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  • We all know cat videos rule the Internet,

  • but have you ever wondered why?

  • In America, more households have dogs than cats,

  • but online, we're all feline fanatics.

  • It's because cats' lack of visible emotion

  • allows us to see what we want,

  • so we can project all of our feelings onto them,

  • like confusion or hunger

  • or grumpiness at our annoying co-worker John,

  • who keeps stealing our pens and then not returning them,

  • as though I don't need pens.

  • I mean, I do need to write. I am a writer.

  • We have to write scripts. I must have pens!

  • [ Breathes deeply ]

  • Cats aren't the only animals who hold humans hostage with their mysterious mugs.

  • For example, in Uganda, chickens go viral.

  • To members of Ugandan farming communities,

  • the familiarity of chickens and goats

  • makes them more relatable and intriguing than cats.

  • So, while we're passing around our cat videos,

  • they're busy laughing at chickens in sneakers.

  • And I mean, they got a point.

  • Look at that dumb chicken.

  • Chickens don't need shoes.

  • What? Is that chicken gonna go play basketball?

  • You can't dribble without hands, chicken!

  • Oh, man, Ugandans are right --

  • that chicken's hilarious.

We all know cat videos rule the Internet,

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