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Hello everyone Anna English here and
Little Baby English and today we are discussing five very simple
very common English words that many of you
Before we get started
This video has been very kindly sponsored by Skillshare a learning platform that provides
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Let's have a look at those
mispronounced words. Number one
the or
This is the most common word in the English language
and even the most advanced English speakers will make the mistake of when to use the and when to use
thee. now bear in mind it is a TH so both versions have to be pronounced with the tongue between the teeth
always when you see a TH stick that tongue out
With this word we have THE or
the alternative THEE
We use THE when the following word begins with a consonant
sound, the
post-office, the television, the teacher,
the student, and
we use THEE when the following word begins with a vowel sound for example, the
orange, the astronaut, the engineer.
Okay, so try to bear that rule in mind and make sure you're using the correct version of this word.
Number two
It's pronounced exactly the same as this word
you have that SH beginning Shh and we have this O R sound in the middle or
Anna are you sure it's pronounced like that? I'm
Absolutely Sure
It's pronounced like that. So
practice making that big round vowel sound or
Not curling into the R and giving me a nice SH fricative at the beginning
Number three is the word of
what I often hear is this Vvvv
This voiced fricative sound
being reduced into an
unvoiced fricative sound, a fff
Sound so I hear off off
instead of of of
always make it nice and strong so a cup of tea
a cup of tea please, not a cup off tea
Piece off cake would be wrong. We'd have a piece of cake, a piece of cake
It doesn't have to be long and it doesn't have to be stressed. It just has to be voiced
vvvv, okay, so not breathy
Vvv and for those of you who struggle with that V sound make sure that your bottom lip is clearly touching your top
It was a day of adventure
She was a teacher of English, it was a piece of cake
Number four some
This has a brighter vowel sound than many of you use. I often hear some
Som it's a very subtle difference but to a native ear we will hear it
So a and o, this is the difference. We're looking for. We want a nice bright. A, o
It sounds very close to a, but don't go that far. Oh, it's like you're about to say up
Up. Um
That's the vowel sound we're looking for so you might use the same vowel sound in mum
Mum gave me some. mum gave me some yummy food.
Mum some yum. mum gave me some yummy food
number five a very common word work
Now this sound is problematic for so many of my students at least
90% of my students struggle with this sound and this particular vowel sound
Appears in many words that we often see like her girl
shirt world word
The trick to this long vowel sound is a relaxed tongue and almost a relaxed jaw as well
It's a very flat
relaxed vowel
Look how my mouth is doing nothing
My tongue stays completely relaxed I
Don't pronounce the letter R. I just make the sound
Okay, so try this sentence for me. I'll do some of the work
I'll do some of the work
trying to learn a skill by yourself can be
Well very difficult
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So there you go five commonly mispronounced words which you will no longer
mispronounce. If you liked it give it a thumb and don't forget to subscribe. See you soon.
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Words You're Saying Wrong! Learn English Like A Native

42 Folder Collection
蔡天羽 published on September 3, 2018
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