano.
- Oh, I found one without a sticker.
Oh, okay.
- I'm going to make pizza dough using bread flour.
It has more gluten, so it has a kind of chewy texture.
- So, oil is something that's hard to find zero waste.
So, we did end up having to purchase glass container of oil,
which we can recycle, but it's not completely zero waste.
So, instead of regular cheese,
I'm making vegan parmesan with cashews
and nutritional yeast from the bulk bins.
- Margherita pizza has mozzarella cheese.
Mozzarella cheese is very difficult to make.
- Okay, I think we should go more boiling water.
(groans) Mother of pearl.
- So, I'm gonna just buy mozzarella cheese.
If you go to cheese shop,
I have a feeling they might sell it in bulk.
We asked the shop staff.
They were a little bit hesitant.
- People aren't really used to you asking to put things
in your own container,
but as long as you're friendly and nice,
it usually works out.
And that's exactly what we did.
- We got it.
Good job, Auri.
(laughing) - Good job, Rie.
- [Both] We are back.
- And I'm so excited to make dough.
I've never made dough. - Yay.
So, first, we gonna activate yeast.
And unfortunately, there is our count of one waste.
You can already see bubble.
We are going to put salt and olive oil.
Pour the yeast mixture right in there.
- Oh, and I can really smell it.
- So, we have to knead it in order to get that nice chew.
It's really wet. - Yeah.
- So, what you are looking for is when you poke the finger,
it should be bouncing back.
- This is very satisfying.
- I feel like I got extra skin.
- Oh, that was like a jump. - Yeah.
This is gross bowl, (laughs)
so I wanna get a new bowl with olive oil
and rest it for a few hours.
We gonna just put it in a warm, comfy place for our baby.
- So cute.
Bye, yeast baby. - Go, baby.
- Oh, yeah. - Okay.
I named to dough Doughby.
- Doughby? - Yeah.
- That's cute. (laughing)
We got our dough.
- So, we are going to punch the dough, release the gas,
reshape it. - We're gonna punch it?
- Yeah, so it creates bunch of gas inside,
so you kinda wanna release the gas.
- Oh, this is so satisfying.
- And we are going to reshape it.
We release the gas.
We are making two pizza, so I'm going to cut in half.
We are going to reshape the dough.
Kind of close the seam.
We just want to make really cute...
- Wow, yours is so nice. (laughing)
- Our dough boys. - Yay.
- [Rie] So, we gonna just rest it.
- [Auri] Do we get to take a nap now?
- One hour nap. - Okay.
- I made pizza before,
but I've never made pizza sauce with fresh tomato.
- Most recipes for pizza sauce call for
a can of tomato sauce,
and so, we're trying to just take the tomatoes
and make our own sauce.
And I'm hoping that it'll taste good,
but I'm a little worried.
All washed.
We did it.
- We are cutting tomato half.
We are going to coat with olive oil and put salt and pepper.
- What do you think we can do to have that rich,
tomato paste flavor?
- If we roast it low and slow,
it will develop kind of a concentrated flavors I'm hoping.
- Salt bae over here.
- Do you wanna do it?
Do you wanna salt bae? - No.
- So, now we are going to roast the tomatoes.
Now, we gonna make your cheese.
I'm gonna see how you make it
'cause I've never made vegan cheese before.
- So, I'm gonna be using nooch,
whish is a deactivated yeast from molasses,
and it's really high in B vitamins.
It has a really deep, cheesy flavor.
And cashews, garlic powder, and salt to make our parmesan.
Guess we'll try it.
- Oh, wow.
It's good.
It's almost tastes like cheese.
- These are my toppings.
- And this is my ingredient.
- Oh, cheese. - Just one.
- I'm gonna be sauteing all these vegetables.
(elevator music)
- I'm done.
- Oh, wow. (laughing)
- Can I help you?
- If you want, yeah.
Food waste I don't worry as much about
because it's an organic matter and it decomposes over time,
whereas plastic can take up to 450 years to break down.
So, I really try to avoid plastic
because that really stays in our environment.
And also, only 9% of plastic actually gets recycled,
and now I'm crying 'cause I'm cutting onions.
- You are. - So, like, really,
try not to make plastic, guys.
- I'm going to make tomato sauce
and we are going to make the topping.
I sauteed the onion, and this is roasted tomato.
We roasted at 300 for one hour.
It's gonna be our pizza sauce.
I hope it's enough for both of us.
- I hope so too.
We'll have to divvy it up.
- Right, I hope it works.
It's still missing a little bit that deep flavor,
but it has kind of sweet and fresh flavor I like.
So, we can do it.
We don't need a canned tomato.
- [Auri] Woo!
- Now, we're gonna shape the dough.
So, put some flour on the surface and then take the dough.
- Oh, it feels even more different than before.
It's more fragile or something, it's cool.
- So, you're gonna push and kinda shape like a pizza shape.
So, I'm kinda doing ripple.
My pizza has a little bit thicker crust on the outside,
so I'm stretching center part more than the outer side.
Make it fancy.
Let's put the topping.
- Yay, let's dress these pizzas.
Looks like pizza sauce.
I'm pretty proud of us.
- I'm going to put mozzarella cheese.
- Okay, I'm gonna put on my toppings.
I have quite a lot of toppings,
so we'll see if it breaks apart in the oven.
- [Rie] Oh, nice.
You can just drop it.
(yelling) (laughing)
- [Auri] Okay.
Okay, that's not so bad.
- Now, we gonna put it in the oven.
I'm heating baking sheet upside down,
so creating really hot surface.
It's kinda like searing steak.
- Oh, it looks so good.
- Our beautiful baby's out of the oven.
Can I say that?
Pizza is out from the oven.
I'm going to garnish with fresh basil.
You wanna put basil after pizza is baked
because you kinda want to have a nice, fresh basil flavor.
The finishing touch.
We did it! - Yay.
- [Rie] Our pizza looks beautiful.
In my pizza, it's just very simple straightforward pizza,
but this is how I like it.
- So, at the beginning,
I was really nervous about making pizza from scratch
'cause I haven't done that before,
but it was just to fun to make with Rie,
and she's so knowledgeable.
I think the pizzas turned out really great.
So, I'm really impressed
with the amount of waste that we created.
Zero waste just means trying to send
as little as possible to landfill.
It doesn't meat trying to be perfect
and not making any trash because that's impossible.
I'm excited to try.
I have no idea what this tastes like.
- Well, let's eat. - Yes!
- So, let's bring our friends over and have them taste it.
I made classic Margherita.
- We're all just watching you.
(all talking)
- I love a good fluffy crust.
- [All] Mm!
- Like it? - I love it.
- Yay! - It's so fresh.
The tomato's really fresh.
- Very good pizza. - True.
- [Blonde Woman] Very good.
Great job.
Great job, guys, well done.
- [Woman] Pizza!
- [Blonde Woman] Pizza.
So, no pizza box, I guess.
(upbeat music)
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We Tried To Make Pizzas With Zero Waste

496 Folder Collection
Samuel published on October 26, 2018
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