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How's it going, YouTube?
I'm your host, Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
back to another most amazing video.

Before we get started, I wanted to remind
you guys to hit that notification bell so

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till the end of this video because I will

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Alright, so a hostel is an inexpensive alternative
to a hotel or motel that offers affordable

food and lodging for a group of people.
A lot of students, workers or travelers take
advantage of hostels because it is generally

very cheap to just rent a bed in many parts
of the world.

However, there have been a ton of people who
have had creepy and scary things happen to

them while they stayed in a hostel.
So, let's jump right into this list of the
top 10 scary hostel stories.

Starting off this scary list in at number
10 with a Teen who set herself on fire in

a hostel.
A 16 year old girl set herself on fire in
her hostel room back on October 18, 2016.

According to the police investigation, the
young girl set herself on fire because she

didn't want to stay in the hostel.
I don't want to sound too obvious, but if
you don't want to stay in that hostel, then

you should've packed your bags, went down
to the reception and checked yourself out.

She didn't leave a suicide note or anything
in her room and there were traces of liquid

that was discovered near her body.
Apparently, the girl called her mother just
minutes before committing suicide and she

wanted her permission to leave the hostel,
but she refused.

This is such a tragic case and I wonder what
was so horrible about this hostel.

Obviously something must've happened to
her in this place or else she wouldn't have

committed suicide.
And her mother probably should've been more
understanding or at least tried to listen

to her daughter.
This makes me never want to stay in a hostel.
Peeping tom creeps onto this list in at number

Back on October 13, 2016, a man staying at
a student hostel in Singapore was caught taking

videos of male students while they showered.
Wow, talk about a huge invasion of privacy.
Why can't communal showers have proper stalls
and doors so that no one can peep at you from

the next stall over?
So, after he was arrested, police found about
70 videos of young men showering on peeping

toms phone.
He would hide in a shower cubicle, and film
their entire shower.

Apparently, before he was caught he desperately
tried to delete all of the videos but the

students were smart and checked the recently
deleted folder and found the 66 incriminating

video clips.
The creeper begged them to not turn him in
but obviously they called the police.

This peeping tom is way too creepy to let
him get away with this.

And sadly, this type of creeping has been
happening more and more in hostels and public

Collapsing in at number 8 we have the roof
that almost crushed 190 people.

A girls' hostel at the University of Science
in Malaysia was forced to evacuate 190 students

when the roof began to collapse in 2016.
I know a lot of students wish that their school
burned down in order to get out of class but

I'm sure these students were thinking the

A week before this incident happened, the
university got a complaint from a student

about a leak in her fourth-floor room at the

When the school investigated it they saw that
they were being negligent and that the roof

wasn't properly supported at all.
So before they would have 190 wrongful death
lawsuits on their hands, they tried to get

everyone out the building before the roof
collapsed and crushed everyone inside.

Luckily no one got hurt, but something tells
me that this school is not out of the woods

I'm sure that they had to pay a bunch of
money to repair the roof and I'm sure that

they had to settle with the kid's families.
Spy camera creeps onto this list in at number

CCTC cameras were found hiding in the ceiling
inside of a bathroom of a girls' hostel

in India.
Wow this is so messed up.
How long have these cameras been hiding in

Students who lived in this hostel noticed
these cameras when they saw a small red blinking

light coming from the ceiling.
When they went to check things out, they were
absolutely shocked when they found a professional

CCTV camera installed in their bathroom.
The girls began screaming and immediately
broke the cameras.

They reported it to the hostel management
which led to absolute chaos.

These girls must feel so violated and grossed

If I were them I would definitely find a new
hostel and I would check every nook and cranny

for a hidden camera.
They are going to be affected by this for
the rest of their lives.

I would never trust a hostel, Airbnb or hotel
again if I experienced this.

I wouldn't even want to use a public restroom.
The world's most haunted hostel scares us
in at number 6.

Have you ever wanted to see if you could survive
the night in one of the most haunted hostels

in the world?
Well, me neither but for some people, this
sounds really appealing.

In Ottawa, Canada, there is an old jail that
has been half converted into a hostel that

comes equipped with beds, linen, ghostly screams,
sleep paralysis and unwanted visitors standing

at the edge of your bed.
My wife stayed here years ago, and she said
that some creepy stuff happened to her.

This prison was supposed to be a safe housing
for criminals in the area but instead, men

and women were so mistreated here, and they
were even hung in this prison.

So now, it is considered to e one of the most
haunted buildings in Canada.

