B2 High-Intermediate US 300 Folder Collection
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- [Orange] Oh, granny! (screams)
Do you get the point?

Hey yo, it's the O, back
with another game video!

Yeah, we're gonna hang out with Granny!
Uh, Granny, why does it look
like your face is melty?

(laughing) And do you have a baseball bat?
We're gonna play a pick-up
game of baseball or something,

that sounds like fun! (laughing)
Alright, granny moves a bit
slower, no cracking floors,

creaking floors, cracking floors,
I cracked my back on the floor!
Oh-oh, why is Granny crazy?
Has she been sniffing glue again?
Granny, don't be sniffing glue! (laughing)
Oh, day one!
Oh boy, we have five
days to get out of here,

so it's like Five Nights
at Freddy's or something.

Whoa, am I in a Merry-Go-Round,
what's going on?

Am I spinning, it's Spin It to Win It?
What's happening?
What's a-happening, captain?
Wait, whoa, wow!
Yeah, I just walk up or something?
Oh that's cool, oh, can I open
these, oh what's in there?

Oh, I hope they're Skittles! (laughing)
Snickers, do you have Snickers?
Well, you're a Granny,
so you probably have

some Werther's Originals, do you have
Werther's Originals, I'll even have those!
What does that say, "Leave this house".
Ooh, that's not a good sign,
that means they don't have
any candy here! (laughing)

Ooh, what's that?
Five days!
It's the Five days craze, yo!
What are we doing, oow!
Got a picture of poops
or something, whoops,

I knocked it off the
table, whoa, what's in,

whoa, what's this?
Is that a closet or something?
Whoa, I'm inside, oh, I can close this?
Nice, let's try it. (laughing)
Whoa, Granny?
Uh, um, I don't think Granny's very nice!
Wait, why are you carrying
around a bat anyways?

You need it in a pitch? (laughing)
Get it, pinch, pitch, baseball pitch?
Who you wanna batter?
Not pancake batter (laughing)
Yeah, that's right,
Granny, get out of here,

you go down the stairs!
Okay, I'm just gonna wait
for Granny for leave,

and then I'm gonna open up,
creepy peeping out of here,

okay, go real slow, so
Granny can't hear me!

Ooh, there's something
flashing up there, what's that?

Maybe it's The Three
Musketeers, I want candy,

Granny, I know you've got candy
in here, where's the candy?

Uh, Granny, you should clean!
Wow, your window's broken, and that toilet
hasn't been flushed in
three months, I can tell--

What's this?
Should I touch it..

Ow, melon, what are you
doing in the bathtub?

Something is inside this melon, yeah,
hurt feelings for being abandoned,
whoops, I'm sorry melon,

didn't mean to drop you
(laughing) whoopsies!

(laughing) I will save you, melon!
I'm gonna take you away!
I'm gonna get you out of Granny's,
because she's not being very
nice to you, I can tell!

Ooh, oh, there she is!
(shrieks) Creepy Granny!
Ooh, she's heading for
here with her baseball bat!

I bet you that's what she's
doing, she's like Gallagher!

(laughing) Granny, don't
be hitting fruit with the

baseball bat, I'll save
you, melon, don't worry,

don't be meloncholy (laughing)
No, I don't wanna play hide and seek,
get out of here, Granny!
Okay, I think she's gone,
alright, let's get out of here,

watermelon, I gotta get you
out of here, I gotta save you!

What's that, did you put a bear trap?
What is this, Hello Neighbor?
What's going on?
(laughing) Bear traps.

What is it, no, (laughing)
I almost dropped,

okay melon, almost dropped
you down the stairs.

No, ow (laughing) No, Granny, no!
(groaning) She hit me with a baseball bat,
are you kidding me?
Granny, why would you do that?
Oh, now this game is in full swing!
(laughing) Seriously though,
was she trying to hit me?

