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Pasta is an ultimate comfort food and
I've given it the superfood treatment.

Teaming up with a sauce celebrating
silky aubergines, sweet and tangy tomato,

spiked with garlic basil and chili It's
a comfort food dish with no guilt at all.

Really healthy and it's all about loving
these. So, I'm just gonna take the end off

the aubergine like that just get rid of
that little stalk. I'm gonna zip the aubergines

in half and crisscross the flesh
here just to let the steam in, and about

20-25 minutes of good steaming is all we
need to make these lovely aubergines

incredibly creamy and silky and elegant
and gorgeous.

We're also gonna steam two
chilies but prick them first to stop an
exploding next lightly toast 40 grams of

pine nuts. This is a vegetarian dish but
we still want to get a hit of protein so

we're getting it from the ricotta, the
parmesan and the pine nuts. Just kind of

badly pound them up so you get some
chunks, you get some whole ones but also

you get some kind of mush as well and
it's like a little sprinkle at the end

with a little parmesan some basil leaves
it's gonna look and taste incredible.

Finely slice two cloves of garlic and
remove about 30 grams worth of basil

leaves from the stalk. There is flavour
and fiber so this is going to go into

the base of my sauce and there's a kind
of sweetness in the stalks that you get

that you don't get in the leaves. We're
gonna put a tablespoon of oil in a pan

let's put in our garlic and our basil
stalks then I'm gonna go very quickly in

with two tins of lovely tomatoes.
Pour the tomatoes in. Refill the tins

with water and add to the pan. Lovely, so
bring it to the boil

get the heat nice and high and then
break up those tomatoes with the spoon

and then we'll turn it down to a little
gentler medium heat. Let that bubble away

for ten minutes. Time to cook your
pasta and I'm gonna use the water that's

been steaming the aubergines. I'm using
whole wheat to ramp up the fiber.

Let's check out steam veg. Look at that, you
can kind of feel already that they're

getting too absolutely silky smooth.
Just pull the chilies out they're gonna

be nice and tender and sweet. Just take
the end off, use the tip of the knife and

just run it down the length of the chili
You can see how tender it is you can open

it out like a book. You can see where the
skin and the flesh just separate and we

can just use the tip of the knife to get
rid of all the seeds so that's the

really hot pile of chili. What I do want
is the fruit. So, if you see how

brilliantly this skin comes off when you
steam it absolutely beautiful.

Next, finely slice the chili and add to the
pan. Stir that beautiful chili in and

what we can do to speed up the texture,
just use a potato masher

to just squash the tomatoes like that.
Now let's have a little feel of the

aubergine, you want it just to fall apart.
So, can you just tear it? Yeah, that's

exactly what we want, gorgeous, and all
I'm gonna do now is simmer this let it

all cook into each other almost
casserole and that is gonna be beautiful.

Leave to reduce down for about 7-10 minutes.
So, it's looking good

Lets drain the pasta, it had its time
This is ricotta, it's a very very light
cheese, it's a wonderful carrier of

flavors you can see it's bright and
delicate and gorgeous. We'll go in with

the pasta, in with the basil. I love the
way the ricotta just kind of curds and

breaks up, so gently does it.
This is for four people, so it's generous.

So look, if you're happy to give it a toss
that's even better. Although, you do sort

of cover yourself with it but that's
alright. Just go over to a nice big platter.

Pour that lovely sauce over, it's
so generous, so sweet, it's so beautiful

scatter with more bright punchy basil,
then the toasted pine nut crumbs and

then a light brush of parmesan
from a high all over the place and that

my friends is one of my favourite pastas.
It's really really good! So, that really

is a superfood classic pasta dish
gorgeous it's got all of the food groups

dairy, protein, carbohydrates and your veg
and look at it. Right let's get in there

Lets have a go.
The aubergine is silky smooth,
a sweet tomato sauce and that hit

of chili is really really good
You know what, it's 470 calories it's really
really good little side salad and you
are laughing!

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Tomato, Aubergine & Ricotta Pasta | Jamie Oliver | Everyday Super Food

96 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on September 6, 2018
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