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  • JACK NARRATING: Blood and violence--

  • these properties reside in the soul, along with God and love

  • and such things.

  • So when people say that violence followed my brothers

  • all their lives, I am inclined to disagree.

  • It was always there--

  • within.

  • -We are survivors.

  • We control the fear.

  • And without the fear, we are all as good as dead.

  • -This here's the new deputy.

  • He wants to work it out so everybody

  • gets to do some business.

  • -I'm going to make your life real difficult from now on if

  • you don't toe the line, country boy.

  • -Don't you ever touch me again.

  • -There's a feeling around these parts that these

  • Bondurants is indestructible.


  • Do you mean immortal?

  • Do you have any idea what a Thompson submachine gun does

  • to a mortal?



  • -Pure corn whiskey.

  • -That's impressive.

  • -You want more of this stuff?

  • -As much as you can bring me.

  • -You're an outlaw, Jack.

  • -No.

  • It's just a matter of perspective.

  • -This is a war they's a-waging.

  • You ain't going to survive.

  • -I'm a Bondurant.

  • We don't lay down for nobody.

  • -Ain't that just like you to believe your own damn legend.


  • JACK NARRATING: My brother, Forrest, once said, nothing

  • can kill us.

  • We can never die.

  • But nobody leaves this world alive.


JACK NARRATING: Blood and violence--

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