Or was she trying to hit the watermelon,
or was she trying to hit both?
Oh, I don't like it, I don't like it,
Granny hits fruit with baseball bats!
I know, I know I have to leave this house,
it's what I'm trying to do!
(door rattling) What the..
I can't get out!
What the..

The door's locked?
Watermelon, if you can hear me,
I'll get you out of there, don't worry!
Granny, Granny, Granny, I heard
a Granny, I heard a Granny!

I'll go hide under the bed. (whimpering)
Aah, that's Granny!
Granny wants to replace
the baseball with me,

because I add a lot of
zest to game (laughing)

I think she dropped another bear trap!
No, no, don't find me,
Granny, I know you've got a baseball bat,
but stop trying to play the field!
(laughing) Get out of here, yeah!
Nobody likes you!
Hitting people with a
baseball bat, it's crazy!

I don't want any of it, no, no, no!
Okay, wait for her to leave,
okay, I think she's going

around the corner, think
it's gonna be safe.

Oh, oh, I see you, I see you,
watermelon, I will save you,

I will get you out of this
horrible, horrible place!

Oh, I think that was, was that Granny?
Okay, I think I'm okay, I think I'm okay.
I got you, no, no, no,
making all kinds of noise,

you can hear everything!
(bell chimes) Where the dingle chingle,
what's with the jingles?
Oh, I don't know where to go!
I got this melon, help, I
need to get melon out of here!

Okay, we're going in the
kitchen, oh boy (groaning)

okay, I don't think Granny's
in here, can I open this?

Stop, ooh, what's this?
I can open this, okey
there's nothing in there.

Oh, I heard creepies!
I heard creepy peepers, what's that?
What is this, ooh, a piece of a painting!
Yeah, I'm gonna swap that out for the,
I'll be back for you,
watermelon, don't worry!

What's that, ooh, there
she is, there she is!

Oh, okay, I'm going down here!
Wait, what's this?
Oh, the piece went in there,
okay, there's a bunch of

pieces missing, do I have
to collect all those pieces?

Reese's Pieces? (groans)
I don't like it down here, it's creepy,
and it definitely hasn't
been cleaned in like,

18 years, (laughing), so gross.
- [Granny] Where are you?
Was that her?

- What is this, oh, it's a secret passage!
She coming, okay, okay, she's not coming.
Let's go in the secret passage,
okay you're going very slow.

Very slowly, I'm going orange speed!
This is about how fast I go! (laughing)
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa,
what's this, what's this?

I gotta read?
I've noticed that she sometimes
hides things inside fruits?

She hides in the fruits?

(groaning and laughing)
I'm in a crazy woman's
house, help me, I'm fruit,

she's gonna stuff me with
something I don't wanna..

I gotta get melon out of here.
I mean, obviously, that a
part of the game, right?

I'm an orange, I gotta
save all my fruit friends!

(groaning) Where is this?
Oh, it's creepy. (groaning)
Go down here, go down here, go down here,
Granny won't get me, Granny, no!
What kind of a crazy person
stuffs things inside of fruits?

(whimpering) Why would she do that?
This game just got a
whole lot worse (groaning)

Oh, what's that?
Is that a guillotine, it is!
It's blueprints for a
guillotine! (laughing)

Is that what she uses
to cut the fruit up in?

I bet it is (groaning) Help me, you guys.
Oh, there it is, I saw
it, that's a guillotine.

Yeah, there's a well, and a guillotine,
a little creepy house,
oh, I can get in the box?

♪ Yeah, I'm in a box,
yeah, I'm in a box, ♪

come box me in, bro (laughing)
Okay, I'm coming for you,
melon, where are you?

Oh, there you are, there you
are, I found you, oh (laughing)

I'll get you out of here, watermelon.
Did I hear her, oh there she is!
Ooh, creepy Granny with baseball bat,
she smells really foul! (laughing)
Okay, I'm gonna put you
in the box, because then--

Wait, I heard something,
get in the box (laughing)

No, no, no, Granny, the pick-up
baseball game's outside,

it's not in here, it's not in here!
The baseball game's outside,
go play, go play outside!

