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OMG!! kids starting that quickly, I cant even get one!
Want to have one girlfriend i want two He has his hand around this girl and is secretly holding
This girl's hands behind his back. What?! They started this young?! This girl's like
the square doesn't fit! The square doesn't fit! It doesn't fit like, x3
Oh, what am I gonna do? Screw this
I'm just gonna take the lid off
Sometimes, the actual solution isn't the best. Sometimes, you gotta work around the box and find what's better for you
(Laugh) This mother was like, "I'm gonna put a lock on this drawer,
We don't know what she had in this drawer,
Who knows? I don't know. It was special, this kid wanted to get to it
So instead of finding out how to get into the lock, he's like, "I'm just gonna take the top drawer off and get inside."
Brilliant! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!
How these kids so much smarter than me? I would never think of this! I would probably think of this... But not at that
age! At this age I would be like come on at that age? No no no no, no, way?
No, way. I was, I, who knows, what I was doing at that age now?
This kid is a legend. This guy dressed up as his mother and tried to get his phone back. I am dead
Legit look, he's like I'm my
Mom I'm going to the principal, trying to get my phone back now that is education. I don't care if the teacher
I don't care if, like, they believe him or they don't like this is effort, right? Like I would give his phone back
This, kid is copying this cartoon somehow
With gum, why have i never thought of this I didn't know
This, was possible. I am intrigued and this is also not a kid this is clearly an
Adult hand. Just saying article, don't lie, to me, oh
I'll catch you which is the best estimate for the length of a football
This is how you- This is how you cheat the system you just write one football
Name these
2d shapes the
Square's Jade, the oval is Charlotte, the rectangle is Charlie, the circle is Sophia. I could go on and on?
You guys get it. It's funny. They weren't like, square they, were like Jade they're too smart. So this, this kid
Knew that the teacher would get bored reading his long
Answer. So he, halfway through, goes in all honesty I'm already bored with
This topic it's far less interesting than I had hoped and I really want to finish this essay. I'm fairly sure you
Don't really read these, so I'm just going to put enough words down to make it seem like I wrote a lot
While I kill time, want to hear some words that rhyme with time? Crime,
dime, mime ha ha! (I can't read but he said there)
Chime, lime, ah dude, you know what has lime in it? Sprite. It's, like, lemonade I would totally go for one, oh?
The best part and they got an A. An A. An A. You see that right there now
Don't try this at school, because he got lucky
He knew his teacher didn't read it. Your teachers probably
read it. The time she wanted a hammock so bad she went ahead and made one. Look how
Cute she looks just like all snuggled up in there she's like, me ha ha ha, but like I'm scared it's gonna fall but
Also she has a comfortable bed underneath and she's thought of everything like
She falls, she's falling onto softness. So he wanted a back scratch so he
Went and sat on his puppy and his puppy scratching his back he's scratching the puppy this is genius. Win-win. Now
This kid wrote true and false for every answer so now the teacher doesn't know. What he's writing, is he writing
You're, or false f a
Ls do you, guys, see that it is both but it looks, like he just got everything wrong
Yeah, but it's a good it's a. Good try but it didn't. Work he would have been better, off just some
writing true
For all i'm at least hoping to get 50% of them right you know
So this kid he's not allowed to have food in the living room
And he's not allowed to have his ipad in the kitchen so he just put the ipad
Outside the kitchen and his food in the kitchen, and he's doing, both he beat the system the mother quits, that's it she quits
He wins me who brought that table five-year-olds quietness me quietness five-year-old i'm pretty, sure he, was always like that
Oh is it is this how
They, bought it from the store this looks i believe you, this kid asked
Me for some skittles but i had just finished them so he stared at, me like, this tire, why, oh?
I bet she hate i bet she came, and she's like he's, my flight attendant
All the skittles on the plane i brought in a cake from
My, nephew's class on his birthday his response for what i don't like, any of these kids
At least he knows
What he wants there's a kid snorkeling and the fountains at the market square i've done this kid knows how to live guys
he knows how to live you
Don't have to go to the ocean you can just go to a fountain but i feel like
Because he's a kid he can get away with it like if i did this people would be like you're trespassing like
Let me find you now
I'm gonna send you to jail because
Because we hate you can't get mad at?
A kid when you're not hungry for the whole pizza but you still don't want to share four year old hack
This, is just selfish guys, clearly, you you ate like two pizza to pieces you could
Have shared you could have shared and look at all this pepperoni
You left what is this you don't like, the pepperoni!
