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I don't know about you guys, but I have
the most awkward situations happen...

..when I first shake someone's hand.
And maybe it's just me.
Maybe I'm just awkward.
Nah, that couldn't be it.
I'm sure everyone has experienced
an awkward handshake before.

Especially to all you guys.
You know what I'm talking about, right?
Every single group of friends has
different handshakes that they use...

and I can never remember which of my friends
do which type of handshakes.

And I've had a lot of awkward handshakes in my life,
but recently I just had one
of the most awkward handshakes...

..I've ever experienced before.
And it basically inspired me to make this video.
There's really no way to reenact
how bad or awkward this was...

..but it kind of went like this:
So there I was, about to enter
a house party with my friend Derrick,

but we'll call him Darren to protect his identity.
I'm not going to lie. I was
a little nervous because I don't go...

..to many parties where I don't know
anyone and these people...

..were all Derrick's--Darren's--friends.
We entered the house
and, just like any other party,

there was a lot of people there.
Instantly, my heart started beating faster
and faster, knowing what was coming next.

That's when the guy throwing the party
came over to greet Devin and myself.

I watched as he went over
to Dennis and gave him...

..the classic handshake-to-hug flawlessly.
And that's when it happened.
Donovan pointed at me and said the words
that would lead to my inevitable doom.

Hey! Meet my friend, Ryan.
Hey! What's up, man?
And as he turned to me,
I had to make a decision.

What handshake should I give him?
I know for a fact that he does
the handshake-to-hug maneuver...

..because I just saw him do
it to Dexter, but he also lives...

..in a relatively nice house,
which means he's probably...

..some kind of business man that does
a lot of business handshakes.

But this wasn't business.
This was a house party with his buddies.
So maybe he just wants to pound it.
Yeah. That's what he wants.
To pound it.
-Hey, what's up, man?
-[inauduble] Um...

And that's when I realized I had
to get out of here, with or without Darren.

Either that or I would have to kill
every single person that--

Who's Darren?
And that's when I realized...I was narrating out loud.
Okay, so maybe I exaggerated that just a tad.
That's not what happened.
But the situation was pretty awkward.
And I probably won't be hanging
out with those guys anymore.

I'm tired of always having
awkward handshakes with people.

There's so many different handshakes in the world...
and I believe that the more handshakes you know,
the more prepared you'll be when it happens.
And after countless hours of research
and lab tests and...Googling,

I created the ultimate handshake
that will help you in any situation,

no matter how awkward.
But before we jump into that,
you have to learn all the basics.

The Single Grip.
The Double Grip.
The Pound-it.
The Fist Bump.
The Pound-it to Fist Bump.
The Pound-it to Fist Bump to Explosion.
The Cup.
The Chicken Fight.
The Cup to Chicken Fight.
The Cup to Chicken Fight to Emily Rose.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
One, two, three, four, five, six.

One, two, three, four, five, six.
The Handshake to Hug.
The Handshake to Snap.
The High-5.
The High-10!
The High-6.
The Double-Hit.
The Too Much Strength handshake.
(Ryan whimpers)

The Drug Dealer.
The Hand Shake Handshake.
The No Hand Handshake.
The Cross Arm.
The French Handshake.
The Cheers.
The Foot Handshake.
The Lin-Sanity.
The E.T.
The I Just Washed My Hands Handshake.
Oh, sorry...um...
Walk to Remember Handshake.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Handshake.
The Hey Arnold.
The How-To Be Gangster Handshake.
(together) Yeah!
The Pigeon.
The Turtle.
The Spider.
The Jellyfish Handshake.
The What Up Dog?
Hey! What up, dog?
The Hand-Hug.
The Sports Handshake.
The Batman Handshake.
(in gruff voice) Tell me where the Joker is.
What do you want from me?

-Hey, Bruce!
-Oh, hey there.

Oppa Handshake Style.
The Beats by Dre Handshake.
-Maybe I'm going down.
-Maybe I'm going down.

Maybe I'm out of my MA.hm.A.hm
Powerful Heroes Teaming Up Handshake.
The Jutsu Handshake.
The Fingerlace Handshake.
The Fingerlace Handshake to Wave.
The Fingerless Handshake
to Wave to Wave Handshake.

And, last but not least,
The Ultimate Handshake.

In order to perform this handshake,
you're going to need a friend who knows it as well.
By now, you should be comfortable
with every handshake.

But in order to perform this handshake,
not only are you going to need
everything you've learned so far...

but you're going need to prep. Like this.
(glasses tinkle)
(strums guitar)
And once you're prepped and ready to go,
you can finally perform The Ultimate Handshake:
The Handshake song.
(all sounds made before blend into one song)
♪ I don't know the words to the real Cup Song ♪
♪ But it doesn't matter anyway ♪
♪ Cuz' the cool part is the part with the cups ♪
♪ and the fact that it was done in one take ♪
♪ Handshake Song ♪
♪ Handshake Song ♪
♪ That's why I made The Handshake Song ♪
♪ I don't know how to do the cup thing ♪
♪ I don't know what Anna Kendrick sings ♪
♪ That's why I made The Handshake Song ♪
(together) Yeah!
Hey, man. Thanks for coming to my party, bro.
No one has ever gotten everyone to participate...
..in such a poorly spoofed song before.
Hey, man. It's what I do.
So...I guess I'll see you guys later? Or...
I don't know why the DJ stopped, but--
(phone rings)
There you go.

Now let's do one looking in the mirror.
-That doesn't look as cool as I thought.

(everyone cracks up)
Louder, Shawn.
I don't know what--
(Ryan) Just talk to the camera like it's me.
Hey, guys. I'm Ryan Higa!
(Sean) You just kissed it!
(together) Hey! What's up?!
-Hah. Hah. I forget.

(director) I'll take that.
(everyone cheers)
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The Ultimate Handshake!

244 Folder Collection
s95 published on September 4, 2018
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