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Hey! A lot of people actually ask me
About some tips and tricks on tackling
the reading section of IELTS.
Why am I recording this video? Well, because I got
9.0 on the reading section. I hope this
makes me more or less trustworthy
regarding this question. So I will give
you some tips that I personally used to
achieve this perfect 9.0 score on
reading. So, let's rock this. There will be
13 tips altogether and this is a pretty
number, isn't it? And for the first one:
when you're sitting on the test, look for
the heading and for the title of the
article, because it actually can contain
some crucial information for your
understanding. Remember, you should always
first start with the questions section
and only then go to the text itself to
find the right answers. Remember, all the
questions are composed in the order of
their appearance in the text, so that is
why you want to first check out the
first five questions and only then go to
the text and read the first paragraph.
Please, do not attempt to first read the
whole article and only then proceed to
questions, because this is a wrong
strategy. It won't take you anywhere and
it will actually waste a lot of your
precious time on the exam. The fifth tip
is to learn all the types of questions
you may encounter on the exam itself.
This will help you to navigate faster
among the questions, you will know for
sure what you're expected to do with
them and how to answer them. So this
won't take your time. Underline all the
names or equally important information
while reading, because this will help you
to find the information faster when you
will read it the second time. Don't panic
if the topic is unfamiliar to you.
Because honestly, you can't be familiar
with everything.
You can't be an expert in every field of
science, so you still can find all the
answers in the article using your simple
logic. Remember, the test does not require
your specific knowledge in some kind of
technical or linguistic field. Spelling
in your answer sheet matters! For me it
was quite a struggle first, when I
practiced my test at home, because I kept
misspelling the words in the answer
sheet. I mean not grammatically but
I used a wrong form of the verb.
For example, wrong terms or plural instead of
a singular word. So, make sure you check
this spelling because this is so
important. You won't have a mark if you
for example, capitalize the words that
are not supposed to be capitalized.
That is why you basically mustn't change
the form of the word before putting it to
the answer sheet. Develop your speed
reading skills. An ability to read
quickly will always be handy for you,
especially it will save you a large
amount of time in the end, so you will be
able to check your answers and check
your spelling. And that makes up a
perfect strategy! The most likely reason
why you haven't got that score, that you
wanted - a poor vocabulary. Attempt to make
sure that all your sources of
information are in English prior to
the exam for six month or at least for
two months in advance before the test, so
that you can put yourself in so-called
English surrounding and this will boost
your vocabulary dramatically. Make sure,
you also write down all your new
words and the translations, because you will
be able to take your notes with you
while you're out and about. And just keep
revising them, forming your perfect
vocabulary. Then practice reading those
complicated articles from BBC or The
Economist because you never know how
difficult your actual text on IELTS will be
Because you know that in the academic
module they are far from simple.
And finally practice doing the reading
section at home, but in the exam-like
conditions. So set the time limit for yourself
and see how efficient you are
while taking the reading section.
Now, when we are all finished with the tips,
I would like to draw your attention to
some books that I used for preparation.
I will link them down below, all of
them you can download for free obviously
you can also order them from Amazon and
I will mention all the books from
credible sources and publishings like
Macmillan, Collins or Cambridge so you
will be secure with that perfect score
on the reading section. Thanks a lot for
your attention and for your time.
I am open to any questions you might have,
and also I will be delighted to see you
again here. Ciao!
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IELTS Reading band 9 | Top 13 tips

801 Folder Collection
Jessieeee published on September 17, 2018
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