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Hello, my name's Sarah.
Today I'm going to be teaching you
my top five favorite British slang words and phrases.
They're really common. Everyone uses them.
I use them all the time and I really do hope you'll find good use for them.
So the first word we're going to learn is bugger.
It's a very popular word.
I'm sure you've heard it before.
If not, go to England and I'm sure you're hear it.
You'll hear it everywhere.
So this word has many meanings.
I'd advise you - be careful when you use it and to whom.
Maybe around friends is the best idea.
I use it as an exclamation.
If I've dropped something, I missed the train...
Maybe, I forgot my phone at home.
I'll say, "bugger!"
It sounds really good.
It's really useful and I do hope you'll find a good use for it.
The next word is Cheers.
This means "Thank you."
If I'm talking to a friend it's quite informal. I might say "cheers mate."
And 'mate' of course means friend.
So when you use this, you can use it
in informal situations and you can also use it to finish off an email.
For example, I will say" Cheers, Sarah" at the end of emails.
I hope you'll find good use for this word. It's really British.
The third word is brilliant.
You might hear this a lot.
It's used for everything, so the meaning itself means when something is really really nice.
It might even be fantastic.
So I might say, "Oh your outfit is brilliant, mate."
Or I might say, "That skirts really brilliant."
"I had a brilliant day at work today."
When something's really nice, make sure you use this word.
The fourth word is well.
Now this is a little bit more unusual,
but I actually use this every day.
So we use this instead of 'very'.
You might hear someone say, "He's very tall."
Well I would rather say, "He's well tall."
Or someone might ask me, "How are you?"
And I might say, "I'm well good."
So it's a really useful word.
People might not know what you mean,
but you will sound very British if you use this.
Now we've come to the final word which is bloody.
This has many different usages,
but the way that I use it is more for emphasis for certain words.
So for example I might say, "Oh, that's bloody brilliant."
Or I might say, "I had a bloody hard day today at work."
But it's also quite common to hear it as "bloody heck."
Something that I like to use very often.
And you might even have heard this used in Harry Potter
because it's one of Ron Weasley's favorite words to use.
So I hope you'll find a really good use for this one.
Even if it's a bit strong, you'll hear it a lot.
So those were my top 5 favorite British slang words to use
I hope you enjoyed it and I hope
you'll make really good use of them.
Thanks so much for today and see you next time.
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Top 5 British Slang YOU MUST KNOW | Learn English Vocabulary

987 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on September 5, 2018
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