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Hi! Bob the Canadian here. Let's learn English….
Well that's not very nice!
Let's learn English at the shopping mall. Hey welcome to this video. If this is your
first time here don't forget to click the subscribe button below. And if you don't
mind at some point during this video give me a thumbs up. Let's head into the mall.
So one of the first things I like to look for when I walk into the entrance of a mall
is the map and the list of stores. If you look down here it will list all of the stores
that are in the mall, and you can find the particular store that you're looking for
with it's number. So for instance if I wanted to go to Shoppers Drug Mart. It's store
number 8. I can then look at the map and find store number 8. There should also be a “You
Are Here.” type of thing. Why can't I find it? Oh it's over here. It's a little
hard for me sometimes to think quickly. But, “You are Here” so I know that I came in
this entranceway and I'm standing right here right now.
So I should say though that often I'll just refer to the shopping mall as a mall. In English
we often have short forms for different words. We don't often actually say the word, “shopping
mall”. We usually just say mall. I'm going to the mall. I'm going to get some things
at the mall.
And there's a couple different kinds of stores at the mall. If you look behind me
there's a traditional type of store, but if you look right here there's something
that we would call a “kiosk”. This particular kiosk looks like it sells cell phones.
Probably the store that you'll find the most often at the mall is a clothing store.
I think in this mall almost probably ¾ of the stores are actually clothing stores.
Other types of stores are things like, behind me over here there's a card store, and over
here there is a game store, a video game store, and if you look way, oh, there's another
clothing store, and if you look way down there, there's a cell phone store. So those are
some of the typical types of stores that you'll find at a mall.
This is where my kids always wanna stop when we're at the mall. But I always say no.
Am I a mean dad? And they always wanna stop here too and I say no again.
So behind me here you'll see a shoe store. There's usually two or three shoe stores
in a mall. I don't buy shoes very often so it's not a store that I go into a lot.
But let's walk for a bit and I'll show you what my favourite store is.
So behind me is my favourite store, which a bookstore. I love to read books. I think
maybe we should go inside and see if they have a good book to help people learn English.
I don't know if they do, but I'm just gonna walk in and ask them, so let's go.
Just gonna walk to the back and see if there's a book section for learning English. If not
I'll have to ask someone to help me. Don't really see anything like that. Nope. I don't
see any books to help learn English.
Do you have any books to help people learn English and what section would they be in?
These three books here are the books that they have to help you learn English. There's
only one book that I think I would recommend is the DK series of books for learning English
is really good. I think I might actually go and buy this one just to kind of check it
Pretty much every mall will have a food court with a seating area, and a food court if I
just give you a bit of a spin will have all kinds of different restaurants. They're
usually fast food restaurants where you can get food quickly, but they're usually located
somewhere in the centre of the mall and we call it a food court.
So behind me is my second favorite kind of store. This is an electronics store and you
can buy televisions. You can buy cameras. You can buy radios. You can buy all the stuff
you'd like that's electronic. I really really like that store.
So the other thing that's very common to find in a mall is a hair salon. So behind
me there's a hair salon. It's a place where you can go to get your haircut, to get
your hair done. And I don't go to this particular hair salon, I go to a smaller one that costs
less money, but yeah, behind me at the mall you can get your haircut while you're doing
some shopping.
Some malls in Canada at least actually have movie theatres right in the mall. So sometimes
my wife and I will come and do some shopping and when we're done shopping we'll go
and we'll see a move while we're at the mall. Not every mall in Canada has a movie
theatre but some malls have movie theatres built right in where you can go and see a
It's almost Halloween in Canada which is at the end of October and that's why they
have all costumes out here. On Halloween kids dress up and they go to the neighbours houses
and they say, “Trick or Treat!” to get candy and chocolate. So that's why today
at the mall you'll see a lot of stores selling different types of costumes.
So this store behind me sells shoes and other athletic gear. If you needed shoes for soccer
or volleyball or a new pair of shorts I'm not sure what sport you play, this would be
the store you would come to. This is actually the store where I bought my shoes that I'm
wearing right now.
So a lot of times a mall will have a jewelry store where you can buy rings, necklaces,
and bracelets. I'm kind of lucky because Jen the Canadian, my wife, doesn't actually
wear a lot of jewelry so I don't spend a lot of money at the jewelry store.
What's kind of cool about this mall is it actually has a library, a public library built
in. And next week's video I'm actually gonna do a “Learn English Video” at the
library. Not this library, but if you notice because we live in Canada we have Bibliothèque
Publique and then down here you'll see that it says, “Public Library” because Canada
is a bilingual country. So we sometimes at a mall will have a public library where you
can go and sign out a book.
When you're at the mall a lot of times you need some money and even though you can pay
in most stores with a credit card or a debit card usually most malls will have one or two
banks that have bank machines where you can go to take out some money. In English we call
it money or cash. So you can usually find a bank machine where you can take out some
money and then you can use that money to make your purchases at the mall.
Well I'm home now, my wallet's empty. That's what happens when I go to the shopping
mall, or to the mall. I hope you enjoyed this video. Give me a thumbs up if this video was
helpful for you. Subscribe if you haven't subscribed yet and please do share this video.
I'm pretty sure next week we're going to the library, but we'll have to wait and
see because I might do a video where we go to the forest because in Canada all of the
leaves are starting to turn colour, all of the leaves on the trees. Anyways, thanks for
watching, have a good week.
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Let's Learn English at the Shopping Mall | English Video with Subtitles

941 Folder Collection
蔡天羽 published on October 16, 2018
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