You're, just sticking it onto his one slice it's respect i told my five-year-olds you could watch tv as soon
As he ate half his hot tub
now, that's how, you follow instructions
That's like hot nuts they're. Pretty good why, would you like, not one you do it you know the kid, who figured out a
Way to say, where and while using the bathroom a cold, morning i am stealing, this idea, because i'm always cold i'm always cool
You just you just become a ghost permanently become a ghost everywhere i can't really videos like
That guys just like a blanket over my head, no the kid
Who, mastered the art of hands-free gaming until the tape comes loose, and falls into his face but until then he is a genius
And he's killing it like you don't have to you, don't have to hurt your hands
The kid, who discovered a genius, way to cool, off his pizza i drew this - but not with, the pizza
But with ice cream because i suppose i was too cold and i can't scoop it so i leave it in the window
By the suns have melts a little bit so that i could, scoop it the kid
Who found a method to avoid anyone touching
His, water just label it bleach no one's gonna, want to drink it why are people drinking your water anyways at school that's
Weird i mean at home it's, okay, family but at school if like random people are drinking
My shit i'm not gonna do anything about it but i'm
Fine okay, fine but, still it's weird ten words i can spell right are ten words i can spell right our octopus evan - oh?
My, god you just cut out seven of them so easy but you're stealing, from here but the smarter thing to do
Would be to take it from other pages
Of the test am i right
my Dad punched a hole in the wall so my sister framed it like an exhibit in an art gallery to mock him "hole in wall"
artist dad
This is so funny!
Anything can be art nowadays guys anything medium
Keep the earth clean it isn't uranus
This kid is a marketing genius, guys this is so funny you got you, guys get the pun
It's good it's funny, look, your uranus like, your butt keep it clean not lick your butt, yeah, okay?
Boy, 10 steals parents car to visit grandparents 68 miles away then tells police he's a, dwarf, was forgotten his
License it's
Cute that he like, stole the car to visit grandparents
Also really dangerous i don't think he knows i'm driving i'm i have my license and i'm still scared of driving never mind a
Ten-year-old, who can, barely see over the dashboard but sometimes ten year olds are even taller than, me so let's not get into that
Kid who still wanted to wish his divorced parents a happy anniversary all this is so cute guys it's like one of those like necklaces
It goes half and half and you got to find the two pieces they have to tape them together too
To, find out that it's says happy anniversary, awww.
This, makes, me sad this kid he's like i hate when mom goes shopping
So i'm just gonna find a chair in the store bring a. Pepsi
Three straws attachment together and not have to move until she's done shopping and just watching videos on youtube
Probably a Azzyland , no probably, not but maybe
Probably, not don't set a foot outside, no no foot is outside
Foot is outside he's grounded but he's not breaking the rules none of his feet have, left this this kid this kid
Has beat the system guys, this kid is trying to train his dog, by, making the dog
Watch dog training videos i feel like it doesn't work that way, but he's trying, okay A+ for effort
A for creativity not effort creativity. When your parents say play
Games outside he just brought his pc outside, and he's like i'm gonna play games outside, not not with
Other kids not with. Physical, balls i'm gonna play on my computer
Fixing the pc to increase its speed he puts, Sonic the hedgehog in there.I feel like, this isn't gonna work....i feel like
That's gonna set on fire let's not let's not do that.
"Feed the cat they said"
They, said i don't think cats eat oranges this kid got really lazy, he
Was like i don't wanna have to open the bag and scoop up the cat food and then
Put it into there and pull the blah blah blah or even worse the wet cat. Food cuz
Then you gotta open up the can, and it just looks gross and you, gotta put it in there no
No, this kid was just like i'm gonna grab an orange, off the counter just put it in there the cats
Like the fuck the cat, is pissed, this cat
Is like what are you feeding me put a jar of water into the dogs bowl
The dogs can't drink out of that! this is just mean! she meant like, measure out one jar and pour it into the bowl
Now this kid beat the system guys, he's like, you're, going to spank me good, luck your feet are gonna
Bleed because nobody likes stepping legos and this is like i don't even get this many
Legos look at his smile dude look it's a little cheeky, smile he's
Come at me mom, well there you have it guys i hope you enjoyed this video i love you all so much cuz
You're all awesome and awesome
Just pretty, awesome stuff i love you all
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Kids Who Beat The System!!!

27 Folder Collection
游祥毅 published on October 1, 2018
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