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Now I'd like to share some of my favorite
#MyTeacherIsWeird stories from you guys. Here we go.
This first one is from @ngblaze44.
My friend and I skipped school one day to go see Pedro Martinez pitch for the Red Sox at Fenway Park.
Our gym teacher was sitting in the same section.
He saw us and said, "Hey boys, I'm home sick." We replied, "So are we."
That's not weird. That's great.
"We got a deal."
Yeah, that's a cool teacher.
This one is from @marcussilva73.
"Thriller" came out when I was in third grade.
My teacher learned to moonwalk and if you have a question, he'd moonwalk across the room to your desk.
A little weird.
This one's from @Matt-Iorio.
A former teacher of mine once answered the phone in the middle of class,
had a conversation in Russian, and then rushed out of the classroom. He never came back.
Wait. What?
(Russian accent) "I have the documents.
Meet me in the cafeteria."
(Russian accent) "Your cover is blown."
This one is from @jmar-dagenius.
My English teacher had a prosthetic leg and when kids fell asleep in class,
he'd take it off and slam it on their desk to wake them up.
What the...?
Come on, shake a leg!
Went out on a limb here.
Come on.
This one's from @Dougeben090900.
Dougie Ben.
In college, our math professor leaned on the ledge of an open, first-floor window while lecturing,
and accidentally fell out the window mid-sentence.
He reappeared through the classroom door minutes later and kept lecturing as though it hadn't even happened.
"As I was saying, uh, neon gas is a..."
This one's from @AnpanVero.
I had a professor whose ex-wife had the same last name as me.
Whenever he took attendance he'd say my name and then say "The demon's last name" and hiss at me.
What? You can't. You can't do that.
That's not cool. The demon's last name.
The demon's last name.
I wonder why they got a divorce.
This last one is from @-lola-bee.
One time I had a Mars bar sitting on my desk.
My high school math teacher grabbed it, threw it on the floor, stood on it, and yelled, 'Look, a man on Mars!"
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3192 Folder Collection
馨方 published on November 26, 2018    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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