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Hello, and welcome back to English with Lucy
We're now going to continue with the British pronunciation series
Firstly, before we start, remember to connect with me on all of my social media
I've got my instagram, my Weibo, my Facebook and of course my Youtube channel
And then I also have a Patreon account where you can sponsor me
and earn some nice rewards like skype lessons and handmade cards
So, let's get started
Today, we're going to talk about another diphthong
And this diphthong is /ɪə/
So if you don't remember from last class, a diphthong is
a combination of two vowel sounds in the same syllable
So you've got the /ɪ/
and the /ə/
Now British people, especially in the slightly posher accents
Will sometimes say (soft) /ɪə/ instead of (strong) /ɪə/
So we will soften out the diphthong a little bit
So, let's talk about some words that are well-known
Firstly, we've got words with e and a
So we've got appear, hear, near, clear, fear
Ok, I am speaking in a strong British accent
So I'm using a lot of air, it's very breathy
Then I have words with ee
beer, career, volunteer
Then, I've got words with e r e
like atmosphere or severe
Sometimes, just the e alone is pronounced as /ɪə/
So period, or interior
But this is really posh
Even I don't say that, so I'd go period, interior
(soft) /ɪə/ rather than (hard) /ɪə/
And then we've got the ei such as weird, weird
Then we've got eo in things such as theory
We've also got ie such as fierce, cashier
Ok well I hope you enjoyed and learnt something from this lesson on the /ɪə/ sound
Umm....make sure you try and apply it when using all the words that you learnt today
To anyone that's complaining that I'm not writing definitions for the words in these videos
This is a pronunciation video and looking up the words in a dictionary is fairly simple
so, I recommend you do that
OK thank you very much for watching
Remember to connect with me on all my social media
And I will see you in the next video! Bye!
Will perhaps soften out the brow...the voweowjnorbfs djfbnsfsfm so we will soften out the diphthong a little bit
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BRITISH ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION - /ɪə/ vowel sound (here, career and clear)

75 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on September 7, 2018
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