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- Seaweed yay!
Why are you gonna eat that?
That's the dry part I was gonna eat that!
(upbeat music)
- Hi!
- It's me Crystal Anne!
- [Interviewer] Who here likes noodles?
(gasps) Yeah
- [Interviewer] What kind of noodles have you eaten?
- Spaghetti with ketchup.
- [Interviewer] Today, you guys, we're gonna give you
four noodle dishes from four different countries.
- Ooh!
(upbeat music)
- Huh? These clear things right here, are these noodles?
- [Interviewer] Have you ever seen noodles like that before?
- No.
- These noodles are translucent.
- Mmm!
- Ooh it's yummy!
- [Interviewer] What do you guys think they're made out of?
- Noodles!
- [Interviewer] Sweet potato starch.
- What? - Potatoes!
Yay best vegetable ever!
- This is made from potatoes?
- Come here you wanna try?
- [Interviewer] What do you think, Theo?
- Chicken nuggets?
- Noodles (laughing)
- I just don't understand this kid.
- It's a lasso.
If this was maybe like ten times bigger,
I'd tie you up and throw you out the window.
- [Interviewer] What?
(upbeat music)
- What, this does not look like noodles.
- [Interviewer] What?
- This smells like pizza.
- [Interviewer] Do you know what this dish is called?
- No of course not.
- This looks like lasagna!
- (gasps) oh my gosh, I'm pretty sure it is.
- This is like Garfield.
Yum yum yum yum.
- It's really good!
- You're gonna like this.
This is like spaghetti and meatballs.
- [Interviewer] This is a dish called lasagna.
- But my mom..
never makes it this good.
- [Interviewer] Do you know what country lasagna is from?
- In my mind I wanna say Australia.
- [Interviewer] Mario and Luigi are from this country.
- The Mushroom Kingdom?
- [Interviewer] Mario and Luigi are Italian plumbers.
- What?
- [Interviewer] Lasagna noodles are some of
the oldest pastas in the world.
- I thought lasagna was kinda new.
- Logan you realize how old Garfield is.
(upbeat music)
- I don't think I'm gonna like--
oh I might!
- Don't know what these balls are.
- They look like disgusting peas!
- I'm gonna try it.
Mmm yummy!
- Huh that's kinda good.
- Yum sour cream!
- [Interviewer] And the noodles are in there somewhere.
- Oh I see it.
- C'mon Theo, you are gonna like these noodles.
Om nom nom!
He likes it!
- Logan!
(upbeat music)
- I see egg, I love egg.
- Seaweed yay!
Why are you gonna eat that?
That's the dry part I was gonna eat that.
- Ooh is this pork belly?
- [Interviewer] Oh yeah!
- Yeah!
- [Interviewer] Oh, we got you some more seaweed.
- Yay, I eat this one.
- And I eat this one. - Hey split that one.
- [Interviewer] This is called ramen.
- Ramen?
- [Interviewer] Yes.
Wait are these ramen noodles?
- [Interviewer] What ramen are you thinking of?
- The ones in packs that are sold at the grocery store.
- [Interviewer] This is the real ramen.
Guess where ramen comes from?
- Where?
- [Interviewer] You're learning the language.
(gasps) Japan?
- [Interviewer] Yes.
- This is very Oishii.
- Oh those is Naruto.
- This is my favorite dish of today.
- [Interviewer] When you eat the noodles,
slurp them as loud as you can.
- Known as polite.
- [Interviewer] That's right!
- [Interviewer] Perfect form!
Is it polite to slurp your noodles normally?
- Well not to my mom.
- Thank you for watching Kids Try
Noodles from Around the World!
- What's your favorite kind of noodle?
- Chicken nuggets.
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Kids Try Noodles from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

1466 Folder Collection
Samuel published on October 18, 2018
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