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Grace: Hey everybody, it's Grace and I'm getting ready to do my ab workout. This thing that
I was demonstrating before is not going to be of any help to me, so I'm going to show
you what I'm going to do with my myosource bands. I'm going to buckle up first, of course,
click. Put them in place. I'm going to put my feet this far apart and put my head down,
brace my hands on the mat and just lift my hips. What this is doing is... the bands are
really engaging my core muscles. This movement even without the bands is a pretty good workout,
but with the bands tightens all these muscles all through here. It's a great, great workout
for your stomach, if you want that flat tummy. I'm going to do another similar workout with
my feet together this time, but my knees are going to be just placed a little bit apart.
This I feel more through my butt and my [laughter] legs, my back legs through here. I can also
feel it al through here, definitely in my lower abs, engaging the...
Before I found the myosource bands I was a crunchoholic. I did crunches everyday and
it was really starting to hurt my back, my backbone. Crunches were working against me,
not for me. I wasn't seeing any results and I was doing hundred and hundreds, and I guess,
I was just doing them wrong or they don't work. I'm going to do another workout with
the bands that really engages your core muscles. What I do is just cross this leg over here
and lift. Instead of fighting against your back, your back is actually supporting you.
It feels... you really do feel that it's working your core through your abs. We're going to
do a switch, make sure it's balanced, really engages your stomach muscles. That's a really
simple, easy way to target your core and not kill your back.
What I'm about to do is a variation of the butt lift. You just raise one of your legs
up like this and than do this, engages your stomach, your legs [laughter] it's hard. This
one, I like to call the screwdriver because it looks kind of like the... when you're in
this formation right here the screwdriver that you jump into the pool. This leg up here
makes it easier on your back. I sometimes have lower back pain and this is a way to
do it that makes it a little bit easier. It engages your core, you feel it through your
leg, it's a really good workout. This one is pretty easy, just cross your leg
over like this. Put your head up like this and just push your leg down. This engages
your abs, it's just a good way to target your lower and your outer abs.
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Fitness - abs workout for women | Sexy - Flat tummy workout with resistance bands

1090 Folder Collection
sheng-de published on October 7, 2013
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