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  • Welcome to the secret headquarters of the S.E.S.

  • Stands for "Smallfoot Exists, Suckas."

  • We have searched the entire mountain trying to find one.

  • Whoa.

  • And that day has finally arrived.

  • It's a smallfoot.

  • Oh, my gosh!

  • It's a smallfoot!

  • -Where did it go? -Reach into your memory!

  • It got whisked away on the wind over the clouds.

  • Which way? Up, sideways?

  • Down!

  • Down! Of course!

  • -He saw a smallfoot! -It could still be out there.

  • He said it fell from the sky!

  • Gary, calm down.

  • You know how you get.

  • Okay, I'll try but I'm just so scared.

  • Son, it can't be true.

  • Migo, you will be banished from the village...until you are ready to tell us the truth.

  • I know what I saw, and I'm going to prove it.

  • Is it too late to have second thoughts?

  • Yes!

  • Migo, if you die can I have you all your worldly possessions?

  • Right, sorry, when you die.

  • Let's do this.

  • No, no, no...

  • ouch...

  • Hi

  • I'm taking you home.

  • We're going to be safe here, nice and warm.

  • Ahh! Noo!

  • warm...wait a minute...what's...ahhh!

  • How's that? Nice and toasty all around.

  • Oh hey! What's wrong? You're hungry?

  • I found you food.

Welcome to the secret headquarters of the S.E.S.

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