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  • I tend to get really pissy at the end of the summer. It's not that I hate the fall. I hate

  • the winter. And the fall

  • is, like...Winter: The Prologue. I don't want read that story. But listen, this fall's a

  • different story. Because this

  • fall...we're still playing baseball in Pittsburgh.

  • This fall, it's Buctober. And in Buctober, the trees drop leaves.

  • And Johnny Cueto drops balls.

  • So you guys know where I usually stand on these modern baseball games. They're always

  • the same to me. But listen, I'll

  • be real honest with you. All I can think about is baseball right now, so when this came in,

  • I was all about it. I sat

  • down, I gave it an honest chance...I still prefer the old games by, like, 420 feet to

  • dead center.

  • But you know what? I actually had some fun with MLB 13: The Show.

  • Also, Cutch is on the cover. Welcome to Buctober.

  • Now, I told you guys. I'm in a real honest mood. Like, even more than usual. So I'm gonna just

  • tell you...these games

  • are 95 percent identical from year to year. They're always tweaked, never really changed.

  • I'm not saying it's bad, I'm

  • just is what it is. It's like most sports games, and

  • you either like that or you don't.

  • You can't be wrong, unless you're Johnny Cueto.

  • Now, from my perspective, that base modelthat yearly thing that is the Showis basically

  • the result of a

  • three-pronged strategy. One, emulate the look and feel of a television broadcast. Two, throw

  • in more gameplay modes

  • and features than I can seriously even imagine trying. And three...nuanced, realistic gameplay.

  • And that makes it tough to review them, because...that's all subjective. I'm a huge baseball fan, but

  • that stuff bores

  • the hell out of me in a video game. But here's the thing...with MLB 13, I had a lot more

  • fun than with the prior

  • versions.

  • And that's because...I could basically turn off number three.

  • So the very first thing you do is choose a difficulty. And if you go with the easiest

  • option, it really gives the game

  • a more old-school, arcade feel. There are less complexities to hitting and pitching

  • and fielding, and's

  • almost like a game of...RBI Baseball or something. Again, it's subjective here...but for me,

  • that was a fantastic

  • option to have. It really opens up the game for more people.

  • Now, a lot of the game's improvements have a lot to do with that first prong...the realism.

  • People get really excited

  • about...oh, look how realistic the players look. I'm really not trying to be a contrarian

  • here, but...I don't get it.

  • Some player models are much more impressive, but for the most It looks alright.

  • I don't know. I was much more impressed with the camera angles, especially for towering

  • homers. Things like

  • that...that's when the TV realism actually adds something.

  • The

  • funny thing is...for a game known for being so polished, The Show has some obvious issues.

  • Graphics issues,

  • technical issues...issues with baseball logic. But once again, it compensates for that with

  • solid baseball gameplay,

  • that fantastic new Beginner mode...and a ridiculous amount of gameplay modes. I mean, I'm old-school—I

  • just like local

  • multiplayer for sports games. So something like this just blows me away.

  • Season modes, Franchise simulation, a player-focused Road to the Show, a new Live mode that uses

  • real-life baseball

  • results to basically let you play reality...there are more ways to play The Show than I could

  • even imagine playing.

  • I used to feel bad that, when I review games like this, I sometimes sound like a broken

  • record. But hey, if the games

  • are alright being the same every year, then I'm alright with repeating the same point.

  • If you like realistic sports

  • games, this is a really good one.

  • If not...hey, I'm with you. Let's go play Baseball Stars.

I tend to get really pissy at the end of the summer. It's not that I hate the fall. I hate

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CGR Undertow - MLB 13: THE SHOW review for PlayStation 3

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/10/04
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