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  • Can i have everyone's attention please?

  • Okay, ya know your kid won a goldfish in that little baggy from school fair

  • and you didn't want that

  • little nasty thing in your house and flush it down a toilet.

  • Well, this what happens.

  • Alright, I am getting too old for this.

  • I can't even imagine how you feel.

  • I promised you the secrets of the universe nothing more.

  • So there's a secrets out there, what even universe don't know about?

  • K!

  • There is no K.

  • He has been dead for over 40 years.

  • What?!

  • Somehow history have been re-written.

  • There has to be reason, why is this happening.

  • And K seems to be center of it.

  • Can you send me back to 1969?

  • First, we have to get high.

  • My man, for real?

  • No, i mean really high.

  • All you gonna do is jump.

  • You've got 24 hours, after that is no coming back.

  • K?

  • How you know my name?

  • I'm agent of MIB, but I'm from the future.

  • We are partners.

  • Okay, Future Man. Where to?

  • First of all, i need my gun.

  • No, no, no, spacegun.

  • Is there everyone, who's not a alien?

  • Can we have a minute?

  • Dammit K. You try to blow my cover?

  • Whoa, Andy Warhol is one of us?

  • Who's the dumbass?

  • You know, i've no problem pimp slap shiznit out of Andy Warhol.

  • What?

  • Have you these in a future?

  • That's what i'm talking about.

  • We are running out of time, we are running out of clues

  • and there's a invasion coming.

  • Really, we need to go, right now.

  • O'right.

  • Men in Black 3

  • Hey man, how old are you?

  • 29.

  • You have a city miles on you.

Can i have everyone's attention please?

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MEN IN BLACK 3 - Official Trailer [HD] Subs [Eng]

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