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Speaking is probably the easiest thing you can do, but to speak in a way that people
would want to listen to, is definitely one of the hardest thing to do.
In fact, speaking is the reason why we have problems in the first place,
starting from a simple conflict in the family that might end up with a break up and tear apart the entire family
to argument between politicians that might end up with a war.
That's why mastering the art of communication is probably the best thing you can do!
So, let's talk about the 2 rules that if you follow, people will certainly listen to you!
First of all, choose the right time and the right place.
How often do you talk about serious topics in the kitchen during dinner
when everyone had a long day and all they want is to relax.
Or criticise a friend in front of others when you are chilling out there!
Speaking is so easy that we do not consider it as a special activity that we have to plan and prepare for,
and that's why we mostly end up doing it in the wrong time and the wrong place!
When someone is angry or had a bad day, it's not the time to criticise them
because that will only lead to an argument and won't result in anything good.
Next time, you want to pull out a joke or raise an important question, ask yourself
if NOW is the right time to do that?!
Secondly, know what are you saying and why, and there are 3 steps for it.
First, what the other person should know after the conversation and why?
If you can't summarise your message into a single sentence, then you shouldn't start the conversation in the first place
because the person you are talking to, most probably will misunderstand you!
Secondly, what should he feel after the conversation?
What kind of emotions do you want him to experience?
Do you want him to feel sad, happy, angry, inspired?
Have you ever considered this before talking to someone? If you want your message to be understood clearly,
you have to be very careful with his or her emotions!
Thirdly, what action do you want him to take after the conversation?
Help you out, change his behaviour or you simply want him to read a book for example?
The problem is that, we often throw out words without a specific purpose, so they ruin the entire conversation.
By applying these 2 rules, you will find more people listening to you.
You will avoid countless number of unnecessary arguments and conflicts.
Thanks for watching and I will see in the next one!
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How To Talk So That People Want To Listen

5300 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on October 9, 2018    Liang Chen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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