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Ten great exercises to improve your eyesight
Exercising your eyes is one of those simple things that very few people do however it can help you maintain excellent vision
Here are 10 exercises that will take you no more than 10 minutes to do
You can give them a try right now while watching this video
We are going to do all of them with you
Exercise number one blink for a minute
This exercise helps to regulate blood circulation inside your eyes take your time and let's begin
Blinking is an excellent way to relax your eyes
It has three functions. It helps grease your eyes clean them and give them a break from light
With a lack of frequent leaking your eyes become dry at least to inflammation and poor vision
Keep opening and closing your eyelids quickly without straining them
Do this exercise regularly to adopt the habit of frequent flinging?
You can perform this exercise just about anywhere for 30 to 60 seconds
This practice is especially useful for those who work with anything that requires a lot of attention
Exercise number two rotate your head while staring ahead
This exercise increases the blood circulation in your eyes you need to turn your head in a circular motion while staring ahead
First slowly turn your head from right to left
Then up to down keep looking straight
You can do it for thirty or sixty seconds depending on how much free time you have
By far the most important sense organs are your eyes also. It's one of the most complex sensory organs in your body
for vision limits you in many ways
Therefore find 10 minutes every day to perform this exercise to have great eyesight at any age
Finish the exercise in a calm Manner, and then we will continue
Exercise number three look to your right and left
Again, you can perform the exercise for 30 to 60 seconds make yourself comfortable and let's begin
To do it correctly you first need to look to your right
do it slowly while inhaling as far to the right as you can but without stressing it and
Slowly move your gaze to the left while exhaling
Remember that you should perform the exercise very slowly
after finishing close your eyes for a few seconds
exercise number four close your eyes and relax
Darkness is leaves to help strengthen the photoreceptor cells in your eyes which in turn can contribute to clear vision
All you need to do is just close your eyes and sit back
Most important is to relax your eyelids completely
think about something that you like to do your future vacation or other pleasant things and
Stay with your eyes closed for at least 30 seconds
Exercise number five move your gaze in different directions
This exercise improves all aspects of your visual perception
It is suitable for both nearsightedness and farsightedness
You should move your gaze in different directions first look right-to-left for five seconds
Now look up and then down for another five seconds
After that turn your eyes in circular motion do it for 10 to 15 seconds
Then draw a figure 8 with your eyes take your time no rush
exercise number 6 close and open your eyes
This exercise helps to relax your eye muscles and increases blood circulation in your eyes
Close your eyes tight for 3 to 5 seconds
Now open them do it again
you and again
and one more time
Totally you should do this seven times
exercise number seven push against your temples with your fingers
This exercise improves the flow of intro Cooler fluids
Slightly push against your temples with your fingers and maintain this pressure for around two seconds
You should repeat the exercise four to five times
Let's do it together
Four well done now. Let's check out the next exercise
exercise number eight draw geometric figures with your gain
Keeping your eyes open draw a simple geometric figures with your gaze. You can start with a triangle
And draw a big rectangle
Also, you can draw a square and a circle
Then you can move on to more complicated shapes such as a trapezium and parallel pipe
Exercise number nine move your eyeballs up and down
first close your eyes
Then slowly move your eyeballs up and down up and down up
and down
Keep doing it very slowly with your eyes closed
You can repeat the exercise five to ten times
Let's do it together five times one
Well done, you're doing great
exercise number ten strengthen your eyes near and far focusing
First sit in a chair or stand in front of a blank wall
Place your thumb about 10 inches in front of your face and focus on it for 10 to 15 seconds
You can also focus on an object that is five to ten feet away for ten to fifteen seconds
Here are your ten seconds give it a try?
Now focus on an object that is ten to twenty feet in front of you without moving your head
Again, you should focus on the object for ten to fifteen seconds. No rush. Take your time
After 10 to 15 seconds refocus on your son practice this exercise five times
Keep performing these 10 exercises regularly and you will see great results within a week
To achieve the best results you need to monitor your health as well
According to experts good eyesight depends on your diet
Remember that the most useful food is natural food with minimal heat treatment as it keeps the greatest amount of vitamins
So have you tried the exercises? How did they work for you share your thoughts in the comments below?
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10 Great Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight

51 Folder Collection
ktyvr258 published on September 24, 2018
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