Go play outside, you don't wanna be here!
(whimpers) I got you,
watermelon, oh hold me, hold me,

watermelon! But not too close,
we cantaloupe. (laughing)

Get, it, cantaloupe, watermelon?
Okay, she's leaving, she's
leaving, oh, we're okay,

we're gonna be okay, you guys,
we're gonna be okay, melon!

Okay, I'm sorry I had to put
you down, melon, but I found

this key, it says playhouse
key and this is definitely,

does not look like a
playhouse but I'm going in!

(whimpers) Worst playhouse ever!
I hear something? (whimpering)
Granny's coming through the walls!
I don't like Granny
coming through the walls!

That's right, Granny, you
leave, you struck out (laughing)

I don't like it when
Granny comes through walls.

Ooh, check it out, MC Hammer time, whoop,
okay, that's very loud, okay,
we're leaving, we're leaving, no!
Okay, just dropping everything now.
What's there, she hears
everything, remember?

I bet you it's kinda like Hello Neighbor,
like, can I use the hammer to take
the planks of wood out of the wall?
Well, it's worth a shot, right?
Okay, let's do it, whoa!
(shouting and laughing)

You scared me!
Doing it all for watermelon,
okay, there's a bear trap,

wow, disappeared, I've seen
the hammer, what, what?

The bear trap, it disappeared, what?
Hold to remove?

Stupid bear traps, okay, open it, whoa,
what's this, tranquilizer,
I need a crossbow?

I got a crossbow?

Oh yeah, now look who's in charge!
Yeah Granny thinks she has
the upper hand, well, yeah,

I'm laughing at you Granny,
because I don't have any hands! (laughing)
And who has the better situation there?
The one who doesn't have hands!
Don't have to worry about it.
Oh Granny! (screams)
Do you get the point?
Yeah, Granny is now gone
for about two minutes, yeah!

Oh yeah, Granny, I'm gonna
dance on top of you here

(laughing) Get out of
the way, Granny, yeah!

Who's the winner winner chicken dinner,
get out of the way, I'm
trying to go up the stairs.

Oh, what's this? Haven't
even seen this before.

Oh, nice!

What if the code is for the front door?
Okay, so, I'm gonna hit her
with another tranquilizer dart,

and then we're gonna go
check it out with the..

Oh, there she is, get
her, what the, ow, hey,

I can't do it, (laughing)
There was a bear trap that stopped me!
I got you, watermelon, we're
gonna get you out of here!

You and me, we're gonna
run free! (whimpers)

I don't like it, I don't like it!
I'm sorry, watermelon, I
didn't mean to drop you,

I'm definitely not using
you as bait. (laughing)

It's cool though, I'm gonna save you!
Don't worry, I will not let Granny
hit you with the baseball bat.
Oh-oh, oh-oh, Granny's in the
house, Granny's in the house!

And now Granny's.. On the floor!
(laughing) Yeah, I got you,
watermelon, we're safe,

we're safe and sound. (laughing)
Okay, got the key, got the key,
can I open one of these now?

Okay, come on, no, padlock
key, but that's.. I have a key!

It's called a masterkey, okay,
jingle jangle, stop it, what?

Well what is this a key for, then?
(whimpers) I heard her,
where is she, where is she?

Okay, okay, I'm gonna
wait and see whichever way

she comes around, then I'll
go the other way, okay?


Where is she at?
She hasn't said anything.

What the, how did she
get up there? (laughing)

Seriously, that's not fair,
did she warp over there?

Maybe there's (groaning) You
threw me in the basement,

well lucky for me, I know the way to go,
that there are ways out of
the basement, so, (laughing)

Oh-oh, I don't like that music.
Why does that sound good?
Uh-oh, what's going on? (shrieks)
Oh no, she ate me! (laughing)
This game is terrible.

(whimpering) She eats
all the fruit. (weeping)

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Granny! [Annoying Orange Plays]

300 Folder Collection
游翔宇 published on September 3, 2018
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