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Now that I got a Pokéflute I can finally wake up that Snorlax and get in the--
Oh sweet. A new Pokémon
You're mine
(Jigglypuff sings)
151 seconds later
Hey! What the hell just happened?
Oh that Jigglypuff putted you in sleep with the song.
How that crappy song put me too sleep ?
You think just because I'm old that I know everything ?
Wash that crap on your face !
Hey get back here!
( Jigglypuff sings)
Oh crap!
Son of a bitch.
Hey you little jerk! I wanna rematch.
Not now!
Whoa ha ha ha !
Take that!
Alright Jigglypuff! You're mine!
Wild Jigglypuff appeared .
Go get him Pikachu . Rrargh .
Ok Pikachu . Use thunder--
Enemy Jigglypuff used sing .
Piikaa !
Ugh !
Aha ha ha ha !
No. It's not like what it's look like .
Right .
Pikachu ! Wake up !
Pikachu is fast asleep .
Alright ! Myself use kick !
Piikaa !
Pikachu woke up !
Alright Pikachu ! Hit him with the thunderbolt !
Hmm ! Pikachu !
Alright Jigglypuff ! I got you now .
The stupid Jigglypuff .
Stay in the ball .
Grgh ! Woa ha ha ha .
Got you baby bitch !
Alright ! Booyah ! Jigglypuff was caught !
Nice job dick face !
Oh s--t !
To see Bloopers and behind the scenes footage that Jigglypuff getting freaky , click the link in the description below !
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428 Folder Collection
chenpooyee published on September 14, 2018
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