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  • Grace: Hey everybody, it's Grace and I'm getting ready to do my ab workout. This thing that

  • I was demonstrating before is not going to be of any help to me, so I'm going to show

  • you what I'm going to do with my myosource bands. I'm going to buckle up first, of course,

  • click. Put them in place. I'm going to put my feet this far apart and put my head down,

  • brace my hands on the mat and just lift my hips. What this is doing is... the bands are

  • really engaging my core muscles. This movement even without the bands is a pretty good workout,

  • but with the bands tightens all these muscles all through here. It's a great, great workout

  • for your stomach, if you want that flat tummy. I'm going to do another similar workout with

  • my feet together this time, but my knees are going to be just placed a little bit apart.

  • This I feel more through my butt and my [laughter] legs, my back legs through here. I can also

  • feel it al through here, definitely in my lower abs, engaging the...

  • Before I found the myosource bands I was a crunchoholic. I did crunches everyday and

  • it was really starting to hurt my back, my backbone. Crunches were working against me,

  • not for me. I wasn't seeing any results and I was doing hundred and hundreds, and I guess,

  • I was just doing them wrong or they don't work. I'm going to do another workout with

  • the bands that really engages your core muscles. What I do is just cross this leg over here

  • and lift. Instead of fighting against your back, your back is actually supporting you.

  • It feels... you really do feel that it's working your core through your abs. We're going to

  • do a switch, make sure it's balanced, really engages your stomach muscles. That's a really

  • simple, easy way to target your core and not kill your back.

  • What I'm about to do is a variation of the butt lift. You just raise one of your legs

  • up like this and than do this, engages your stomach, your legs [laughter] it's hard. This

  • one, I like to call the screwdriver because it looks kind of like the... when you're in

  • this formation right here the screwdriver that you jump into the pool. This leg up here

  • makes it easier on your back. I sometimes have lower back pain and this is a way to

  • do it that makes it a little bit easier. It engages your core, you feel it through your

  • leg, it's a really good workout. This one is pretty easy, just cross your leg

  • over like this. Put your head up like this and just push your leg down. This engages

  • your abs, it's just a good way to target your lower and your outer abs.

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Grace: Hey everybody, it's Grace and I'm getting ready to do my ab workout. This thing that

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