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  • [Female Narrator] What is Synesthesia?

  • Everybody who has it experiences it in different ways,

  • so I asked a handful of people from around the world about their experience.

  • [Male Respondent] Somewhere in my brain,

  • the senses get mixed together.

  • When I experience one, I'm also experiencing another

  • that is completely unrelated.

  • [Female Narrator] What do you mean?

  • [Male Respondent] I color code numbers in my head.

  • [Female Respondent] So, ever since I was a child,

  • I was able to taste words.

  • [Female Participant] If I'm in physical pain,

  • I experience the pain in color and shape.

  • [Female Interviewee] Sounds, melodies, and, in fact,

  • soundtracks also has a color to me.

  • [Female Narrator] What sort of associations would you make?

  • [Female Participator] The number three is blue.

  • [Female Respondent] Number three is light blue.

  • - [Male Respondent] Three is yellow.

  • [Female Interviewee] Number six is a flirty woman.

  • [Male Respondent] Four is green, two is red.

  • 42 is green-red.

  • That's my favorite number, because I like

  • the colors red and green together.

  • [Female Narrator] But wait, it gets weirder.

  • - [Female Interviewee] For example,

  • I loved Flashdance songs.

  • She's a Maniac is blue one for me,

  • but What a Feeling is yellow.

  • [Female Respondent] Word people tastes like meatballs in tomato sauce.

  • [Female Contributor] Violins as navy blue rectangles moving from right to left.

  • [Female Respondent] The word English tastes like

  • a slice of lemon.

  • The sound of banjos tastes like Oreos.

  • [Female Narrator] Crazy, right?

  • But a life without it?

  • [Female Interviewee] Hmm, my life without Synthesia

  • I don't want to imagine it.

  • More empty.

  • [Female Participator] My life would be a lot more bland.

  • [Female Contributor] The world would be very flat

  • and not as colorful.

  • [Male Respondent] I would be bored.

[Female Narrator] What is Synesthesia?

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I Have Synesthesia and Words Taste Like Meatballs

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    April Lu posted on 2018/10/13
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