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  • You may have heard about acidic vs. alkaline foods. Well, our bodies like to stay in a

  • very narrow range of PH balance. That means acidity vs. alkalinity, and our bodies don't

  • like to get out of that range very far. What happens if you get too acidic is you start

  • to become very inflamed. Your organs don't work as well. You don't think as well. You

  • may feel pain more and faster. So, you want to stay more alkaline than acidic. Unfortunately,

  • our modern diets are filled with acidic foods. Some of those acidic foods are processed refined

  • carbohydrates like white flour and sugar. Dairy products can be very acidic. Animal

  • foods can be very acidic. Whether it's meats or eggs. Especially if you have an egg allergy.

  • Other acidic foods can be fruits and vegetables, but most fruits and vegetables are more alkaline.

  • But, some of the vegetables and fruits that are more acidic, and again it depends on the

  • person, but some people find citrus fruits to be very acidic or tropical fruits, things

  • like mangoes, papaya, pineapple. Those can cause an acidic response in some people. So,

  • you want to focus more on having alkaline foods in your diet. Those are things like

  • green leafy vegetables, whole grains, most fruits and vegetables. Those are going to

  • help your body stay in that acid alkaline balance and calm the resulting inflammation,

  • and you're going to feel a lot better.

You may have heard about acidic vs. alkaline foods. Well, our bodies like to stay in a

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Acidic vs. Alkaline Foods | Healthy Food

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