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- So you want to, so you're
talking 1,500 to 2,000 a month.

With local clients.
How much do you want to be charging?
- [Caller] Oh that's you know
what I think we're actually

shooting for maybe you know
if I can get my retainer

of $2,500 a month that would
really help my profit margins

for sure.
- Okay and what's your cost
of delivering the service?

- [Caller] It's usually
you know about $300 for

an account manager and
then $200 a month for

a you know somebody to just
maintain the Facebook ads

after I create those so you
know maybe you know with

everything else entailed maybe 700 to 750.
It's at about a 50%
profit margin right now.

- Got it, so you're charging
$1,500 and your costs

are $750.
And how many clients are
you working with right now?

- [Caller] I've got about 13 clients.
You know I've been at
it for a few years now.

It's just hard to steal.
- Okay how many clients do
you want to be working with?

- [Caller] Well the goal is
you know I think the first

milestone I need to get to
is 50 but long term I'd like

100 clients would be even better.
- So and so what were you
hoping to get from me today?

- [Caller] Well Dan I guess
I was just hoping I could get

you know maybe like how much
time do you think we would

need to if I was to do the coaching calls
and stuff like that for your time?
- Usually I start with two hours.
Because with what you're doing
right now I think two hours

would be sufficient enough
to let me look at your offer.

We package your service a bit.
And also I'm gonna give you
some strategies on how to

bump up your pricing.
Because I think you're
not charging enough.

- [Caller] Okay so that'd
be, yeah we can do two hours.

And that'd be good for me.
- Yeah 'cause let's face it
with right now with the 50%

profit margin you will have
a problem when you grow.

Because as you bring on more people your,
your profit margin will shrink.
And quite frankly there's not enough,
no wonder you rely on
referrals because you cannot

afford to spend money on marketing.
- [Caller] Yeah.
- So for, for two hours I charge 10K.
How do you feel about that?
- [Caller] 10K?
- Correct.

$5,000 an hour.
It's an awful lot of money.
- [Caller] Yeah is there
any way that we can maybe,

I don't know start with
an hour and go from there

or maybe get a discount
or something like it's,

that's a lot.
That's 100% of my
profits there in a month.

- Yeah it's a lot of money.
Let me ask you this.
You're coming to me because
you want to charge more money

and charge what you believe
you're worth and have more,

just make more profit correct?
- [Caller] Yeah.
- And how would you feel if,
you come to me the king of

high ticket sales Dan Lok,
and we start our relationship

by me giving you a discount?
Would you trust, would you
trust to hire a guy like that

to help you increase your price?
- [Caller] I guess maybe not.
- Do you wanna be the most,
do you wanna be the Bentley

in your industry or you
wanna be the Hyundai?

- [Caller] I'm definitely the Hyundai.
- Correct.
And I am the fucking Bentley.
So where should we go from here?
- [Caller] Ugh, I don't know.
It's, is there a way to you
know I can break this up

or you know put this in a
payment plan or you know

what are my options here?
- What do you mean?
- [Caller] Like can I, can
I divide up like pay for one

hour and pay for the second
hour in time so I can gather

myself together here?
- So you want to do kind of
like half down half with it?

But it is a two hour commitment.
You're good with that right?
- [Caller] Yeah, that's okay.
- But because cash flow I get it.
I've been there.
When I was starting my business.
So you're saying $5,000 maybe this month
and $5,000 next month correct?
- [Caller] Yeah that I,
that I think I can do Dan.

- Let's pretend I was
to accept that offer.

What would you say to me?
- [Caller] I guess I'd
say let's get started.

- Are you sure?
You don't sound like very certain.
'Cause I don't want you to
do this if you're not sure.

But it's.
'Cause I'm gonna help you
but damn you gotta do the

fucking work.
- [Caller] I'll do the work Dan, this is,
this is year three.
I can't keep sitting here at
13 fucking clients a month.

Like that's not a, I can't do that.
- Mhm.
So you're sure you wanna do this?
- [Caller] Yes, yes I am.
- You're not gonna come back
to me and say you change

your mind tomorrow right?
- [Caller] No no no no.
- Yeah 'cause if that's the
case I don't wanna waste

your time, I definitely
don't wanna waste my time.

- [Caller] No I don't,
that's not how I operate.

- Mhm, mhm, and I'm gonna
give you the strategies.

I don't even mind, we don't
have to do the two hour call

up front.
I can do the first hour
call and then we can do even

the second call 30 minute 30 minute.
Because I wanna make sure
the time we spend together

is productive.
That we're not wasting
time shooting the breeze

and talking about the
fucking weather right?

- [Caller] Yeah, right.
- Okay, so, so what do you wanna do?
- [Caller] Well, I guess
how do I, how do I pay

or how do I get started?
- We can do, we can do,
we can take credit card,

we can do Paypal, we can do wire transfer.
- [Caller] My, to be honest
Dan like this is the whole

problem here is my credit
cards are locked up but

I can do Paypal if there's
something for that.

- Sure, sure.
So here's what I'll do.
I'll get my assistant to send
you an email with a simple,

simple agreement.
I don't do long, 10 fucking page contract.
Very short.
You can fill that out,
get back to me with that.

And then also I'll have
her include a Paypal link

with $5,000 down and $5,000 in 30 days.
Sound good?
- [Caller] Yeah, yeah that works.
- Kevin congratulations, I look
forward to working with you.

- [Caller] Me too.
- And relax, take a deep breath.
We're gonna take your
business to the next level.

As long as you're coachable
we're gonna do it.

- [Caller] Oh I'm coachable.
Yeah, let's do it Dan, I'm ready.
- You got it.
You got it, so look for that email okay?
- [Caller] I will yeah, I'll
get that back to you today.

- Okay sounds good, have a great day.
- [Caller] Okay.
- Okay, goodbye.

- [Caller] Bye.
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Actual Live Sales Call With Dan Lok

111 Folder Collection
lawrence published on September 18, 2018
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