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-Do people recognize you now, after "Mr. Robot," everywhere?
-Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, I was on the subway the other day,
and someone stopped me --
Well, they stopped my friend and they go, "You know,
he looks a lot like that guy,
that actor from ´Mr. Robot,´ Rami Malek."
And she was about to start.
And I said, "That guy?"
And she´s like, "Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, you look a lot like him. You don´t get that?"
And I said, "No, I don´t.
That guy? He´s just -- He´s not me.
He´s not my type, he´s arrogant, he´s got an attitude problem.
I think he´s kind of a dick. I´ve met him once.
Not a nice guy." [ Laughter ]
-You met him once. -Yeah. Yeah.
And she kept going on.
She´s like, "No, no, no, I think he´s really sweet."
And I´m like, "No, trust me. This guy has an attitude issue."
And then I just -- It´s the first time
you get a candid kind of response from someone.
You don´t have that experience. -Well, it´s kind of fun.
Yeah. -Right?
-But then she said she loved you.
-Yeah. She said she loved me,
and then once I found out more,
I convinced her to just stay on the subway a little bit longer
and go past her stop and just keep complimenting me.
[ Laughter ]
Then I showed her my ID by the end of it,
because I go, "You know what? It is me."
-"It is me," yeah. -And she looks
and she just stares at it, and she goes,
"What are you doing riding the subway?"
[ Laughter ]
-Oh, I take the subway.
-Yeah, like, I´m gonna take the subway
for the rest of my life. -Exactly.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
You have a story about almost getting fired.
The lasagna story.
-Oh, yes. -I like this story.
I think it has a good -- I think it has a good point.
-Well, they were asking me about summer jobs I had,
and I remember when i was 16, I was doing a catering thing.
I had to carry about seven lasagnas
up to a doctor´s conference room
because someone was trying to sell them pharmaceuticals,
a pharmaceutical rep.
And I got up there
with these eight scalding-hot lasagnas.
And it´s like that cartoon character
where they´re all teetering on top.
And I finally get to the conference table,
and one of them slightly starts to go.
I´m trying to hold on, and it splatters
all over the doctor´s office conference room.
-Ooh. -And so I´m horrified.
I´m, like, 16. You know, my first job.
The world feels like it´s gonna end.
And this pharmaceutical rep
who´s, you know, a little bit older in her age
just kind of looks at me sternly,
and I think it´s over.
And she just looks at me
and she hands me a spatula and she goes,
"Scoop it up. Put it right back in there.
They´ll never know." [ Laughter ]
And...she goes, "It´s a doctor´s office.
We´re in a hospital. Everything is sanitized anyway."
And I looked up at her, and I was like,
"Is she being serious right now?
Is she for real?"
But then we both scooped it up together,
and it was like this life-affirming moment of,
"Everything´s gonna be all right.
[ Laughter ] -Exactly.
Don´t cry over spilled lasagna. -Yeah, exactly.
-Exactly, yeah.
Everything´s gonna be okay. -Yeah.
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Rami Malek Served Doctors Lasagna off a Hospital Floor

46 Folder Collection
zaphiel published on October 12, 2018
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