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Hello, everyone and welcome [back] to another gruesome episode of top 10 trends today. We're going to be taking a look at 15
gruesome medieval torture techniques starting off at number 15 the Rack
A classic the rack came about in medieval Britain during the time of the Plantagenet kings that ruled England starting in the
1100 the Rack is a torture device to consist of an oblong
Rectangular and usually wooden frame raised slightly from the ground having a roller at one or both ends at One end
there's a fixed bar - which legs are fastened and at the other is a
positionable bar where the hands were tied the victims feet are fastened to [one] roller and the wrists are chained to another
The torturer would turn the handle causing the ropes to [pull] the victims arms eventually the victims bones were dislocated
with loud cracking noises caused by the snapping of cartilage
Ligaments or even bone if the torturer kept hurting the handles the limbs would eventually be ripped off
This method was mostly used to extract confessions
Not confessing meant that the torturer could stretch more
Sometimes torturers Force their victims to watch other people be tortured with this device to implement
Psychological fear many [knights] from the Knights templar were tortured with the rack the limbs collected from this and other punishments at the time were
emptied by the hundreds number 14 the breast Ripper or the iron spider
Though women were subject to many of the same torture techniques that men were
Some torture techniques were specifically developed for them
This is one of those techniques used to cause major blood loss [the] claws of [the] iron spider or the breast ripper did
Exactly that often heat it up to being red-hot
They [would] be placed on the exposed breasts and the spikes would dig in beneath the skin and it would be jerked off
Causing the breast to be ripped off with it
Horrible number [13] the chair of torture or Judas's chair you're going to see a lot of things on here
That are judas is something or other anything bad usually has to do with judas, I suppose. The chair of torture
Also known as Judas's chair was an intimidating torture device that was added to dungeons at some point in the middle ages
Used up until the 1800s [the] chair was layered with a total of 1500
Covering every surface with tight straps to restrain its victim made of iron it could also contain spaces for heating elements
Beneath the seat it was often used to scare people into giving
Confessions as they watched others being tortured on the device because I can almost guarantee if you stand on this thing [you] were never Gonna
get on number 12
the tongue of Terror [it] is exactly what it sounds [like] what looks like a pair of
Gardening shears is actually known as a tongue terror it would
Effortlessly cut out the victims tongue the mouth is forced open with a mouth opener
They were very creative these
Ancient Europeans and the iron tongue Terror would uncomfortably twitch the tongue with its rough grippers
Once a firm hold was had the screw would be tightened until the victims tongue was unable to move once it was tightened the tongue
Would be firmly yanked out
yeesh number 11 the Chinese [iron] [Maiden] similar to the Iron Maiden of the 19th century
This device was [used] during the Ming Dynasty
[it] stood up words like a coffin but was on a raised platform
With an iron grate on the bottom instead of a piece of wood
Like the Iron Maiden this coffin was made of brass or sometimes even iron it was optional to include the spikes or not
Chinese iron Maiden was usually used to punish those were not loyal to the king and to set an [example] the prisoner would be locked
Into the coffin and then made to stand on the grated bottom then the executioner would pour water on the hot coals
They placed under the platform the mixture of hot coals and cold water would create a cloud of scene that went into the coffin
Steaming the person alive. Of course the iron Maiden
We're more familiar with is just an iron casket with spikes in it that you close on a person
That'll do it
the old-fashioned way [number] 10 the Sicilian [Bull] very similar to the Chinese iron Maiden the
Sicilian Bowl with the Bronze Bull was a large Bull that the victim would be placed inside of
After the person was placed inside of the bull a fire would [be] lit underneath the Bull
Heating it up like a giant crock pot the person inside would begin to broil alive and as they would die
The only oxygen into the bowl was through a horn in the mouth and as you screamed through it
It would make the sound of a tooting bull fun fact the first victim of the Brazen Bull was its inventor
hilarious number nine Strappado
strappado also known as [Korda] is a form of torture where in the victims hands are tied behind their back and then
Suspended by a rope attached to their wrists just saying this is painful this results in dislocated shoulders
obviously weights are then added to the victims body to
intensify the effect and increase pain
This kind of torture doesn't last more than an hour because otherwise it would you just die you just straight-up died other names for strappado
include reverse hanging Palestinian hanging and tormento della corda
[ultraman] [totally] Accord
Historically it was used by the medieval inquisition and many governments such as the civil law court for the order of St.
