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(spooky music)
(ominous laughter)
Happy Shocktober, y'all! You can't really tell
from the bare whiteness surrounding me,
but I'm getting ready to host
a super spooky party!
It should be a real Halloween blast!
[Pear] Yeah, it better not be that kind of
blast, dude.
[Orange] Why, Pear, I have no idea
what you're talking about!
But before I can throw my party,
I need to decorate.
[Pear] That's why today, Orange and I
are showing you how to decorate for Halloween.
[Orange] As we all know, Halloween
is all about being scary, so Step 1 is
to come up with the scariest ideas you can.
[Pear] That's right, like vampires.
[Orange] Hippos!
[Pear] Mummies!
[Orange] Hippos on tricycles!
[Pear] Spiders!
[Orange] Hippos with eight legs who weave webs
with their butts!
[Pear] Okay, Orange, what the heck are you
talking about? Eight legs? Webs
coming out of butts?
- [Orange] What? You said spiders.
[Pear] Well yeah, but nobody decorates
for Halloween using hippos.
- [Orange] They don't? Oh man, they should!
Nothin's scarier than a hippo's butt web
coming straight atcha!
(fart noise)
(Orange groans)
[Pear] Okay, a butt web, that's really what you
think is scary?
[Orange] (groans)
Say butt webs again!
(fart noise)
I got chills just hearing you say it!
[Pear] (groans) Moving on!
[Orange] Okay, okay. Step 2: Once you've
decided on your super scary decorations,
it's time to make them.
[Pear] And for that, you're gonna need
crafting supplies.
- [Orange] Definitely. For vampires,
go to the craft store and buy a vampire.
(Vampire groans)
[Orange] For mummies, use a summoning chant,
and one will arrive on your doorstep
by the next full moon!
(Mummy groans)
[Orange] For spiders, go into the woods
and find a rusty, old shack.
- [Pear] Hold on, we're talking about decorations
dude, not the real things.
[Orange] (laughs)
But authenticity makes for better decor,
does it not?
(laughs ominously)
[Pear] Okay, you're telling me you're gonna
invite a real vampire and mummy into your home?
And you're gonna hang real spiders on the wall?
[Orange] Why not? I don't even have to hang
them up, they're already there!
(laughs ominously)
(spooky noises)
[Pear] (groans) Orange, your party decorations
sound like a complete nightmare!
[Orange] Thank you. That was the goal!
(laughs ominously)
[Pear] (groans)
I guess I should just be thankful you
didn't decorate the party with TNT.
[Orange] Oh! Thanks for reminding me, I
totally forgot to do a TNT summoning chant.
[Pear] A what?
Pear] Wait, wait, don't do that!
[Orange] Too late, just did.
[Pear] (gasps) Okay, well it doesn't seem
like it worked.
[Orange] Ah well, hopefully my party'll
still be bangin'!
(laughs maniacally)
(doorbell chimes)
[Orange] Oh! The guests must be starting
to arrive!
[Mummy] (groans)
[Orange] Mummy! So glad you could come to my party.
[Pear] Oh, wait, wait, wait. If you summoned
a real mummy, then that means --
[Orange] You brought a gift? Aw, Mummy, that's so
(laughs evilly)
[Pear] No!
(spooky music)
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HOW2: How to Decorate for Halloween #Shocktober

128 Folder Collection
Cathy ♥ published on October 14, 2018    餓犬 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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