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- How can you hate
assigned seating at the movie theater?
- Because sometimes one of the rows is full of teens
and, I don't know just looking at the screen.
- But you can see where the groups are
when you look at the screen.
- Right, and sometimes I have to sit next to a group anyway.
I don't like assigned seating in a movie theater.
- But why not?
You have to like this!
It's driving me crazy!
- I like what I like.
- Okay.
I think, we can all agree this conversation sucks.
- But listen, Rega,
isn't it how wrong is? - Okay.
Who wants ice cream?
- Nah, I'm not really that into ice cream.
- What?
- Oh, I'm just not that into ice cream.
(short laugh)
- Wait, so,
so like,
like you don't like ice cream
because you like frozen yogurt better?
- No, I kinda hate all of it.
- Explain yourself.
- Well, I guess ice cream is just too sweet for me.
- How many kinds have you had?
- I don't know, a few?
(chair squeaks)
- Oh, yeah, a few flavors,
okay, that makes sense.
Except it doesn't!
Okay, Rav?
Ice cream is amazing!
You can't possibly dislike
every flavor of ice cream, okay?
Vanilla? - Nah.
- Chocolate? - No.
- Green tea?
- Ooh, what's in that?
- Green tea.
- Pass.
- You are insane!
- Why?
Look, you like what you like,
I like what I like.
No biggie.
- It is a biggie, okay?
Because we are best friends.
- No.
- Some would even say twin detectives?
- No one has said that.
- So if you don't like what I like,
what are we even gonna talk about?
- Not ice cream?
It seems pretty easy to find something else.
- Bite your tongue!
He's a witch,
he's a witch!
We have a witch in town!
- Hey, hey, hey! No, no, no,
no, no! - We have a witch
on on hands!
- Okay, Right!
- Witch!
- Most people do enjoy getting ice cream
so, you would think it'd be a safe bet
as a thing to bond over
and I'm not giving you that.
But I swear to God,
we can do literally anything else.
(chair squeaks)
- Okay.
(chair squeaks)
Wanna get a coffee?
- Oh no, I don't drink caffeine.
- You are driving me insane!
(loud crashing)
Just like the same things as me!
- Why?
- Because, it makes things easier
for me personally.
- Just because we don't like the same thing
does not make me a worse friend
or even mean that we have nothing in common.
We both like Frasier.
- True.
- And ramen, and dogs, and shitting on Trap.
- What?
- And, museums and bowling.
- And, cooking and traveling.
- And, hiking and zoos.
- And, farting and dancing!
- And, books and TV and movies!
- Well, (laughs) I don't really like movies that much.
- What?
- I don't know, I'm more of a TV person.
- That doesn't mean that you have to not like movies!
- Rav, come on.
I like what I like, you like what you like.
It's just like you said.
- No!
That was some bullshit that I was saying
when we were talking about your dumb ass shit.
You don't like all movies?
- I dunno.
- Scorsese?
- Eh.
- DuVernay?
- She seems super cool.
- Kubrick?
- More like who brick.
- Spike Lee.
- It's like an adverb?
- Spielberg!
- Who is she?
- Witch!
She's a witch!
She's a witch!
- Yikes town!
Okay, who wants to get ice cream?
- I can't, I gotta leave early,
I'm going to a movie
and I wanna go get seats.
- Grant!
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Stop Hating My Favorite Things

348 Folder Collection
Samuel published on October 15, 2018
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