John in Malta Proper strappado causes permanent
visible damage
So yeah number [eight] the wooden horse
The wooden horse is a torture device that consists of a block of wood it's sitting on four legs
The Victim is lowered onto the wooden horse
And then weights are tied to their legs until the wooden horse
Splits them in half wooden horses are also commonly used in the BDSm sex play, but not not like this
It's not like this kids, baby. Be safe stay in drugs
Don't do school number seven
Judas is cradle
Judas is cradle is a tall thin stool shaped device with a metal or wooden pyramid on top the victim would [be] stripped, bound with
Ropes and suspended above the device they would then be lowered very slowly onto the device making the pyramid
Penetrate the Victim the amount of pain inflicted could be changed in Several ways they could be rocked [they] could be dropped
Repeatedly they could be lifted one leg could be lifted olive oil could be spread on the pyramid ETc Etc
It was generally awful
This was a form of Impalement that would oftentimes not directly kill the victims with the wound but the infection
Because judas is cradles were never washed [wow]
Number six the heretics fork the heretics fork is a pretty simple device to be honest
It's a small little metal fork and ring that was tied around the neck one fork points up against the chin
One Fork points down against the chest it was designed to restrict prisoners motion of their heads because if you brought your chin down the
Metal Fork would well
Destroy your jaw number five the metal coffin or cage torture the metal coffin is
Exactly that a coffin made out of metal except it's actually a cage prisoners will be put in the cage
that is not large enough for a human being to stand up in the cage would then be
Suspended from something so that [was] so that it wasn't sitting on solid ground and would be slowly rocking back and Forth this would not
Only drive prisoners mad, but their prolonged exposure on body parts besides their feet against metal would cause their skin to deteriorate Rapidly
Often causing infection and damaging their joints and muscles because the people could never stand up
they were never comfortable and sleep it became a major problem as well number four the cat's paw the cat's paw is a
Horrifying cousin of brass knuckles [a] pair of brass Knuckles essentially a doll knuckled surface are at least ten
elongated claw like spikes these spikes were used as an extension of the
Executioner's hand to be swung at the victim ripping off as much flesh as possible
But not killing them these grievous wounds were often used as intimidation techniques
Killing it killing a prisoner. They didn't care [abouts] to get information out of one that they did
number three the knees splitter
this one again not very creative these old Europeans the knee splitter was applied to the knee a set of spikes was sitting above the
Knee and a set of spikes would sit below the knee the knee splitter would then be tightened with screws until the knee in between
The two spikes would be crushed between them
Depending on the size of the person's knee there could be as few as three or as many as 15 spikes
horrible number two the Tub
The tub is a special kind of [aweful] the tub was a large wooden cask that was sealed off
Except for the prisoners Head which would be outside of the tub
after they were sealed inside the
Executioner would paint their faces with milk and honey and soon flies would begin to eat their face the victim was also
Regularly fed and would end up swimming in their own excrement after a few days
maggots and worms
Inside of the tub would devour the body as they decayed alive and number one the [number] one most gruesome form of torture I could
Is the classic crucifixion. Crucifixion
is a historical method of
capital punishment in which the Victim is tied or nailed to a large wooden beam and left to hang for several days until
Eventual death from exhaustion and asphyxiation [it] is principally known as classical antiquity
But it remains in occasional use in some barbarous countries the most famous crucifixion
you're probably familiar with is the one of
Jesus although often times prisoners were tied to crucifixes not nailed to them
Crucifixion was often performed to terrorize and dissuade enemies and criminals from perpetrating
Particularly heinous crimes victims were left on display after death as warnings to others who might attempt descent
Crucifixion was usually intended to provide a death that was particularly slow painful
humiliating and
Public using whatever it means for most [expedience] for that goal well gang I hope you liked the video
that's weird to say about this one if you did like the video give it a like down below and
If you don't want to see me tortured, please subscribe. I hope you guys are having a great day. [what's] your favorite method of torture?
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15 Most Gruesome Torture Methods in History

479 Folder Collection
Josh published on October 2, 2018
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