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Hello, I'm Crown!
Today I'm teaching you
how to choose English books suitable for you!
As many of you know,
I love to read English books
So today, I want to talk to you
about my experiences
reading English since I was little
I want to particularly focus on
choosing the right English books for your level
When I first started reading English books
I was attending an American elementary school in Taiwan
I remember at that time
We would always go to the library on the ninth floor to borrow English books every week
I remember
that the library had
a lot of English books for beginners
such as The Magic Tree House
and A Series of Unfortunate Events
I loved all these books
In elementary school
I was a beginner in English
So I had to spend a long time reading a single book
So I think what's important is that
you must choose a book that you are interested in
If you're interested in this book
Even if it takes a long time to read
And you don't understand a lot of the words
Because you are drawn to the plot
You will have the motivation to continue reading
So since I went to the library every week
Over the years
as I continued reading
I started to read longer and harder English books
Here, let me share with you
a turning point in my experience
reading and collecting English novels
I remember when I was probably in middle school
My brother
He gave me a thick book one day
It's this book
This book is Twilight
I'm sure everyone is very familiar with this book
He put this book in the chair in front of me
And said
Your goal this summer is to read this!
When I first saw this book
I was dumbfounded
Think about it
A middle schooler
should be having fun during summer vacation
My brother dared to put this book in front of me
And assigned me summer reading
While I was very reluctant at the time
After I started reading
That summer
I was completely immersed in this book
After I finished the first book of the Twilight series
I then finished the following
books in the series
That is one of the reasons how
I started obsessively collecting novels
Due to this experience
The books I later read
all belonged to similar genres
Like science fiction, magic
teenagers, romance
I'm not sure if you know
The first video I made
on this channel
was introducing five of my
favorite science fiction novels
If you're curious
My first time on camera
How was it exactly?
You can watch this video
Before I talk about how to choose books
I want to share with everyone
a special quirk of mine
I love to collect
books with beautiful covers
Even if the book itself
is really bad
It's not very enjoyable
(Really terrible)
I might still buy it for its cover
(Choose an example)
(A terrible book with a beautiful cover)
(There should be some in the background right)
Right now?
(Yes, now)
Like this book
The cover is gorgeous
But the content is...
So how does one choose books?
When you're first choosing books
You can skim a page or two of the books
You can go to a bookstore
Skim the English books or novels
As you're skimming them
Check how much of it
You understand
If you find that
you can understand
around 70 to 80 percent of it
Then that book suits your level
But if you accidentally chose a book
and open it
and you don't understand it at all
What should you do?
You can do two things:
The first
You can quietly put it back on the bookshelf
The second
You can just buy it
When you reach the right level
You can then read this book
(And so, that book will just)
(stay on the bookshelf)
If you
don't habitually read English
Or you lack confidence in reading English
I recommend that you select
Books with pictures in them
Choose shorter books to read
Books with sketches in them
can help you understand
the contents of the book better
Because as you look at the sketches
You can sometimes guess the meaning
To confirm your reading comprehension
This guessing habit
may help you remember new words better
This year
we're working with Caves Books
They've recommended
this books series called ELI
First off
The covers are pretty
They suit me
On the back of the books
They've included a level chart
Elementary level
has about 600 words
Intermediate level has 1000 words
Anything advanced or above
has over 2500 words
So looking at this chart
You can probably figure out
whether you should choose to read this book
This book probably suits
Those who are just getting started with reading English
The words are simpler
The grammar isn't too complicated
For example, "The giant looks at his garden"
I also think that one thing
special about Eli's books
is that they all have practice questions in the back
For example, here
It asks you
to match the pictures with the seasons
It also asks you
About some easy grammar points
These types of questions
are written in a fun and easy way
yet you can still practice your English
let's talk about books suited to more advanced readers
When you open this book
There's something different
There are still pictures
But did you notice?
There are a lot more words here?
Judging by the number of words this book has
This book is basically
a standard English novel
Another cool thing
See this little button?
They mean that
You can pair it with the CD
And listen to the story
The good thing about listening
is that you can understand
certain words' correct pronunciation
and the sentences' inflections
When someone is reading the book
You might find it to be more interesting
Here, let me read it for you.
Something that I personally like
Is that at the back of the book
it includes some extra information
Like here it talks about
it talks about
Wilkie Collins' life
Background information about the story
So today
I want to recommend the ELI book series
I hope everyone can
Use the chart on the back
To choose the right books for you
Caves Books also gave us
10 ELI books
to giveaway to our subscribers!
If you're interested
And want to get these books
Remember to go on our Facebook page
to enter the giveaway
I hope today's video
helps you
with your reading habits
and your love for reading
(Your hair is strange)
(Your hair is strange)
(An elephant)
Remember to come back to watch our videos
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How to choose English books suitable for you!

13710 Folder Collection
Emily published on October 22, 2018
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