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  • Hey there!

  • Thank you so much for visiting Go Natural English on YouTube.

  • I'm Gabby Wallace, your American English teacher and Number One fluency coach.

  • I'm here on YouTube to help you become fluent in English because years ago, I was a classroom

  • English teacher and I got really frustrated because I wanted to help my English learners

  • to become fluent but to be honest, the classroom and the textbook -- traditional learning methods

  • and old-fashioned dialogues did not allow me to help my students.

  • And that's why I created go Natural English because I want you to be able to speak naturally,

  • not like a boring, stiff-sounding, old-fashioned person.

  • You're cool and awesome and savvy and a modern professional so why not sound like one.

  • That's where Go Natural English comes in -- to help you improve your fluency, especially

  • your speaking and listening skills so that you can use English as a tool to achieve anything

  • you want in life, to make connections with people, and have them accept you as an insider.

  • So, what I want you to do today, if that sounds good to you, if you are ready to get fluent

  • in English then subscribe to Go Natural English on YouTube.

  • Subscribe to watch English tips three times a week.

  • I bring you the best English advice for fluency, for improving your listening skills and your

  • speaking skills.

  • Now, if you have time to do one other quick thing today -- I have a little free gift I'd

  • like to give you if you come over to, my website, I have a short free eBook -- Fifteen

  • Fixes for Fluency to improve your English fluency and to really understand the little

  • things that can help you to become a more fluent English speaker.

  • So, I hope to see you over there.

  • Bye for now!

Hey there!

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