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Hi Bob the Canadian here.
You probably already know that if someone says, “Thank you!” to you in English you
should respond by saying, “You are welcome.”
In this video though we're going to look at more ways that you can say, “You're
after someone thanks you in English.
Let's imagine you just helped a friend move into a new apartment.
When you are done helping them move all the boxes and unpack they will probably say, “Thank
And you can respond by saying, “You're welcome.”
or you could respond by saying a few of these phrases:
It was no problem.
Not a problem.
Or: No problem.
All of these would communicate the same thing as saying, “You're welcome.”
but in addition they're letting your friend know that it wasn't that big of a deal for
you to take time from your day to help them move.
Let's imagine you just helped a friend repair their car or bicycle.
When you are done helping they will most likely say, “Thank you.”
And you could respond by just simply saying, “Don't mention it.”
Which means again the same thing as, “You're welcome.”
Thanks for helping me fix my bicycle.
Don't mention it.
Let's imagine you've been to a friend's house for a party or a gathering.
And at the end of the evening everyone has gone home, but you stay to help clean up the
Your friend will probably say, “Thank you.”
And you could respond by saying any of the following phrases.
You could say:
It's my pleasure.
It is my pleasure.
It was my pleasure.
Or: My pleasure.
Let's imagine you've given a relative some money to start a business.
They'll most likely say, “Thank you.”
I hope they say, “Thank you.”
And you could respond by saying any of the following things.
You could say:
It was nothing.
It's nothing.
It was nothing.
It was nothing.
Thanks for lending me the money.
It was nothing.
Let's imagine that you've just helped your mom or dad carry the groceries in from
the car.
They are going to say, “Thank you.” and you could respond by saying:
I'm happy to help.
Or simply: Happy to help.
Thanks for helping carry the groceries in.
Happy to help!
Thanks for carrying the groceries in for me.
Happy to help mom!
The last example.
Let's imagine that you and a friend are out for the day and you pay for lunch, and
they say, “Thank you for paying for my lunch.”
You could respond by smiling and saying, “Anytime!”
Well that's a number of ways to say, “You're welcome.”
in English.
Bob the Canadian here.
Learn English with Bob the Canadian.
If you haven't yet subscribed to my channel please do so below.
Thank you so much for watching, and have a great day.
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Learn 6 English Ways to Say, "You are Welcome!"

928 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on September 14, 2018
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