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I met Shaun Murphy when he was 14 years old.
Just act like a normal human being.
He was and he still is an extraordinary young man.
Autism -- difficulty in communicating.
He's high-functioning.
He's capable of living on his own.
Difficulty in using language and abstract concepts.
Kid, watch out!
Does it sound like I'm describing a surgeon?
[ Breathes deeply ]
He's breathing. He saved his life!
Who are you?
I'm Dr. Shaun Murphy.
I'm a surgical resident
at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.
And you thought that this board wouldn't have any doubts
about hiring a surgeon diagnosed with autism?
Justify your decision.
He also has Savant syndrome --
genius-level skills in several areas.
He sees things...
It's his heart! Adam needs an echocardiogram.
No. Behave yourself, or you'll be removed from the building.
The echo is normal. Show them.
...and analyzes things in ways
that we can't even begin to understand.
Looks normal to me.
It's not normal.
This kid was sprayed with glass shards.
What if a piece of glass entered his bloodstream?
Blood could be lurking behind the heart.
You were right.
Why were you rude to me when we first met
and now you want to be my friend?
Which time was it that you were pretending?
He's got a serious deficit.
A child is alive today because of that deficit.
And tomorrow, one may be dead because of it.
We hire Shaun, and we give hope to those people with limitations
that those limitations are not what they think they are,
that they do have a shot!
Never forget -- you're the smart one.
You can do anything.
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The Good Doctor - Official Trailer - Coming to ABC September 25

547 Folder Collection
黃齡萱 published on September 30, 2018    黃齡萱 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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