So, the next time you are in Ottawa, and you
are looking for a good scare you should stay

here because you will most likely be staying
in an old prison cell that gets locked at

night and maybe if you are unlucky, you will
have an uninvited ghost stay with you in your

Would you guys actually consider staying here?
I think I'd rather stay in a Hilton but
that's just me.

Four girls kidnapped comes onto this list
in at number 5.

In 2013, four girls aged between 12-15 were
literally dragged out of their hostel by 25

boys who were armed with knives and other
deadly weapons.

The boys were extremely violent as they barged
through the hostel doors.

They picked up of four girls and dragged them
outside of the hostel.

Witnesses said that the boys were extremely
drunk and that they took the girls to a deserted

The poor girls were raped for two hours before
they were able to run away.

Seriously though, what is up with the security
at hostels.

I understand that they are supposed to be
a cheaper alternative for travelers but come

This is exactly why hostels have a bad reputation.
If they had stronger security measures put
in place, a lot of these crimes wouldn't

I mean, it's not rocket science.
The police were unable to identify the 25
boys who were involved in this crime so sadly,

they will probably get away with it and they
might even do the same thing to another hostel.

Woman stabbed to death outside of Australian
Hostel comes in at number 4.

Well, this is probably the worst thing that
can happen to you when you are staying at

a hostel.
But actually, Australian hostels have a very
bad reputation.

A British woman was killed after she was brutally
stabbed at a hostel by a man who shouted “Allah

Akbar” just before the vicious attack.
After he killed this British woman, he attempted
to murder two more people at a Sydney hostel.

One of the men who were attacked later died
as a result of his injuries.

The Frenchman was arrested at the scene and
he was immediately taken into custody.

Originally, the police thought that he was
an extremist, but the police later discovered

that the attacker was in love with the woman
who he murdered and that he might have been

I think it is safe to say that he was mentally
insane if he followed her to Australia and

attacked her with a knife until she died.
Number 3 brings us to a terrible Hostel owner
who raped 14 girls.

At a hostel in Likabai, India, 14 young girls
were raped by the owner of the hostel over

the course of three years.
This hostel was affiliated with a nearby private
school, so most of the students were living

in this hostel.
The assaults went on for such a long period
of time because the owner threatened the girls

with worse violence if they reported him and
even the school's principal refused to believe

what was happening and he even attempted to
cover up the truth.

These girls were between the ages of four
– thirteen years old and some of the girls

even tried scaling the walls of the school
to report the owner to the police.

That's how desperate they were.
The hostel owner was eventually arrested for
sexual abuse and molestation after the girls

reported him to the police.
Oh, and did I mention that he is also a teacher
in the school.

Why are people so messed up?
He took advantage of these young girls who
trusted him.

I'm just glad they were able to report him
and now he is getting exactly what he deserves.

Grenade thrown at German Hostel lands itself
in at number 2.

Unidentified attackers threw a live hand grenade
at a hostel that was housing asylum seeking

people in south-western Germany.
The grenade was found at night near a building
that had 170 people sleeping inside of it.

The pin had been pulled out but thankfully
the grenade failed to detonate.

Is this real-life right now?
These people are so lucky to be alive, but
I would be too terrified to stay there another

And imagine being the one who found the grenade.
This was clearly an act of extreme hate and
violence but taken to a whole other level.

In 2015, there were 1,005 attacks on refugee
homes in Germany which is absolutely insane.

Some of the people at the hostel were evacuated
while the bomb squad worked on removing the

live grenade.
There are millions of people who have been
seeking asylum in Germany and a lot of them

came from Syria.
It's just extremely sad that they come from
a war-torn country and they just can't feel

safe anywhere they go.
A cannibal bites his way into number 1.
No, I'm not talking about Hannibal Lecture,
this is a real-life cannibal who ate the flesh

off of a young woman.
At a hostel for the homeless in Argoed, South
Wales Australia, Matthew Williams met a woman,

asked her to come back to his hostel and then
he killed her before eating one of her eyeballs

and parts of her face.
Well, her first mistake was agreeing to go
back to his hostel.

Like seriously, you should never ever go back
to someone's hostel if you just met them,

especially if they are super creepy.
The hostel owner walked in on the horrific
incident and she saw the crazy man killing

this woman.
He was covered in blood and he mutilated the
victims body so badly that you could barely

tell that it was a woman.
The man actually died after he was tasered
by the police with 50,000 volts of electricity.

It is believed that he was high on a cocktail
of serious and heavy drugs because he had

black eyes when she saw him.
Well there you guys have it…
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Top 10 Scary Hostel Stories

35 Folder Collection
賴正華 published on September 23, 2018
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