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Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann
Reardon and this week we're gonna make a

giant ice cream Snickers bar! So let's
start by studying a little one. Obviously

it has chocolate on the outside we can
see that and if you cut into it we can

see there we've got ice cream down the
bottom and peanuts and caramel up the

top. Just let me dissect this into all
the pieces so we can taste each

component on its own. The ice cream is
slightly off-white and it does taste

like vanilla ice cream but it has a very
slight nutty taste to it. I'm not sure if

that's actually from the ice cream or if
it's just from the fact that it's been

sitting next to the peanuts in the bar
but I think we can get away with just

using vanilla ice cream because my ice
cream bowl will only make one litre at a

time and we're gonna need way more than
that for this. The chocolate itself is a

milk chocolate ... it's probably also had a
lot of extra fat added to it just to

make it easier to get that thin coat
when you're pouring it over ice cream.

But with our big one we can get away with
a slightly thicker coat so we're just

gonna use straight normal delicious milk
chocolate. Now the bit I am really

interested in is the caramel ... once it is
frozen it is quite thick but now you can

see when it's defrosted it's of course
softer. It's definitely salted in flavour

so we're gonna have to add some salt in
there too. Now I don't have a container

that's the right size so I'm going to
use a cardboard box. For this length it

will be the right height but this is a
little bit wider than it should be if we

were making it in proportion but I don't
think anyone's gonna care if they get a

little bit of extra ice cream Snickers
non-stick baking paper and we're ready
to start. Tip your ice cream out of the

container and cut big chunks out of it
and add that into your box. Make sure you

fill up little gaps and then smooth off
the top and then of course that's got to

go back in the freezer or it will melt. For the
yummy caramel part we're gonna need

peanuts obviously glucose syrup sugar
milk and cream and I'll put all these

recipe quantities on the

website for you in grams and
ounces and cups and there's a link to

that below. Add the cream milk and the
glucose syrup into the pan with the

sugar. Once you've got all of that in you
wanna heat it over high heat. Now I like

to stir it at first just to make sure
all the sugar is dissolved and then you

want to wash down the sides of the pan
using a wet pastry brush ... this just gets

off any little sugar crystals that might
have splashed up onto the sides and if

you don't get them off it can make it
crystallize out at the end so instead of

having a nice smooth caramel you end up
with like a fudge which is definitely

not what we want. Add a candy thermometer
and make sure it's not touching the

bottom of the pan and let that boil
unstirred until it reaches about a

hundred and ten degrees (celcius). You can take it
off the heat at 105 if you want a softer

caramel but I want mine a little bit

remove it from the heat and add in those
peanuts and stir those through. That

caramel color looks a little bit pale
compared to what was in the actual

Snickers so I'm gonna add a little bit
of brown food coloring to make it look a

bit deeper. Then stick the whole pan in a
sink of cold water to cool it down

quickly. It looks like a big pot of baked
beans at the moment! If you want to test

the consistency of your caramel you can
put some of it into a bowl and then

freeze it to see how thick it will be ...
if it's too thick you can just stir in

some extra cream at this stage. Mine is
quite firm when it's frozen but I quite

like that texture so I'm gonna leave it
just like that. If you want it like it is

in the bars add a little bit more cream
to that or only heat it to 105. Once it's

cooled to room temperature you can spoon
that over the ice cream ... yum

that caramel and peanuts mmm. Have I ever
told you about the time when I was a

teenager and I went out for a run and
when I came home I remember saying to my

mum it feels like I've been stung by a
bee in the back of my throat. Now

obviously I hadn't because I would have
known if I'd swallowed a bee but that's

what it felt like and mum said oh go
have a

lie down and so I did and a little while
later I came out and I just had blotches

all over me like red blotches! My whole
head was swelling my tongue was so

swollen that I couldn't talk properly
and I was finding it hard to breathe and

they rushed me down to hospital and
obviously I was having an anaphylactic

reaction to something but they didn't
know what it was and the same thing

happened several times over the next few
years and to cut a long story short

after seeing many doctors and
specialists who had no idea what was

going on
I eventually saw a top immunologist who

told me I had food-dependent exercise
induced anaphylaxis! Quite a mouthful there.

What that means is basically you
need a trigger food which for me is

peanuts plus exercise and then you'll
get the anaphylactic reaction. So if you

don't have the food and you exercise
you're fine ... if you have the food and you

don't exercise you're fine ... but if you
have those two together then you're

going to not be able to breathe and need
to go to a hospital. So for me if I eat

some of these Snickers I won't be able
to exercise for the next 24 hours so

that's my excuse
rare person too which just means it's
going to take ages to get diagnosed

properly tell me about it in the
comments I'd like to hear about it and

commiserate with you. Put that back in
the freezer for at least a few hours

then spread out some chocolate. I'm not
bothering to temper this because it's

going to go in the freezer so we don't
need to and then put that big slab of

ice cream and caramel on top. Use a
spatula to quickly spread the chocolate

up the sides all the way up as far as
you can. Now this is going to set really

quickly obviously because of the cold
ice cream so you need to work fairly

fast and just keep spreading that up.
Once all the sides are done pour more

chocolate on top and spread it out all
over and then you'll need to of course

put this back in the freezer so that
your ice cream stays frozen and doesn't

start to melt. Now it's time to wrap it
up put it on some cellophane. Far out

that's heavy! I can't get my fingers

Got it okay now wrap the cellophane
around first. I'm using cellophane

because I don't want the ice cream drips
on the paper to make it go soggy once we

start cutting it, so I thought I'll put
the plastic on first. Once you've done

that layer then we'll wrap around some
wrapping paper and tape it into place.

put some glue inside each end and squash
the ends together so that it looks like

the end of a chocolate bar wrapper then
print a label and use some glue to stick

it on top. Make sure you put ice cream
bar so people know to store it in the

freezer and then cut a zig-zag pattern
out of each end and there you have a

giant Snickers ice cream bar! That wasn't
too hard to make in the end and it looks

pretty impressive and it weighs a
whopping 8.7 kilograms or

19 pounds so it's definitely one that
you would want to share! Let's check what

that looks like on the inside...
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Giant ICE CREAM Snickers Bar How To Cook That Ann Reardon

80 Folder Collection
pikachu published on September 26, 2018
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