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  • We all want to be a little more likable, at the end of the day its something that only

  • benefits us.

  • We don't just like some people, we like them because they behave in a certain way when

  • they deal with us.

  • You might not have realized that, but there is an entire science behind that.

  • I mean by adopting different behavior or talking in a certain way you can make your partner

  • like you and trust you immediately.

  • First, imitate.

  • We enjoy dealing with people who are in one way or another similar to us.

  • Because that makes us feel a little bit more comfortable.

  • When you find out that he is from the same town that you are from, you suddenly become

  • good friends.

  • The same thing happens if you simply copy the behavior of your partner.

  • Scientists studied what makes certain people better negotiators.

  • After looking at hundreds of cases, they realized that those who imitated their partner's

  • manners were 5 times more successful.

  • If their partner is sitting in a certain pose, they did the same.

  • If they crossed their legs, they followed.

  • If they constantly node, they adopted the same behavior.

  • By mirroring the behavior of your partner.

  • You become more familiar to that person, which means more likable.

  • Besides imitating his manners, you can also mirror the way he speaks.

  • If your partner doesn't swear at all, do not swear as well.

  • If he continuously uses certain words, adopt that language.

  • It's not difficult to master this skill, but you have to be very careful not to appear

  • like you are trying to tease him.

  • This works whether you are in a job interview, date or simply chatting with a friend.

  • In the beginning, it might be difficult, because you will have to pay attention to every detail.

  • But as you get used to it, it will turn into a habit and you will start doing it automatically.

  • Secondly, Share something personal

  • When people share with you something personal, you suddenly become more likable.

  • You turn from someone who was a stranger a moment ago, to someone they trust.

  • But people don't simply share their secrets or private life with everyone around, but

  • only to a small circle of trustable friends.

  • But there is another way to build that trust.

  • When you are in a conversation with someone and you share something personal about yourself.

  • They will feel the need to share something personal as well.

  • How many times you have been in a conversation, where you shared a personal experience, and

  • then the other person suddenly was like: I had a similar experience.

  • And then he or she ended up telling an hour-long story.

  • Tell your friend that you broke up with your girlfriend last night.

  • And you will find him telling you about every break he has ever had.

  • It should not necessarily be a secret.

  • As long as it seems something that you care about, it's going to work out.

  • and lastly, give your partner a chance to talk.

  • Most people do the mistake of constantly interrupting whenever they have something to share.

  • Remember, the goal isn't to speak out but rather encourage him or her to talk.

  • So when they start talking, make sure you are giving them the time and the space they

  • need.

  • The more personal things they share with you, the more they are going to trust you.

  • Everyone wants someone to listen to them, so be that person and you will find yourself

  • becoming the closest person to them.

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We all want to be a little more likable, at the end of the day its something that only

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